Now i say nearly as i’ve seen a few people out there doing videos on the best car under 100 for 2021, the fastest car out there under a hundred dollars for 2021 and the cars they’re showing are not available for under a hundred dollars. But they’re close to it, but they are over a hundred dollars, as are a couple of the ones in this video only marginally but i’m like stick off a little details like that. Hence the use of the word nearly and i’d also like to point out at this stage that every car that you’re going to see featured in this top five of rc cars under 100, nearly either own, have owned or have driven extensively on there. So i’m. Speaking from the heart, when it comes to all of these cars, if there are any, you think, i’ve missed out any that should be included by all means. Have your say in the comments section below the video and tell me why they would be on your list of the top five rc cars under a hundred dollars and before we get down to those top five, i would just say no of these cars make it To the top five or even featured in the top five, but they do make the bench look a bit better and the hobby plus cr24 has to be the absolute bargain of this list of top five rc cars under 100. Nearly the level of scale detail.

This thing has got for a smidgen under 90 is absolutely outstanding. It’S even got working headlights on there, it’s pretty darn competent as many crawlers go, and i think, if it was produced by cryosho, was like a mini z, crawl or something you wouldn’t blink, an eyelid at paying another 100 bucks more for this, and it is the Kind of thing i can see going in a bit of a cult following so i’m hoping there’s going to be a few modified parts come out, for it could do with a little bit more weight at the front, if i’m honest on there, but other than that. I am absolutely loving it and at the heart of the car there’s a lot to like about this led headlights, both front and rear internal bead, lock, wheels three wire servo and that three wire servo links to fpv ready, waterproof electrics all round a lot of bang. For the buck and our ideal car, if you’re under a stat home order or shelter in place – and you can even do like i’m thinking about and making a crawling course around, the inside of your garage, oh and for those young or old, i will point out The battery lasts around about 40 minutes, which is just plain crazy for armor available in the green. That i’ve got it’s also available in this blue. Better than that, maybe is this super scale land rover defender body, which is also available in two colors and, as you may have noticed, it’s on back order at the minute, but for under 90 bucks, given the amount of rc car you get for your money.

That is not surprising, i’ll put a link to it below the video. Well. Next, we have the wl toys one, two, four: zero one, eight now this is a position number four rather than position number three, as it is one of the higher priced cars in this list and it’s. For that reason, that is at this position, it’s a cracking car four wheel, drive brushed, but i got 43 miles an hour out of it on 3s, a lot to like about it, a lot of metal in the car for a start, including all metal, chassis and Attached to that roll cage which keeps the car, nice and safe we’ve got a full length led light bar and with the body clips on, all of the electrics are kept nicely out of the way of any water or dirt that can spray in yeah. If you flip it open, you can get easy access to everything underneath the car it handles very nicely. Indeed. I do wish that it would actually make some miniature paddle tires for this car, because i would love to take this thing out on the sand dunes. Now, whilst deciding to put this car on the list, i decided against this making the top five today cracking little car. But i had a couple of issues when i first took it out for his test drive yesterday, which were enough to make me leave it off. Today’S list and put this on instead of this well next up, we have the singly hong q902, when i first drove this car and shot a video on it.

I actually rated this as the best car under a hundred dollars and that’s for very good reason. Quoted 52 kilometers in our top speed around about 32 miles an hour, and this is one of the few cars out there that gets close to doing that straight out of the box. It’S four wheel, drive brushless, and these big monster truck tires absolutely plough through grass and you can also get the q901, which is based on a pretty similar platform to it, but the wheelie bar on the back of that gives the potency to it. But just personally i would prefer the q902 the one to avoid at all costs. Is this the q903? If you see a car looking like this run a mile, i actually did the video entitled do not buy this car. For this one drive one and you’ll find out why so, whatever you do get the q902 or the q901? If that takes your fancy, definitely not the q903 link to the q902 below the video. Well, nearly at the very top of the list of the top five rc cars under a hundred dollars. Nearly is the awesome wltoys one, four, four: zero zero one, but do not take my word for it as to why people love this car. So much! Oh look. 965 reviews and 923 of those are five star reviews, 40 of them four star reviews, uh two of them are three star reviews; hmm, so that would generally indicate this thing’s quite good now, as you can see from that price point smidging over a hundred dollars across The board four different variants when it comes on sale, it is quite regularly below a hundred dollars on here, the two cheaper versions.

Well, they have this older style, smaller battery, the newer versions either come with one larger lipo or two of the larger lipos on there gives maybe marginally more speed. I’Ve got one of these up to 43 miles an hour with 3s on board it’s available in two different colors and comes with a 550. Can motor combined esc and receiver very very easy indeed to work on quite easy to upgrade to brushless, and it can go very very fast indeed, when you do convert it to brushless, but it’s a little bit of a squeeze getting everything in there. So if only they made a bigger one, but more on that in just a second threaded, aluminum shock absorbers all round more metal to use that risky phrase than you can shake a stick at all. In all this things, an absolutely cracking drive only weighs around about one kilo. You can drive this thing pretty much flat out for a good 20 minutes before the battery runs out. It’S very light in weight handles like an absolute dream as a result and can take hundred mile an hour speeds quite easily if you convert it to brushless, but i say a little bit of a squeeze getting everything in there. Well, if you like the looks of the one four four zero zero one. Maybe you should just hold on a second and see what’s at number one and at the top of the pile. Today we have the wwl toys, one, two, four: zero one: nine! It just edges the one four four zero zero one out, as it is so much easier to make this brushless, because it’s that extra five centimeters long makes the world of difference in terms of the space you have to work with inside the car that extra five Centimeters in length also improves the handling at speed, and whilst this car is modified as stock, it comes with the same 550, cam and motor setup and electrics that the one two four zero one eight does, and that is exactly the same as the one.

Four four: zero zero one, and if you wan na check out the specific details of the car and some better close up photos, then i’ll put a link to it below the video where you can go out and check it online. Well, you can see it’s nearly a hundred dollars now we’ll just point out this card doesn’t come with phone tires as standard as i’ve been busy modifying this. It comes with these rubber ones, which are pretty good up to around about 40 miles, an hour phone tyres to it, because people buy these cars to make them go faster, just like they did with the wltoys one. Four, four: zero zero one. I just showed you the key advantage to this one five centimeters longer than one four four zero zero one, which means you can squeeze all of your brushless gear in there and still fit the stock body on over the top, which can be a bit of an Issue with the one four four zero zero one, and if anybody’s wondering how fast this goes, should find out this weekend when it finally stops raining. But my first brushless build of this did hit 104 miles an hour, so it all boards very, very well. So if you’re interested in getting into speed runs but on a cheaper basis, then this is most definitely the car for you and it’s, not just the other length that i like so much about this car.

All of the electrics, all of the main components on the car are shared with the one four four zero zero one, so it’s already very easy to go and get spares for this car on ebay, amazon from banggood, etc. The only difference on this car, the chassis, is longer the body’s longer the driveshaft’s longer, but everything else is identical to the one four four: zero: zero one. So if you don’t want to spend a fortune building your first hundred mile an hour rc car, then i would highly recommend the one two four zero one nine, which is why it is number one on the list today. Yet, looking in the wings coming up in march, we have the release of the 110 scale wltoys one zero, four zero zero one. So there we have richie’s top five rc cars under 100. Nearly – and i do hope you can excuse my poetic license on this video. Hopefully, all of those made sense now i did think before shooting this video. The 1604 was gon na make the list fairly easily, but that did let me down enough yesterday that i couldn’t hand on heart, put it in my top five at the minute. Next year later on this year, it might easily make the list anyway that’s my top five rc cars under a hundred dollars nearly for 2021 so far and noteworthy mentions that would have made the list if they were slightly cheaper. The low seat mini b, used for around 149 and one of the best handling cars i currently own.

The rgt136161 rock roller built in working headlights, absolutely excellent, crawler, just around about 145 dollars, again 20 30 dollars less, but it would have nearly made the list. Well, i hope you liked today’s rc car video.