I got new kaboom um not that long ago, and I forgot to make a review of him and before I cover do kaboom himself. Let me just take him down here and he comes with this little remote. Let me just start with the box. You can see this is a big looking box and you can’t really see it, but it’s a nice homage to the packaging yep. You can see, it says, moves forward, turn urn and river ends in Reverse, make it do pop a wheelie remote controlled do kaboom. He just far enough and he’s by thinkway toys. Of course see that says: I’m, not thinking toy toy story for warning, choking hazard, small parts not for children under three years. So once again make sure you do not give this to any little toddlers or right. There is the inside that’s, where I pull this remote out: yep here’s, the back. You can see it shows all he does. Yep make him pop a wheelie pull joystick back for hack. Then push forward erred and hold right there it’s all about figures. You can get contents do kaboom. Oh man, motorcycle remote control and Music yep and I’d hear our instructions on. If you want to change his batteries, so he take eggs for triple A’s. The remote control takes two triple a’s left box. Now we will move on to the toy himself now here we have Dooku boom and this toy looks really amazing.

Let me bring him up close, you can see, he has his helmet and his mustache right there and he’s got his teeth and his helmet is very well done. You can see, as his cape and he’s got his his suit. His costume is very well done. He’S got to meet belief there and I may believe on his motorcycle and his motorcycle is very well done. You can see, it has wheels and a we were here, yep and – and he comes with this remote and it looks really cool. You can see there’s a maple leaf on the remote too and there’s where the battery pack is and Duke’s batteries, believe it or not go behind his cape anyways let’s. Take it to the floor and you’ll see what I mean alright here we are back again. I just thought we’d do it on the kitchen floor, you see he has this switch right here and switch it on yeah. Let me show you what I mean Applause. He just popped a wheelie and turn in reverse yep yep don’t go into the TV whoops hold on, go yep, so yeah that’s, my review of the Duke kaboom with motorcycle, oh remote, control toy.