Let’S get started Music number one most popular red cat racing. Volcano EPX four wheel drive monster truck for someone who is just starting out in the hobby of the RC world. This is the best RC truck for doing just that costing half of what other premium branded. Rc trucks usually cost. The red cat racing volcano is an all electric RC truck that provides you good durability, good power and easy way to replace broken parts. You get a fairly weak battery rated at only 2000 milliamps, but if you choose to grab an additional battery pack, you’re bound to have a boatload, more fun, full suspension, a polycarbonate body and all internal electronic components required to make this RC truck run are included inside The only small things you’ll need to purchase are the batteries for the transmitter number two maestro RC rock crawler radio control vehicle. If you want a simple operation for kids, you should consider the maestro Rock Crawler because of its basic controls, durable body and its use of easy to find double a and triple a batteries. The large tires grip well for both on and off roading. Take your radio control experience off road with the all new rock crawler from maestro this off road radio control truck, boasts, articulated suspensions, two motors and low gearing to make for awesome rugged off road action. Rock crawler is 12.5 inches long and sports. Both articulated front and rear suspension vehicle comes with TPE tires for ultra grip.

Tri channel transmitter allows for three people to play simultaneously with their other maestro radio control vehicles. Number three Traxxas stampede: 4×4 one tenth scale: four wheel, drive monster truck for a high jumping, quick and durable radio controlled truck. We picked the Traxxas Stampede as the one to get for starters. You can choose from a rear wheel, drive truck or a four by four wheel. Drive truck cost. Difference is obviously there, however, aside from that, you get an identical truck from one and the other. The Stampede comes as a ready to run with the transmitter and all the internal electronics required. Polycarbonate shell adjustable internal parts, suspension gears and wheels can all be adjusted and changed out out of the box. You’Ll be able to hit approximately 30 to 35 miles per hour about 15 minutes of run. Time should be expected and all the internal electronics are 100 waterproof number four red cap racing: volcano EPX, electric truck Music, the red cat racing electric volcano EPX about 150 combines brushed motor with four wheel drive and a high torque servo, which all works together. To give you a fast vehicle with great traction, unfortunately, the included battery doesn’t last very long. The volcano exp is an electrifying four wheel, drive monster truck that is ready to run right out of the box, get started in this exciting hobby. With this bold RC vehicle complete with an electric brushed 20 75 40 motor forward and reverse transmission 4 wheel, Drive high torque servo, and a two channel AM radio equipped with an aggressively styled.

Polycarbonate body scheme number five Tamiya, 58 372 Ford, f, 350 high, lift truck Tamiya is true hobby great material. There, Ford, f, 350 kit is no exception, while not the best RC truck for jumping and going fast. The one thing this one will do well is crawl. Rocks and look fantastic overall attention to detail on this Ford f. 350 is outstanding from top to bottom. Rock solid materials are what make this truck a masterpiece for all the craftsmanship you’ll, be paying a pretty penny and a premium for the cost. You’Ll be getting a kit that does not include the electronics. That part is what you’ll have to decide when figuring out what you’ll plan to do with the vehicle for more details.