We’Ve picked five rc cars that suit all preferences and pockets. Let’S check them out shall we 1. definitely recommend ordering from this company. My son saved all his money to buy the power pro truck. We were having issues with 1 0 if the front tires falling off and the on off switch broke on us. These things happen, of course, but the customer service we got from matt from a very quick reply to completely replacing the truck and remote battery within a week was very unexpected. He even allowed us to keep the first truck in case we ever needed a spare part for anything. Since my son is six i’m assuming we will have need for those parts in the future. What an awesome company that stands behind their product with exceptional customer service – 2. great car after some upgrades, i didn’t wait around for stuff to break or really ever get too dirty. I replaced the shocks with gtr and the drive shafts with gpm metal ones, altogether, an upgrade of less than 140 bucks, and now the truck is a monster. It keeps up with my x max and when something breaks, it’s much cheaper to fix only break i’ve had so far as the bead came off a tire, but when running threes with a 13 tooth pinion, this will happen, sometimes glued it back on and good as New for those wanting a solid start into a great but expensive hobby, i highly recommend this car.

Then, if you want to upgrade to an aravo or xmax, they will feel like lumbering giants after learning how to drive this car. It is ridiculously fast, even out of the box on threes, twos, ain’t bad, but threes is where it’s at. If you upgrade a bit 3., we purchased this for my son after he had been searching for quite a few weeks for the one he really wanted. We decided he would earn part of it and use some of his own money. It arrived quickly and he was able to charge it and get it going fairly quickly. During the first two days of having it, he was going over a lot of rocks and was a little rough with it at one point and the wheel axle broke off, it was plastic, and so i wasn’t surprised it broke. My dad is very handy and attempted to epoxy it to attach the tire again it did temporarily work after the epoxy didn’t hold long. I contacted the company to see if i could purchase a part for the wheel as there was screws nearby and i thought maybe we could just replace a part. They quickly responded and offered to replace the car at no charge to us. I was shocked at how easy they made it for me, which i really appreciated. My son was so excited when he got a brand new one. I would definitely buy from them again 4. nice little truck for the money very wheely happy, even in grass, ran it for about 30 minutes and stripped the spur gear operator error, nothing wrong with the truck about 15 minutes later it was up and running again.

These tires are very soft and very grippy do not go in reverse and slam it back forward. Best case scenario: you flip it on its lid worst case. You strip the spur gear again, not a big deal. Replacements are about three bucks and an aluminum one is about 20 bucks lots of fun for the money 5.. I really love this scale truck. I first started crawling trail hiking with my tamaya toyota, helix 4×4 pickup back in the early 80s tried many after that, such as the tamiya, bruiser, etc gave up on that idea for a couple decades as not much fun. For a lot reasons, then i started looking at the trx4 specs and features i bought two one for me and one for my 13 year old son i’m glad i did, as this has been the best rc vehicle for this purpose that i’ve ever owned, but only After one major mod, we ran stock out of the box at first with almost all the runtime in water. However, after about three to four battery runs in water, both our rigs had the brushes damaged in the motors, because we run them hard. Everything else worked perfectly. I upgraded to castle creations mamba x, extreme esc, with 2850 kv, sensored brushless crawler motor, what a huge difference in performance and reliability with the nine tooth pinion installed and traxxas 2872 x, 5000 milliamp hours 11.1 volts 3s 25c lipo, where getting over 90 minutes of non.

Stop mash on the throttle as hard as you want run times in shallow and deep water. The trucks have been rock solid since the mod, no breakdowns, great acceleration better than stock, as well as top end speed, at least as good or better. I use the esc. Torque control, so it accelerates without popping wheelies so easily. I could use different pinion with more teeth to easily get more top end speed, but i didn’t want to affect reliability and run time plus. This is not a truck. You really care to go much faster as that’s. What the x max or similar is for the trx4 will tip easy on fast corners, so you learn the limits and it’s acceptable with the brushless motor. The cruise control doesn’t work so well, as that was designed for the stock setup i’m willing to give that up for the other benefits of brushless, with all that controllable, torque short jumping out of the water, from a dead stop to launching off the stream banks to Dry land is too cool, be sure to tape or seal the holes in the rims. If you run water or it’ll, take forever to dry them out after all these years. I wanted something reliable long run times. Waterproof controllable, good performance, great features, replacement parts, easy to acquire and cool scale looks this.