Hopefully, you can see these, so will we test on this see if he’ll follow it outside and see how well it does um. I think this is a really neat tool for 160 bucks after amazon shipping and everything it’s really cool. My patreons from my other youtube channel paid for this, so you guys get to enjoy that benefit, so uh have fun, have a good day enjoy the video okay there’s like a crosshair on there. Now we can record oh lost already wow these bigger cars, oh wow wow. It seems to hold on to that pretty well, not lost it. Okay, let’s uh let’s charge up the eighth scale and try that really i’m. You know you see i’m sitting here, trying to tell the track Applause – hello, i’m over here wow. It really wants to track that mailbox. Oh, my god, this is so dumb. Yeah let’s do a good burst and see what it does attracted again yeah. I think under very ideal circumstances, this would probably be Applause. Great oops, sorry wow, just just died, really just just not gon na just not gon na do anything. Huh Applause, yeah i’m done this. This is not working as i hoped now. If i was manually tracking, it probably would work a lot better, but it is what it is. We’Ve learned this isn’t really perfect for rc, but it seems to work pretty well with people and wanting to walk around and kind of showing off.

You know the camera. You know or the car or if it works right, eat the other cars. So i think it’s a fun tool, but i don’t think it’s rc ready. I mean as far as the action tracking stuff. I think if you get some skilled hands that can keep track of a car pretty well, maybe a racetrack situation might be pretty cool but yeah so that’s. What i think of it! Thank you guys enjoy.