Take a look at my top five cheap rc’s for summer 2021.. Let’S get into it! Music! Applause, Music, welcome back to the channel, so today, we’re going to be taking a look at my top five cheap rc’s for summer 2021. Now i’ve already done top five videos on my channel, but it made sense to do this one since we’re pretty much halfway through the year, but not only that there are a couple of new additions which i really do think belong on the top five list. Now, since i started my channel back in march 2020 last year, i have driven a variety of different budget rc’s. Now i really do think this is going to be an accurate top five list and, if you’re looking to get into the rc hobby on a tight budget, this video should definitely help you now before we take a look at number five, if you haven’t already be Sure to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the latest rc content, but not only that this year is going to be a massive year for beyond rc. There are so many things planned behind the scenes: you’re really not going to want to miss out and at number five we have the ftx tracer. Now i was very impressed with this when i took it down to my local skate park for the price. This thing was seriously impressive. Now, even though this little ftx tracer is 1 16th scale, it is packed full of nice features, including being fully proportional.

It comes with a splash proof, esc and receiver unit, one kilogram servo. It does have a tiny little ‘0 sized brush motor, but that is more than enough for the size of the vehicle. We’Ve got front and rear. Diffs ball bearings all round. Now, when it comes to the battery it’s, a tiny little 700, milliamp, 2s lithium ion battery and again for the size of the vehicle, absolutely fine. You also get a usb charger and you get a optional led lights, which they do actually include in the box. Should you wish to fit them, so why do i like this little ftx tracer? Well, i think, for the price you are getting a lot for the money when i took it down to the skate park. It was extremely durable, very, very impressed with it, but not only that it’s a great way for someone to get into the rc hobby on a very tight budget and you’re definitely going to have a lot of fun with it. Now, if you can’t get hold of ftx in your country or you’ve, never heard of ftx, please don’t panic, because there’s various different companies out there who have adopted exactly the same chassis design. Now this is the hbx16890. I don’t actually own this, but it’s pretty much exactly the same as the ftx tracer. The only difference with this one is, it is actually brushless and number four on my list is the wl toys one two four zero one, nine now compared to when i did my last top five video.

It has actually dropped a couple of places now. This is because this video is about fun it’s about how to have fun on a cheap budget. The one two, four zero one. Nine is a little bit expensive for what it is, because, essentially all it is is a one four, four: zero: zero one with a slightly longer wheelbase. So is it actually worth paying that extra money for the longer wheelbase? It essentially shares exactly the same components as the smaller one fourteenth scale model. This is the one twelfth scale model now. I think it really does depend on what your intentions are uh to actually do with your rc. If you’re looking to do speed runs uh, you know the one two four zero one. Nine is an excellent chassis to actually do that with if you’re, just looking for a cheap, casual, durable, basher, the one two four zero one, nine may not be the one for you now, one of the things i really like about the one two, four zero one: Nine is the fact that we do get a lot of metal components, especially at this price range. Getting this many metal components is definitely a big benefit. Now the 124019 is an excellent little ready to run package. You do get everything you need to get going in the box, including your transmitter, your battery, which is a 2200 milliamp, 2s lipo. Now, not only do we get a lot of metal components, but we get front and rear diffs.

We get ball bearings throughout. I really do think the 124019 is an excellent little ready to run package, but you may potentially consider the baby brother. It really does depend on what you’re looking to do now. This brings us on to number three, which is the wl toys one: zero, four: zero zero one. This is the brand new one temp scale buggy that has just been released. I’Ve also reviewed this on the channel and i have to say i was very impressed. So why does the one zero four zero zero one deserve its place at number. Three well, i’ll. Tell you if you’re looking for a very, very well made cheap budget, one tenth scale buggy! This is definitely going to be the one to consider when you compare all the other one temp scale buggies out there. There are very few that actually offer this many features for the price. Now, just like the one, two, four zero one: nine, the one – zero four zero zero one actually shares exactly the same electronics components. Uh now, i’m, talking about the 550 size brush motor it’s. Exactly the same that you get on the baby brothers. Now you get the 2200 milliamp 2s lipo and a usb charger exactly the same transmitter. The only difference with the one zero four zero zero one is the esc, it’s, essentially exactly the same esc. But the only difference with this is it does come with a fan which will start up when the esc gets a little bit warm.

Now. Wl toys have actually decided to go for a standard sized servo on their brand new 1 10th scale. Buggy. The only difference is they have. They have opted to go for a five wire system, which is something we see quite often on the wl toys models, which does get a little bit annoying at times, because if you do decide you want to convert to brushless or just change your power system out. You have to change everything, including the servo, because it is a 5 wire system, like i said, and it’s, not your normal free wire system. So enough about the electronics we get silky, smooth shocks, we’ve got metal, drive, shafts front and rear diffs ball bearings. This thing really is impressive for the price and when i took it out, apart from being a little bit slower compared to the other models, like i said, very, very impressive, so if you’re looking for a fairly cheap, reliable and durable uh, 1 10th scale buggy. I really do think the one zero four zero zero one is going to be the one to go for if you have intentions to actually convert to brushless further down the line again it’s going to be absolutely fine. I have actually already converted mine to brushless and i will be doing a video on that very soon. So, if you are looking for something a little bit bigger, this is actually the biggest rc on this list. The one zero four zero zero one is definitely a good bet, it’s, definitely a good rc to actually go for it’s, also very durable, it’s well made and for the price.

I really don’t think you can go wrong and on to number two, we have the pinecone models sg1603. Now this is a very, very exciting little rc. Indeed, i’ve had a lot of fun with it this year so far, and i really do think it is one of the best cheap rc’s you can buy this year now. Anybody out there who knows about rc would know that this thing looks pretty much exactly like the armor infraction just a lot smaller. It also looks a lot like the hoonie truck. I really like this thing. Just on looks alone. It is so impressive, so let’s take a closer look at some of the really nice features that the sg1603 actually comes with. Now it is a 1 16 scale model it’s, not the fastest thing out the box. I think i only achieved 15 miles per hour when i done a speed test, but that isn’t the purpose for this rc. If you’re looking for a drift rc, potentially your first drift rc. This is going to be a very, very good option for you now, just like the other rc’s on this list. It is a ready to run so you get everything you need included in the box, including a 1200 milliamp, 2s lipo. You get a usb charger now it’s nice, that they also include a set of drift, tires they’re. Basically, just a set of plastic tires. The car actually comes with the rally tires: pre fitted we’ve got a 40 amp esc and a 380 size brushed motor.

All of this really does add up to a very capable little machine, so my favorite feature on the sg 1603 is actually the led lights. They are switchable on the transmitter, there’s three different settings and i just really think it makes this thing. Look incredible and it’s. Sometimes hard to believe this is a one: stick. 1 16 scale model at a very cheap price. Now i have got some very, very exciting and big news. The sg1603 and the 1604 is now going to be offered in a brushless version. Now. Why is this important? Well, when i took the brushed version out the one i actually have right now, it did feel a little bit underpowered when it comes to drifting, and i was craving a little bit more power now. I have actually done a brushless conversion on mine, but there’s no need to do that anymore because they are going to start selling the brushless versions and i believe, as of today, they are available to pre order. So if you are looking for an incredible little rc with a whole list of good features, i really do think the sg 1603 definitely deserves its place at the number two spot like i said it is the most amount of fun i’ve had this year and for The price there really isn’t a lot out there that can compare now. One of my favorite features in the sg 1603 is the fact that it has an inbuilt gyro now.

What does this mean? Well, essentially, the gyro will help you to keep this thing. Nice and stable when you’re drifting it about i’ve, done various different tests on this, and with the gyro turned off, it was a little bit of a handful to try and drift with the gyro turned up. It really does help to get this thing sideways. So if you are looking for a really really good value, rc that is packed full of features you’re, also, potentially looking at getting into rc drifting, the sg 1603 is definitely a very good option now this brings us on to number one and anyone who follows my Channel will know exactly what i’ve put at number one it’s very hard to knock this thing off the top spot, because it just offers so much value for the money. We all know what it is: it’s, the wl toys, one four four one it’s so hard to find another rc that can knock it off the top spot. It just offers so much for the money. We’Ve got metal components, we’ve got ball, bearings we’ve got front and rear diffs. It just has so many nice features and at that price point it is just so difficult to find another rc that compares now just like, with the one two four zero one: nine and the one: zero four zero zero one, the one four, four: zero: zero one. Actually comes with a smaller lipo battery, it comes with a 1500 milliamp 2s compared to the 2200 milliamp 2s.

Now the reason for this is, it is a smaller model. This is a 114 scale model compared to the other two being 110 from 112, but the fact that it is a little bit smaller is another another really good selling point as far as i’m concerned, because it makes this thing ultra portable, but not only that it Is ultra durable and it really is one of the very best cheap rc’s. You can actually buy now guys when it comes to the one four four: zero, zero one. You really do have to give a lot of credit to wl toys it’s a massive achievement for them, because what they have created is a great entry point for a lot of people to get into rc. And that is because a lot of people who are looking to get into the hobby don’t necessarily want to spend an absolute fortune on one of the more well known brands. Going for something like the wltoys is a great little taster into the rc hobby. And then you can go from there. There really is no top in this little thing now guys, if you are considering the one four four zero zero one or any of the wl toys models that i’ve actually featured on this list today. The one thing i would say is just check the con condition of your diffs when you receive your model because it’s a very common thing, that when your rc actually turns up your new wl toys, the diffs can be a little bit dry and you do want To try and get those greased as soon as possible, now i’ve actually done an in depth video on how to grease the diffs on a one, four: four: zero: zero one and a one, two four zero one.

Nine, a good friend of mine has actually done a video on how to grease the diffs on a one, zero, four zero zero one, and i will leave links uh to all those videos in the description below cheers guys we’re gon na leave it there today. I really hope you enjoyed the video drop, a comment down below and let me know what you think: do you think the one four four zero zero one still deserves its number one spot, or is there another rc out there that actually deserves that crown? Let me know in the comments section down below be sure to like this video and if you haven’t already be sure to hit that subscribe button as well to stay up to date with all the latest rc content i’ve got so much planned for the channel. I wish i could tell you, but i can’t, because we need to keep some secrets, cheers guys and i’ll see you again soon on the next one.