This is a brushed four wheel, drive rally car heres the front of the box here on the back guys, it shows another shot of the car, a side view, and we also get a shot here of the tq 2.4 gigahertz radio system. It does come with a waterproof, uh, esc and motor its a xl5 esc and a titan 12t 550 motor here on this side of the box. Guys it just gives you a shot of what comes in the box. You get the ford fiesta, st rally ready to drive or the titan 12 t550 motor. You get the tq 2.4 gigahertz radio system, the xl 5 waterproof electronic speed, control, quick, start guide and a tool set. So enough top guys lets go ahead and crack this box open and see whats inside im always bad guys about opening these boxes the wrong way upside down, and here we go all right guys. So this is how your kit will look when you open the box. It looks like the car is mounted here with some uh straps, underneath we got to cut off here. You got your parts. Bag here looks like some shock spacers some body clips, your instruction manual, and one of the main reasons guys i had to have this kit is because i really like the body on this rally. Car all right guys well go ahead and take a look at the radio, pretty basic, more basic than your average tqi radio.

We only have one dial here and thats for the steering trim and you do have a set button up here. Nice foam wheel, typical of what traxxas has to offer, with their radios four double as nothing really exciting there. So lets go ahead and take the body off guys and take a look at the chassis, alright guys it looks like youre. A typical slash body here looks like we have a lcg chassis here, a nice foam uh bumper here in the front and our uh bumper here in the back, give you guys a close up shot here of the inside of the chassis heres, our uh 12t 550. Can our xl5 esc our receiver? Our servo looks like we have a plastic drive shaft here in the center. This is where you put your battery. We are going to run 2s for the maiden run with the stock electronics, and then i do have plan guys to replace the stock electronics with our uh vxl system. Here that i got laying around so after we run the maiden just to see how it performs with the stock electronics were going to throw in the uh vxl system. I like the wheels guys they got a nice compound on them. Looks like theyd be good for off road and on road, and possibly the dirt looks like i do pretty good in the dirt. I, like the rims too guys, looks like we have adjustable front and rear uh body mounts and, of course we have our uh side guards here.

Suspension feels good out of the box, so yeah guys im real excited to get this out on the road back in the day guys they did used to sell the uh rally car with a vxl system uh. For some reason, i guess they dont do that anymore and i usually dont buy brushed uh kits, but i just had to pick this one up guys because i just love the way the body looks: ive never owned a rally car and this ones been kind of Hard to get on a main – and i saw it online that they had it back in stock, so i just had to pick one up guys, thats all i got for this video. I appreciate you watching if you like what we do here on the channel guys make sure to like comment and subscribe. It really helps me out.