Um super excited, enjoy the video let’s. Just take a quick look of the box. I’Ll tell you what traxxas really kills it with their box designs? I mean this just looks: sweet all right. I’M. Super excited to get this open, so let’s get started. Just got ta take off the wrapping all right. Let’S get this open. There is our traxxas fiesta s key all right! Let’S get this we’re gon na out to cut some zip ties, and here we are with the truck there’s that nice body, shell, i’ll, tell you what this body, shell is just sweet. So first things you have the nice traxxas tq 2.4 gigahertz remote. This is pretty similar to the tsm remote found in most of the top tier traxxas models, but this remote is very good. Has a very nice finish, and i really do like this remote moving on to the bag. We’Ve got our crit. Quick start guide looks like we have some standard basic rc tools: uh. We have shock spacers and um little plastic protector things to protect your body, because we also have some extra clips in there so just kind of standard stuff that comes with most rc models. Something get you going, let’s take a look at this truck, so first things. First, it has a very aggressive rally. Look to it! As you can see this body, i mean this body just looks sweet all the gray, blue red and all the skull decals on there.

I mean this body just looks sweet all right, so let’s get under the body show and see what’s all going on under here. Moving on to the inside of the truck, we have a very nice setup here very similar to what you would find in the slash stampede or rustler 4×4 um coming to the front we have these for one. These very very nice tires seem to get that they’re going to have lots of grip on off road and on road surfaces with this very nice foam bumper up here, that’s going to take nice blows from the body as the body does rest right. On top of that, it’s very nice swiveling pieces that’s just going to protect our body there with oil filled ultra shocks by traxxas, which seem to have lots of great suspension travel. Moving on to the center of this truck. We do have the slash, lcg, chassis and full waterproof electronics similar to ones you would find in all of the standard brushed traxxas models like the stampede or rustler and moving on to the back again, the these ultra oil filled shocks, which are very, very nice, like I said before this back bumper is definitely reinforced as far as batteries on this car, you can run either a 2 cell lipo battery or a nymph. Putting in the battery on this car is very easy, as it has a very like easy detachable thing. You just simply take off that piece slide that battery back in there get this plastic piece right up back in there and then just shove.

It right back down there and it’s in there very snugly, all we’re gon na need to do to get this. One running is snip off that traxxas, connector and solder on the xt90. All right let’s get that all soldered up all right. We’Ve got our piece coming in at around 300. This car is almost ready to run with the exception of a lipo battery or nymph and in charger. Luckily, i’ve already got those, so i think let’s. I think, it’s time to get this car running Music. All right guys hope you enjoyed that little montage. I wish we had time to make a better video, but unfortunately we ran out of time. I highly recommend this car as it’s cheap, powerful and has very high upgrade potential it’s, also really easy to work on as it’s part of the slash platform and uh. Overall, this car has just been a blast to drive and i can’t wait to get some upgrades on it all right guys if you want uh this x05 motor and esd combo just visit our instagram right here completely free we’ve got a new system coming in very Soon so enter on our instagram and we’ll reach out to you all right guys. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to leave a like and subscribe. We have a ton, a ton of upgrades coming for this car soon, so make sure you hit the bell.