So, as you can see right here, we have the bandit uh. It comes with a 12 turn: 550 modified motor with a 21 tooth pinion gear and i’m. Pretty sure an 84 two spur gear. This is a brushed motor now ecu wise. We have the traxxas 2s xl5 ecu. It also supports nickel metal hydrate batteries for connectors. We have the traxxas id connectors. These are the trx ones for the battery. It has a traxxas power cell nickel, metal, hydrate, 3 000 milliamp hour 8.4 volt battery for reals. I find these ones wear out pretty fast. I bought a second pair. I have my bashing pair on right now. These are very good ones, but these are my little bashing burnout ones uh and they uh they don’t last long, but they’re very good, and it can do wheelies for the body uh if you’re doing some general bashing, just nice little driving, it’s great, you know i’ve, Not had any scratches or scuffs and i’ve crashed this thing a few times. This thing is very strong like if you crash it, chances are nothing’s gon na happen, like basically my only fatal accident i’ve had is. I did a drift basically and my front wheel, hooked into a curb and ripped out this um suspension arm right here. You see this thing that has the l on it. It ripped that out, but that was again max speed pull and i drifted and ripped out the i was surprised.

I thought i just ripped this clean off right. All of this, i just thought got ripped off, but it was only this tiny little bracket. So very good it’s got some nice uh. Not. I would like them a little more springy, but you know some nice little oil filled shocks. I think it’s a little too soft. I would like if they tightened it a little more from factory but it’s, pretty good. Now for the receiver box, it’s a three plug receiver box, so they got one plug open. If, in case, you want like a motor fan or anything to be attached on there, so that’s a nice little feature so modifications i’ve done it’s really nice, because they include a 31 tooth pinion gear that you can throw in here. So i just was said why not you will need a a 1.5 millimeter hex screwdriver and a little phillips head screwdriver now let’s talk about the steering servo for these wheels it’s perfectly good it’s. Very nice um it’s fast right, but if you want to throw some of these wheels on the front it doesn’t work, it doesn’t have the power so you’re going to need to upgrade the steering servo. If you want to do that handling wise this thing, um it’s it doesn’t, handle great the suspension’s a little too boldy uh, so it kind of just leans in and doesn’t turn too well at high speed. So you could always just uh sink her down a little bit and tighten up the springs, which i think i’m gon na do.

If i ever plan on upgrading it now for future upgrades, i think i’m gon na do a 4s or 3s ecu i’m going to throw in probably a 3s battery in there and uh yeah and then she’s gon na be quite a ripper. If i do want to do that, though, for the motor just to give it as much lifetime as i can get out of it, i’m gon na have to switch back down to a 21 tooth pinion gear, but you know it still will be faster. This thing does pretty sick wheelies, like it scrapes the back that’s how high a wheelie is it’s pretty insane and i’m, not sure if this actually does anything, but we got a nice little traxxas wing here in the box. They give you some nice little tools, don’t, mind just mind the gears and stuff i have here: uh that’s the broken bracket i was talking about earlier, but yeah. It comes with some nice little tools and a lot of extra body clips. This is really nice. I think the most useful tool so far on here is this uh wheel, remover. I guess you could call it, but i really would like to see some hex screws, maybe in the new models. Another thing i would prefer to be fixed is, i would move this thing out, maybe one inch more because then for head ons. If you have just a bit of angle, it’s useless like just a bit of angle and it will just shoot the wheel backwards right.

So if i i would move this out an inch, so it does more, but overall 10 out of 10 rc car. I really like it and it’s a great rc car to start out with there’s a whole bunch of spa like aftermarket parts, and you could mod it and make it faster than a vxl.