This excavator has a highly realistic, exterior and thick rubber track tyres built in a 1 16 scale. This excavator boasts three powerful motors with a heavy duty, steel shovel. It can be used to transport dirt sand and more from one location onto a dump truck. It has an amazing 17 channels with the cab turning in a 660 degree rotation. This rc arrives fully ready to run made from premium abs, plastic, so its safe for both kids and adults. Number two double erc excavator, another awesome, double e model and its the turn of their 17 17 channel rc with two bonus, drills and grasp this seriously. Strong excavator is a three in one with tools, including a shovel, breaker and grabber. This multifunctional double erc excavator with claw, is versatile and realistic digging with its steel shovel, just like the real machine. The cab rotates 680 degrees with ease, while digging and shoveling can be done independently, thanks to the flexible joints equipped with a high power rechargeable battery. For long life performance and up to 30 minutes of play time, this excavator offers a digging experience. The entire family will love number three top race, 15 channel full functional remote. The top race rc excavator, is an awesome model with one of the most realistic designs on the market, built in a 1 14 scale with powerful motors and heavy rubber track tires. This excavator is the next best thing to the real deal. This 15 channel top race, rc excavator for kids, has three separate motors, its designed for older kids and adults, digging in any direction using the heavy duty, steel, shovel transport, dirt sand and more from one location to the other, with ease the cab even moves in a 680 degree rotation with 100 feet control distance.

This rc is fun for everyone and it can be used alongside other rcs, with no interference. Number four top race, 15 channel remote control, the top race 15 channel rc fork. Excavator is another strong contender for the best remote control excavator. This multifunctional tractor vehicle works exactly like the real thing grabbing anything and everything in its path, with its heavy steel fork with three separate digging motors on the arm. This excavator never gets boring, plus its very easy to control the cab, rotates 680 degrees, and the machine itself can move in all directions. It can be controlled from a distance of 100 feet away and it comes completely ready to run. This is the best rc excavator for kids, age, 12 and above number, five aokisi remote control, excavator, the aokisi 16 channel remote control. Excavator is built in a 1 14 scale, with a realistic design and fun lights and sounds its built for use on any terrain and in any conditions, just as durable and sturdy as a full size. Excavator complete with an original shovel head and two bonus, diy replaceable tools, this rc model is fun to control and play with the heavy steel shovel allows it to dig powerfully while the lower arms operate independently. So you can practice your precision.