0 is not my car, not really. Sadly, since i’m, not a fan of it. It’S my buddies over here, his name’s parker roberts. You can check him out on youtube as young buck outdoors coming soon. Starting a channel soon go give him some support, but this is his car. How has it treated you um? So, to be honest, i like traxxas and then after i got this car, i it may be all fast and everything, but it just doesn’t does it’s not durable. Like i broke this like setting it off a snowbank stripped the strip, the plastic gear him running up a tree, hey um, backflip, what’s happening, oh that’s arrows broke, jumping it my servos servos stock, servos blue second time driving it put tactical servos in blue third time Driving it, and now we have this cheaper, ish servo in it it’s like uh. What? What gram is it a 35 it’s kg it’s, a pretty good servo? I mean budget, a single servo yeah. If you get one, i prefer switching it to single servo, so you don’t i’ll, leave the link in the description below until this servo pretty cheap and the car, but i mean overall, he runs a single battery in it single 3s yeah single 3s, which i think Is plenty of power with these cars? But if you want to like go a lot faster um, they do run up to 6s. Yes, so i i use a while ago, i’d run two 6s, but, like i kept on running out of battery yes yeah, two 3s and i kept on running out of battery so quick yeah, it was it wasn’t.

It was like really fast, like you, don’t need to be that fast yeah, but i do think that the armor creighton’s a bit better than this car, not only that i own mine, because i’m selling mine and he’s selling his we just we’re, going back to 10th Scale but um this car like this, like if there was not much plastic like the creighton, if it had all like aluminum chassis, shock, towers and like slimmer, like this it’s like real beefy yeah, but i mean i don’t. I haven’t really seen someone break attractive chassis, though no there’s a lot going on in the yeah and one other design. I do not like that. Traxxas does is like the shocks horizontal like that or vertical it’s, not horizontal that’s, horizontal that’s horizontal. I just i’m just not a fan of it. You know, but the only reason i really see with my creighton is the wing snaps right off all right, and i don’t know if this is just me, but it seems like all the every single one of these bolts strip, like that’s just traxxas so and then Also with this car, it comes with like the traxxas hookup, which i mean, i think, is nice. Once you get the hang of it, which, like you know, i don’t really own any traxxas cars it’s still like it’s pretty easy, but when you’re like sending it like it, pops up that’s like the only issue that’s, what the car looks like, hopefully, it’s on frame It’S it’s a cool looking car and it also comes with like the normal tqi, remote or whatever, and it um pops off real easy and the remote has like the wi fi.

So you can hook it up to like the little app he has not done it. I mean maybe we could experiment with it one day, but that’s really that’s, really all for this video all right. If you want to check it out, is it worth it? Do i uh for for like the 800 bucks, it costs plus batteries. Um, probably not. I think you should go with the creighton success if you want to go with the car like this, so you’ve heard it first to creighton, owner traxxas owner and realized creighton’s better.