Okay, one more round three more nice day, hi baby boy, my excellent good morning, good morning, baby boy yeah. I know I know you want to unbox it. Oh what Kroenke, hello, mommy Raya good morning marksman, you have some rashes on your face again: huh yeah, cuddle, cuddle time, cuddle cuddle with mommy no he’s, not okay, mommy. What are we going to unbox today? I can see a Porsche: a Porsche 911 gt3 nice, what Macklin II girdle cuddle time. He has a big rush on his cheek mommy. Why a Porsche 911 gt3 RS faster than ever? Okay, a full function, RC a black Porsche; okay, the back of the box. It says here shock absorbing suspension: okay and another car here, Nissan GT, 3r. Okay, Robert eyes, okay II, it’s excited okay, be patient marks; Lynn, be patient; mommy’s doing it now. Okay, Marceline wants to do it. Mommy, okay, mrklin he’s, happy instructions. Okay, there you go boy: hey there, you go nice car, hey haha, a black Porsche 911 gt3 RS a full function; RC car. We need to put batteries first, mrklin nice, one max Lyn, okay, mommy will put batteries now, give it to mommy. She will put batteries boy yeah, hmm, he likes it. Okay, there you go mommy baby boy, yeah, yeah, max lens new toy car, yeah; okay, the 9 volt battery is installed, yeah, give it to mommy boy there. You go good job, no nope nope in the hallmark slim, not in your mouth hi.

What what it went under mami skirt, the battery there you go, you got it. Oh there you go max. Lin, wait! My slim wait! Okay, there you go five double a batteries! Okay, max! Please be patient. Almost done. Okay, rubber tires yep rubber, tires rubble, piles for more grip, impaction baby boy, hmm Yee, Mong sling turn it on switch it on marks. Lin go on boy, mommy switch it on marks, lane it’s, not a push alone par it’s; an RC toy car, not push alone. Okay, mommy, okay, drive it boy, Lu, okay, let marksman do it mommy. You forgot the antenna. Don’T be scared, do not hit marshland. Hey mommy drive it. You hit the bowling pins behind you fast Porsche. 911 gt3 oopsy go on boy. You just want to watch huh. Thank you. Thank you max Len it’s, a nice looking car, hey max Lim a Porsche you like it huh you look at the wheels nice white wheels, some excellent, a classic Porsche sports car. Okay go on hold on troller. There you go yeah.