. I know that the video says top five but that’s, because nobody’s gon na be searching up top seven. The links to each of these will be down in the description below for any of you that would like to buy one of them or just go and check them out. I got this video idea because i am going to be getting one of them myself and i wanted to share the seven that i ended up. Adding to my amazon cart. Obviously, i’m only going to be getting one of them, but these are the seven that i had to make a decision between. So the first rc car is by legendary, not legendary, it’s, lae gendari. This can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour. It has a four channel: 2.4 gigahertz remote controller with two speed modes, a beginner mode for learning in smaller areas and then a high speed mode for racing and larger areas and has a range of 262 feet. I do want to say that pretty much every single one of these rc cars are going to be about 262 feet because they all have 2.4 gigahertz remote controllers. So i don’t like really want to repeat that throughout the entire video the battery in this is going to last you about 30 minutes in full non stop use, but i imagine that most of you that are using it will get right around 40 minutes. Maybe 45 minutes unless you’re going full blast in a straight line, non stop for 30 minutes.

This is four wheel drive and has interchangeable shells as well. If you ever want to swap the way that it looks, this is going to cost you 300. As of the time of making this video, the second rc car on this list is only 170 dollars and for people that are really into drifting. Like me, this is made by temi and has a 2.4 gigahertz controller and can reach up to 40 miles per hour. As well, the outer shell is reinforced since you’re like bound to smack a wall drifting. You know what i mean each battery in this is going to last up to 20 minutes and does come with an extra shell as well, which is really nice. The third rc car is literally the same thing that we just barely went over from temmie just a different design, and the link that i put in the description will be for both of them, each of them cost 170 dollars. As of the time of me, making this video, the fourth rc car on this list is the traxxas rustler. Unfortunately, with this one, you are going to need to buy a battery charger and a battery separately, but i will also include links to those as well. The rc car battery and battery charger – all together, is going to be 677 dollars, but the rustler has a valinian 3s power system that brings maximum efficiency, speed and run time with a refined control.

The body uses a clipless bosy latching system that has rollover protection, has a 2.4 gigahertz controller goes 65 plus miles per hour with the 3s power system. It has traction control and honestly, it isn’t cheap, but it offers a lot for what you pay. The battery is going to last a little bit over an hour as well. So to me, this is worth it because let’s be honest, 30 minutes isn’t, really like long enough and that’s what you typically see with an rc car and before we move on. As always. If you’re new to the channel don’t forget to subscribe and leaving a like, is always appreciated if you enjoy or dislike the video, if you don’t so the fifth rc car is another one from traxxas and typically cost 660 dollars, but it is currently on sale for 417 – and this is the one that i’m going to recommend most out of all of these and the one that i have coming in the mail the next few days here, unfortunately, it’s not prime eligible, so i have to wait a little bit longer but anyways. This is almost identical to the other traxxas rc car that we just barely went over except it’s a little bit lighter by one pound and the dimensions on. This are a little bit different, it’s, shorter and wider, which can either be good or bad, because the wheels are gon na stick out and if you smack a wheel into something going 70 miles per hour, then of course, by the second or third time.

You’Re. Probably gon na have to change that axle or wheel or something you know and honestly. This is like more so for people that want the best of the best and just don’t want to be buying three or four rc cars in the future, because you know the cheaper ones end up breaking the only reason that i got this one honestly is because It’S on sale and if it wasn’t on sale and i had to pay almost 660 bucks, i would have gotten the other one 100. So the six rc car on this list is a wolf brush, unicorn ford mustang and for people that would like to build their own rc car again. This has a 2.4 gigahertz controller, but it’s designed like an old school video game controller, which i honestly think is pretty cool. But you can connect it to your phone as well, for the people that, like prefer, that stick type feeling the listing is a bit lacking. In all honesty, i couldn’t figure out like how fast this goes, but it’s more so for people that like to build stuff and would like to add something like this to their collection, but have the car they build, actually be functional and not just sitting on the Shelf you know the seventh rc car on this list is for people that want something high end, but at a lower price, it’s from traxxas again, and it typically cost ‘0 dollars, but it is on sale at the moment for 213 dollars.

This has a titan, 12 turn 550 motor in it and can reach speeds of 30 plus miles per hour. The battery again lasts right around an hour, but it is sold separately. So you’re gon na have to unfortunately buy the charger and the battery different traxxas is like really well known for the durability of their rc cars. So you can take them off like big jumps and like just not have to worry about them breaking but yeah man. The link to buy each of these will be down in the description and a very quick note of the traxxas rc cars read all of the reviews, because going 70 miles per hour and slamming it into a wall two or three times. Of course, it’s going to break and you’re gon na need to replace something so just make sure to read the reviews of people that actually have common sense. You know what i mean. The car is still going to, of course, work, but just keep in mind that you probably are going to need to like replace something after going 70 miles per hour and slamming it into something a few times but yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed the video remember to leave a like if you did subscribe.