Now we are obviously into 2021, which is why i thought it’d be a really good idea to do a bit of an updated list, and that is what we’re going to be doing today at number five, i have put the high box in 16889. Now this is a really really nice cheap budget rc. I really think there is a good attention to detail, but not only that, i really think the quality is there. Now. This is one of those rc’s. I do find myself using quite often, especially when i’m at home out in the back garden. Now i also hand this over to my two and a half year old and he absolutely loves it as well. Now i did review uh this one, which is the one uh 1 16 scale version, and i did the 118th scale 18859 on my channel as well. Both really really nice little monster trucks. I think the 16889 does just come in above the 118 scale version because it is slightly bigger. Obviously it does have a little bit more ground clearance and, to be honest, i think it looks a little bit better as well, but that’s just my opinion. Now there is a few little features. I really do like about this little monster truck. You do get some led headlights. You actually get two 1 000 milliamp lipos in the box, and the transmitter is a little bit more hobby grade. Looking compared to the 1 18th scale version that i spoke about previously, i think overall, a really really nice little first rc for someone or potentially a nice little second rc.

If you just want to have a little mess about with it in your back garden. Now, one of the other things i actually like about this is the fact that it is so lightweight. I did make a point about saying that, on the review, video that i did, it did feel really lightweight just pretty much glided across the surface, and that was one of the things i actually really liked about it. Just pretty much general operation felt effortless and that’s. Why i’ve placed this thing in the number five spot uh? One final thing before we move on to number four is the fact that they do do some upgrade parts for this as well. You can get metal shocks, metal drive, shafts all that sort of good stuff, but that all of that stuff is available to buy pretty much right now as well, so be sure to check that out. If you are interested in buying one of these, but yeah number five, the high boxing one six, eight eight nine. Now a new addition to the top five list is the wl toys one, two, four: zero one eight now this is the desert. Buggy version of the very very popular wl toys lineup. Now i recently done a review on this one on the channel and i have to say i was very pleased now. I have had a lot of off road rc’s and i have to admit uh for the price being under a hundred dollars.

I really think this has to be one of the best budget rc’s you can actually get, especially when it comes to using it off road. You get a nice really really well built roll cage on this as well, which is definitely going to help absorb some impacts. Now the shock setup is a little bit different to the one two four zero one: nine and a one, four four: zero zero one uh the shocks do seem to be a little bit more hidden, a little bit more out the way on this, which is why I really think if you do end up having quite a big impact with this, the rear shocks are gon na, be a little bit more protected as opposed to the buggy versions but yeah. When i actually did the video on this. One recently really really enjoyed this. It definitely felt a little bit different to the one four four zero zero one bear in mind it does have. It does share the longer wheelbase with the one two four zero one: nine, but yeah, really really nice, buggy and we’re gon na talk a little bit about some of the features this actually comes with now, with the one two four zero one: eight, you do get A 2200 milliamp lipo in the box, as opposed to the 1500 milliamp lipo, that you get with the one four four: zero zero one. Now this does actually feature some led lights as well on the roll cage, another nice little addition.

You do see this quite often on a lot of the budget rc’s. They are starting to include some leds at the front and back now i think that’s a really really nice little feature a lot of people actually like leds on rc cars. Some people don’t it’s all down to a matter of choice, but i think it’s. Quite a nice little addition now some people were a little bit shocked when i said i think this is the best looking wl toys model in their lineup. I think we can all agree. It is probably one of the best looking cars out there, especially when you’re talking about budget rc’s. I really think it is. You know pretty much up there with the best. I do like the look of the buggies. You know, i’m, a massive fan of the one. Four: four: zero: zero one and one two: four zero one: nine i’m: a massive fan of those buggies on my channel, but i think when it comes to wl toys. This is one of the best looking rc’s out there at the moment when it comes to spares. Obviously, it’s pretty much the same platform as the one two four zero one: nine. It does have the longer wheelbase compared to the one four four: zero zero one. But again it probably shares about ninety five percent of the parts with the one four four: zero: zero. One, and that is an incredibly popular buggy and parts can be had from that from pretty much everywhere.

Uh also, a lot of lc racing parts actually fit these uh these buggies and these uh these trucks as well so be sure to bear that in mind. If you’re thinking about spare parts availability, they are pretty much everywhere now it’s one of the things that i thought about before actually buying a wl toys. I thought to myself: our spare is going to be hard to get hold of, to be honest, they’re all over banggood they’re, all over aliexpress they’re, pretty much everywhere now so you’re not really gon na have a problem. Okay, so we’re gon na move on to number three now and we have the pinecone models sg1603, also known as the hoonie truck or the baby infraction there’s. Many many names out there now that people are actually starting to call this thing. I think you can obviously see that it does share some similarities to the armor infraction and obviously the huni truck as well. Now this thing i had a lot of fun with it. When i did the review video it’s obviously made to do some sort, you know to do some drifting and all that sort of stuff, not necessarily a speed, ma speed, run machine. I know some people are trying to make these things as quick as possible, but they are made for drifting. It does also feature a gyro built into the esc and receiver unit as well, which again i did cover a little bit on my video that i did really really nice little addition, especially if you’re like me and you’re, not very good at rc drifting.

That is definitely a nice feature to have inbuilt into the truck now. One of the issues some people have raised is the fact that spare parts aren’t really readily available for this model. Yet now you have to bear in mind. This is quite a new release. I’M. Pretty sure there’s going to be spare parts available to go, hopefully in the next couple of months, maybe even before i’m, pretty sure, especially considering how popular these have actually become. In the last couple of months, spare parts aren’t really going to be an issue, but can we just appreciate how good this thing actually looks, because it definitely definitely belongs on this list, because it really does look great now. You do also get a 1200 milliamp lithium ion battery in the box. You don’t get a lipo, which is what most people would expect to receive when you buy an rc model. Now you do get a lithium ion battery, but i’ve never had an issue with lithium ion and you can also charge that on your normal lipo charger, so yeah i wouldn’t rule it out it’s, definitely a really good option, as opposed to running lipos. Now it is worth noting this does actually come with a set of drift tyres in the box. Now i actually preferred the rally tyres, because i found that they gave me just enough traction, but they also allowed me to slide this thing around a little bit. Do a few little drifts here and there i found it was really enjoyable on the rally tyres.

Now, when i switched over to the drift tyres again, it was a lot of fun, but i just i don’t know i just wasn’t really into the drift tyres. But again it may be a different uh, different situation. If you’re running on a completely smooth and flat surface the surface, i was running on wasn’t completely smooth and flat, which is why, potentially, that was why i didn’t really take to them, but it’s definitely worth bearing in mind and it’s, definitely worth knowing. You do get a set of hard plastic drift tyres in the box. I think one of the standout features on this model is the led lights. I think they really do stand out. Bearing in mind you can change the settings on them as well. I really think that is one of the biggest selling points when it comes to this, this little baby, infraction look alike. Some features that i really really like again, the all the rc’s we’ve mentioned so far do include led lights, which i think is quite appealing these days, but yeah really really nice feature and definitely a really really good selling point for this. For this little truck, these things come in at a pretty low price. They are 116 scale, so bear in mind, they are quite small, but you will have a lot of fun with these. If you’re looking to go fast, this may not be the best option. I think i achieved about 15 miles per hour out of mine, so you’re not going to be breaking any speed records with this.

So just bear in mind if you’re looking to get into drifting or you’d like to give rc drifting a go. This is going to be a really good cheap option for you. Okay, so let’s move on to the number two spot now: i’m gon na put the wl toys one two four: zero one: nine in the number two spot now before you ask yourself why? Why is that not number one let’s take a little look at. Why i’m? Putting it at number two now before i didn’t have a one two, four zero one, nine, but i do now it is here with me. I have taken it out. I have tested it out and, to be honest, i have already converted it to brushless, but that is going to be in a future video now compared to what is at number one. There has been a few changes on this it’s very similar to the one two. Four zero one, eight, the desert buggy. This does share pretty much 99 of the parts uh with the desert, buggy uh, compared to the one four four: zero: zero one. For example, it does feature the longer wheelbase it’s about five centimeters uh longer wheelbase, as opposed to the the one four four zero zero one. A lot of people do say: why do we buy an off road buggy and turn it into an on road speed, run machine now, the very simple and to the point answer for that is the fact that they are very, very capable.

These things can take a proper beast in you can fit some really powerful. Brushless systems into these and they’ve actually proved themselves to be really reliable, now, that’s pretty much the main reason why we all tend to go for these as a platform to convert into uh. You know sort of speed run machines because they are very capable for the money, so we have covered the fact that i think this is going to be very popular when it comes to people who enjoy doing speed runs let’s talk about the color scheme, a little Bit because i know when i actually did the last video, there was a couple of comments out there that people said they liked the color scheme. There were some people that said they didn’t, like the color scheme, to be honest, it’s a little bit like marmite you either like it or you don’t. I did i have to be honest. I didn’t really like it when i see the photos, but when i actually received it it did start to grow on me a little bit and when i sort of look at it now, i do think to myself. It really doesn’t. Look that bad at all. Now again, like with the one two four zero one eight, this does come with a 2200 milliamp uh 2s lipo. You do get an included usb charger and again it’s, pretty much the same sort of uh transmitter that you get with the one two four zero one.

Eight okay, so we’re going to move on to the number one spot. Then what is the number one top cheap budget? Rc you can buy for under a hundred dollars? Well guys, you know i don’t think there’s any surprise here. You’Re gon na know what it is. I’M, pretty sure you knew what it was before. You actually got this far into the video and, yes, it is still the one four four zero zero one. Now, first of all, it does come in cheaper than the one two four zero one, nine, but also cheaper than the one two four zero one, eight as well. It does come in a little bit cheaper now, bearing in mind really all you’re getting. Is the five centimeter longer uh wheel base with the other two models, the one four four zero zero one is going to satisfy most people, but not only that, but being a little bit smaller it’s, also more portable and easy to just throw in a bag and Go now the one four four zero zero one is a little bit older compared to the one two four zero one: nine and the one two four zero one. Eight. For this reason, uh the one four four zero zero one does have a really really big, following especially on facebook, there’s, a lot of groups out there that actually specialize in these things. There’S, you know massive aftermarket support. People have done a lot of mods on these things.

It’S definitely worth checking out some of those facebook groups. If you are interested in actually buying one of these and doing some mods to it yourself be sure to go and check those out. So i did mention that it’s actually smaller and more portable than the other two. Now, i think, being the shorter wheelbase, it can potentially be a little bit more fun as well, especially when it comes to doing stunts and jumps and all that sort of stuff. I do find that the one four four zero zero one is a little bit more fun when it comes to that stuff. In the box, you get a 1 500 milliamp, 2s lipo again pretty much the same usb charger that you get with the others and pretty much the same transmitter as well, but overall, a nice little package, nice and cheap. You do get a lot of metal components. Just like the other two as well, which makes this a very, very good first rc for someone, but not only that at that price point. It’S definitely got ta, be at the number one spot. Okay, so i hope you enjoyed today’s video. I also hope you actually agree with me and you actually agree that the 144001 still remains to be at the top spot. I think that is probably going to remain there for quite a while until another rc comes out that can offer pretty much everything this can, but potentially for a cheaper price.

I really think it’s going to take a lot to actually knock this thing off the number one spot but yeah. I think we’ve narrowed it down. So there you go then we’ve had a look at the top five cheap budget rc’s. You can actually get in 2021. For under 100 now you do have to bear in mind. This list is based on my opinion. I have used every rc on this list and i’ve tried to be as honest as possible and give you my little uh my little verdict on all five of these rc’s. I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. The one four four zero zero one, i think, will remain to be one of the most versatile, cheap and beginner friendly rc’s. There actually is. It does offer a lot for the money and i think it’s going to take a lot to actually to actually get anything that will knock that off the number one spot. Okay, so we’re going to leave it.