What is underneath of this beautiful, looking chevy body is the traxxas slash the one that we’re all used to seeing it’s got the lcg chassis and there are some other new parts on there that will cover, but the basis of this is the slash just like the Other companies in this market they basically took a platform that they had and fit it to be a ready, ready to run, drag car you’re now able to pull this out of the box and go in a straight line. As i mentioned, this is focused in no prep racing. Now, no prep doesn’t necessarily refer to the vehicle. In that type of racing, you can do a ton of things to the vehicle, and this traxxas slash will be no stranger to that as there’s already a huge amount of aftermarket based around a lot of the common parts used on this. But what no prep normally refers to is the race surface, meaning that it’s not prepped. With a sticky substance made specifically for drag racing, you go find a nice smooth piece of concrete or asphalt blow it off with your leaf. Blower and you’ve got a race track. That’S, all you need 132 foot of race area, followed by enough room to slow down safely. That is one tenth scale. No prep drag racing. Now, of course, the first thing you’re going to notice is the 1967 chevy c10 body that they chose for this and it’s a beautiful body.

It comes in a number of different color options. The one that showed up here for me is this red. The windows on this are just a black vinyl sticker, but the body is not short on scale, detail and realism. The front grille and bumper assembly is injection, molded, meaning they’re, hard plastic pieces made secondary and then attached to the lexan body. That adds a lot more realism than just stickers that you see on most bodies. It gives it some nice depth now that depth may not be perfect for aerodynamics, but as far as the curb appeal or sitting there in the hobby shop on the bench getting to take a look at this and see just how nice these parts are, it really Helps sell how nice this truck looks. It’S got functional light buckets for the headlights and turn signals up front. All of the pieces up front are in a black finish, so not chrome, just kind of a different custom look to the vehicle for the rear. You also have a molded rear. Bumper, no tail light buckets back there, but the rear wing is molded, not lexan, it’s common for wings that come with the aftermarket bodies or rtr bodies to be just another piece of molded lexan. This one. Actually, a piece of injection molded parts so should be a little bit more rigid. Maybe it’ll help with the aerodynamics, a little bit more being that it is rigid like that.

But we’ll see how that exactly affects this vehicle as we go rather than just having a big flat bed, it does have some depth with kind of a tubbed out. Look to it. The other details in the bed are just decals that are stuck on there, including a fuel cell and fuel line style decal. In the back finishing off the look of the vehicle we do have licensed mickey thompson, drag slicks in the rear, skinnies up front with that. Mickey thompson branding on them, of course, very scale, looks great. Those tires are mounted onto a black chrome style weld wheel. One thing to note on the tires specifically the rear tires is the extreme width of these stock tires. These are much wider than the stock tires or normal drag tires that you see there are some wider aftermarket options for tires, and i think that these probably are more closely aligned with them. These are definitely a super wide tire now we’ll see how the compound of these tires works out. In the end, these are a non belted tire, but they do state that they use a molded foam insert that should help control. The ballooning of these tires slightly more than a standard foam insert but again that’s something that we’ll have to see when we get it out on the track in the rear of this car. We’Ve got this very long and quite rigid wheelie bar a lot of the plastic wheelie bars that we’ve seen at this point, not super rigid and usually noticeably shorter than the one that comes on the drag slash here.

This is a nice long, wheelie bar it does come with two sizes of the wheelie bar wheels. This size that’s mounted on here currently and a smaller size. This is also an adjustable wheelie bar. It doesn’t come installed on the vehicle out of the box just because of the amount of length that it would add to that. So you do have to install four m3 screws to get it onto the vehicle and at that time you’re gon na have to choose which position you place the wheelie bar in. For me, i started with the second to the lowest setting and we’ll adjust from there, but let’s pull the body off and show you what’s. Underneath, first inside of the body, you can see the backing pieces for all of the injection molded parts in the front, including the grill light buckets bumper in the rear. You also have a little bit more of that here for the rear, bumper there’s a couple of pieces up in those bed corners and that’s to help attach the wing overall, the body is not light. The added molded details add to the weight of this body. All of that is in the name of style, so something that’s not going to improve the performance as far as the weight goes now underneath of the body, it is the traxxas lcg again, you know the platform you’ve seen the parts. This is not going to be a big surprise. For the most part, there is some differences and we’ll go over those the front bumper setup.

First is new to this vehicle: it’s molded and it’s, a nice foam bumper up tight, and it fits perfectly with the included body, as you would expect that foam bumper sits right behind the front, grille and bumper of the body, so everything is well supported. You are going to crash it’s gon na happen and with how tight this foam bumper is tucked up behind that body. It should help protect the body from folding around too much and causing other damage to it. So now this bumper is very close to those front wheels, so with all of the aftermarket body options that already exist, this should work with most of them. There shouldn’t be too many bodies that have less front overhang than what this bumper allows so should be in good shape, no matter what you decide to go with now getting to the rear of the vehicle, though we do have an updated transmission back here. The transmission case is new and now uses an aluminum motor plate. This is nice for fine tuning and adjusting the previous motor plate was molded plastic. The aluminum motor plate will make things a little bit easier to adjust. Plastic motor plates can be a little bit difficult with trying to move the screws from previous positions to new ones without them wanting to relocate back to their previous setting, and also the aluminum may give you a little bit of heat. Dissipation. Rexus has also added what they’re calling a torque control.

Slipper clutch they’ve also noted that it’s got a hardened top shaft, with a pressed on top gear. There shredding the top gear of a transmission in a drag car like this not uncommon. So hopefully, this is a beefed up version that will help take a little bit more power, even maybe beyond what the stock system will allow out of the box. This is advertised to have 500 000 weight. Diff fluids that weight fluid should give you kind of a nice middle ground to help you go straight off the line and stay straight when you’re on the big end of the track. Now, attaching that new transmission to these super wide mickey thompson tires are some new extreme duty drive shafts? You can see. These are a gray plastic they’re, a nice large size. Hopefully they take the rigors of high power launches from high traction surfaces now getting into the electronics that come with this vehicle. This is where traxxas has probably spent the most time, differentiating this between just another lcg, slash with a wheelie bar and a narrowed up suspension. What traxxas has brought out with this is their tsm or traxxas stability management system. Now they run that in many of their vehicles, but they’ve made some very specific adjustments to this vehicle and a radio that is specific to it as well. Now the traxxas tsm is basically a gyro system designed to try and keep you as straight as possible now for drag racing, even though it seems like just going straight would be easy it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially as you start, adding more and more Power now gyros are not allowed in competition in no prep but you’re trying to get your feet wet and kind of learn how the car takes power.

Things like that, it may make it a more enjoyable experience for you to leave it on now. As you grow your skills further, you can go to the other, setting that this system has, which is it, takes the traxxas stability management off under acceleration. So, as you accelerate all the way through the finish, then, when you let off the throttle, tsm becomes active again, allowing you to slow down under control to be able to return the car to you and while that may seem silly i’ve been to a ton of No prep drag racing events and a lot of the crashes happen after the finish line. You let go of the throttle and it just shifts the bias of the vehicle. Things get unsettled and the cars go tumbling. So this system is what traxxas came up with and we’ll see how that functions in actual practice or, finally, you could turn off the tsm completely and then you’re legal to go race in any no prep event. The 3500 kv traxxas valene system will accept 3s and 3500 on 3s. This car will scoot pretty good. Now you could start with a 2s and 2s is what is legal in competition. So if you want to decide to go that route 2s batteries is what you’re going to want to pick up. But if you’re just trying to make your new truck go as fast as possible out of the box, you can throw a 3s in there and let it rip today for my testing.

I am going to throw a 3s in here because that’s what i run the most – and this is an rtr vehicle – that we just want to see how it does and how fast it’ll go, how much fun we can have so that’s. What we’re going to do at the end of this video now, the other new innovation in combination with the radio receiver, and this vxl system is what traxxas is calling a trans brake and what this new traxxas trans brake system does. Is you push and hold the button on the radio here? It’S, not a switch like you’ve seen on other traxxas radios it’s an actual button, you press and hold the button, and then you pull the trigger to the level that you want to leave at for power. The vehicle will not be moving at this point, so you’ll set your throttle position, say: it’s 60, because you’re on a road that doesn’t have as much traction or maybe you’re on a super high traction area, and you want to give it a 100 throttle. So you hold that button and then, as soon as you’re ready to go all you do. Is you let go of the trans brake and the vehicle will take off at whatever speed you had set by the throttle? Now that may seem a little silly. You know why not just pull the trigger, but this is something that is common in no prep with other esc’s and radio settings.

There can be a delay with the amount of throttle that you have or how much throttle you’re, giving it off the line. This way you can really think about and set your throttle position before, leaving and then it’s just instant power at exactly where you wanted it. But beyond all else, this is atrax’s slash and while some people may have been expecting something different, something more. Who knows being a slash? Has its upsides parts? Availability is huge in all segments of our hobby and i don’t know if anything beats the availability of parts for traxxas slash, so not something to overlook with all that said, that’s just what it looks like on the bench and what it says on the box. Let’S, take it out on the street, see what it does before we hit the streets, though i am going to mount up my skyrc gnss. This is a little gps unit that records data and then ties into your phone, so you can actually see how you’re performing from one run to the next. It gives you your 132 foot time and your top speed, as well as a graph of your acceleration rate and your speed throughout the run super handy little piece to have. If you’re driving by yourself, it makes drag racing a lot more fun because you can see yourself get faster and have some actual data to compare. Definitely something i recommend i’ll link to it, as well as the slash and all the information on the slash in the description below as well.

Applause hold the button, pull the throttle and hold it there and then we’re gon na. Let go of the button wow once the steering trim was set straight. It was amazingly straight okay, i didn’t do a full 132 feet, but let’s uh open the app and see what what that did. It looks like our max acceleration on that was about 1g. I’D say that was probably like a 60 throttle, so let’s try that again, quick burnout, all right, we’re gon na do a little bit harder hit. We’Re gon na stay in it Applause about 80 throttle Applause. Oh there goes it on its lid first time, much better. Acceleration a little bit higher top speed before we ended up inevitably going on our roof, so not uh. The surface definitely doesn’t like to hold full traction but it’s scooting. We went ahead and christened the body we’re gon na do a low power leave and just try and ease into it. Music Applause. That time, you can see the blue line much more consistent speed, as i just tried to ease into it, but you can see our acceleration was up and down, as i was having to pedal the throttle, a lot left in it, and this surface is just super Poor, a good bit of heat in the tires this time, Applause, Music, this truck is an absolute blast to drive. Now again, i was driving with 3s, so that’s faster than it would be in a legal setup for no prep racing at a competition.

But if you’re just out there having fun by yourself – and you just want to try and make it go as fast as possible, then you could easily do the same thing. The road that i was on is not a super smooth road, just not an even pavement. As it was, i did a little bit of just blowing it off trying to get some of the gravel, but i did get a number of just nice straight and fast passes. This truck does like to carry the front wheels and it i mean it looks awesome. Going down the street, you can see the whole truck kind of pick itself up, carry the front wheels and just track straight as long as you put the power down in a way that it kept it going straight from the start. The trans brake function on the radio works perfectly and i actually really enjoyed it. How simple it was everything made sense. It worked well, it didn’t feel clumsy or anything like that, and if you were on a surface that could hold traction better off the line. I think that that would continue to be a tool that would make you more and more consistent and lets. You learn the car better and better. I didn’t do any setup on this car. I set the wheelie bar out of the box one time and just left it everything else from there i just drove now. You can see the scars on this rig already.

It took several trips down the road on its roof. It does appear that these tires do balloon up enough, so even to touch the inside of the body. I have some rub marks on the inside of these rear. Fenders not sure if that was during some sort of compression during impact or what it was, but they will grow enough to actually touch the body. But beyond that, the wear pattern on the tire at least seems pretty consistent. So it doesn’t seem to be too exaggerated, where you’re only running on a knife edge of those rear tires with practice and tuning in the right location. I think that this truck would continue to keep dropping time on the 132 feet, but as far as my first day with the drag slash, i call it a success. I had a lot of fun. I wasn’t ready to be done, but the sun was going down, and that was all the time that i had so with that hope. You guys enjoyed this if you did hit the like button subscribe, if you’re not already hit the notification bell, so you see the videos as soon as they get uploaded.