Let’S get started number one most popular redcat racing, everest 10, electric rock crawler. First, up we’ve got the redcat racing everest 10, which is an rc crawler i’m seriously fond of it has an electric brushed motor it’s four wheel, drive equipped with waterproof electronics and has multi link suspension on both front and rear. This makes it powerful, durable and suitable for all weather driving the nickel metal, halide battery and charger is included, meaning at no extra expense. Aside from a few double a batteries, the rc rock crawler arrives fully assembled and ready to have fun with it’s the best rc crawler for both beginners and those with rc experience, as it is more easy to upgrade for slightly more power. All in all a solid choice and at a good price number, two traxxas one tenth scale, trx 4 scale and trail crawler. On the other hand, let’s say you wanted something more expensive, maybe the most expensive and the most powerful radio controlled rock crawler on the market. For that you’re, looking at the mighty traxxas trx4 defender, this mighty rc jeep for rock crawling includes portal axes which provide huge ground clearance in depth and super precise controls aimed at experienced rock crawling racers, a powerful 21t titan 550 motor and waterproof electronics. The wraith costs over 350 dollars, which is very reasonable for a high quality rc rock racer. But if you’re interested in a more recreational option at an affordable price, consider the redcat racing everest 10.

number three redcat racing, everest’s, gen 7, pro 110 four wheel, drive rtr scale rock crawler, another redcat everest product in the form of the gen 7 pro rock crawler. While this rc crawler is a little more expensive than the everest 10, it does boast, features that you simply won’t get for a cheaper price. This rc rock crawler is ready to run with a brushed 550 motor and super swamper tires. The body tilt system allows you to access the battery easily and quickly, while the product also comes with a fully functional spare tire two scale: ramps, ax shovel and gas cans, it’s fun and realistic, while also performing well against more expensive rock crawlers. If you’re looking for the best rc rock crawler on the market, this might just be the ticket number four axial wraith spawn four wheel drive rc rock racer off road 4×4 rtr. The axial wraith is a very popular rock racer, which also works as trail rig, meaning that it can be used for recreational use on nature trails, it’s compatible with many aftermarket upgrades and many rc rock crawling enthusiasts choose to stiffen the shocks for better speed or replace The motor for better crawling on its own, the wraith, provides a ton of control in tricky terrain and allows for highly precise inputs. It also has great tires and a super durable frame made of high strength, composite materials, Music, Music, number, five altair, fast, remote control, truck radio, controlled off road electric monster truck rc hobby grade rock crawler new to the market.

This year we have the awesome, altair high speed, remote control rock crawling truck it’s rare to find a rock crawler that’s, both extremely durable and fast 30 miles per hour. But this model ticks both of those boxes.