The thames and cosmos rc construction toy kit combines the fun of building plenty of remote control fun and a healthy dose of physics, experimentation its designed for kids, 6 years and older, but we found the 8 to 10 year olds got the most out of it. There are 227 sturdy pieces, some of which are plastic and others rubber, plus the box shaped six button. Remote can be used with up to four motors at once on the same model, the remote itself is an infrared design which is ideal for short distances, such as in the garden. The setup is not the best for long range outdoor play, so youll want to avoid flying this in the back country, where it could go out of range fly over the horizon and be lost. In addition, youll need three: a batteries for the remote and two aaa batteries for the motor units that come with the model the set is best suited for the curious kids and not the rough and tumble types number four for those 12 years and older top race Makes rc machines ideal for your 1 14th scale construction site? You can run the truck without it being within a direct sight line of the controller, and you can have up to 100 feet between you and the machine before it will lose the connection. The rechargeable batteries are 7.2. Volt me cd models. These take about three hours to charge fully and will give you around 45 minutes of play.

Unfortunately, however, some users report as much as an hour, while others report as little as 30 minutes. The controller requires four ia batteries. The truck is rated as capable of carrying 22 pounds, but that is a little deceptive. Yes, the dumper will run with 22 pounds in the truck bed, but it will do so slowly. In addition, the tipping bed will not work with a full 22 pounds in the back. It will only tip to empty with a maximum of seven pounds in the back number three older kids and teams. The lego, technical, volvo, l, 350, f wheel. Loader provides the enjoyment of remote control vehicles, as well as the fun of building a vehicle of your own. This lego technic set, is an official partnership with volvo and in addition to building the l, 350 f wheel, loader, you can also build the volvo 825f articulated hauler. However, to be clear, there are only enough pieces to build one model at a time you have to deconstruct one to build the other. The engine is a highly detailed, green volvo like model with moving pistons and a working fan. Both the truck bed and the bucket are controllable with the remote. The downside is that it needs a lot of batteries, and this is more of a lego kit that happens to be construction focused rather than a construction toy that happens to be lego. Consequently, the model isnt especially strong and isnt, capable of lifting much number two, the fist own rc crawler crane, has multiple functions with 360 degree platform rotation and a lift arm.

You can move up and down theres, also a hook rising and a falling hook. In addition to the standard forward backward left and right driving movements at 1 14 scale, the body of the model is 7.5 by 16 by 19 inches and the boom extends to 2 inches. The construction is a mix of plastic and metal while attracts a rubber and the cable is a strong woven. Cotton youll have to give the battery an 8 hour charge before your first use, then, depending on what you do with it, you get between 15 20 minutes of play time from a two to three hour charge. It comes with a usb charging cable, but not a plug block. Additional batteries are readily available. So if your little construction fiend is a hard worker, you can quickly swap out a charged battery for almost uninterrupted play. This product is ideal for kids ages, seven years and up number one top race, 15 channel excavator toy has a lot of things going for it, including its extremely detailed design and a great set of features. The excavator features three separate motors which are controlled separately by the transmitter. It even has two metal shovels that you can use to move dirt around. All these features add up to a great build that can dig move dirt and turn the transmitter and receiver are powerful and have the range to go as far as 100 feet. The construction excavator can dig move dirt and sand and turn it does require a battery, though so youll want to have a backup ready.

The excavator can be controlled using the included remote controller, and it also comes with a 2.4 ghz transmitter for greater range. The excavator is compatible with other top race toys and the rc accessories that come with them and they include an extra wheel, set a track set, a dirt bucket, a metal scoop and a loader fork. Overall. This is a good excavator toy for children and adults alike and if youre looking for an excavator toy, thats, realistic, durable and comes with a ton of useful features, then you cant go wrong with the top race 15 channel excavator toy thanks for watching guys.