This is a 118 scale car. As you can see. I have two of them here because I love them so much so it’s a ready to race model. So there are two types of remote control cars: you have the kit car, which we have to build an assemble, and then you have the ready to race or what they call in the RC world, RT R, which means ready to race. So these come right out of the box pretty much ready to race. All you have to do is charge the batteries and you’re good to go. The electrics rally RC cars are designed for people 40 years and over the chassis, it’s, a plastic chassis. What I will do is open one of these up and show you the innards but it’s a very, very fun RC car, it retails for around 150 dollars, so you know pretty low cost for a pretty decent, remote control vehicle. Now these cars are all new drive. All four wheels do turn, which is really nice, and these cars are shaft driven, so you have shaft and belt driven in the RC world, and you know what they are waterproof. So these are fun when you race these outdoors, they can go through puddles. I mean they’re rally cars right, so you can go to dirt, you know so you can actually have you know simulated 13th and water outdoors and you can get these pretty dirty. So it is a 118 scale.

So if you multiply the size of these by 18, you will get a full sized rally car just just being funny but yeah. There are 118, the size 118 scale, so the length it’s about ten point four inches and the wheelbase and 2n is about six point. Five inches and the radius, as you can see that pardon there the trigger type anybody familiar with these. You know very familiar of form, factor for controllers and it’s, very, very simple design, and these are 2.4 gigahertz. Now these are two channel. So good thing is, you can run two of them at the same time and it’s perfect for racing, so let’s look inside one of these bad boys and take a closer look. So the covers are actually a nice plastic coverage, so you can actually take these off and you can actually bite these plane, so you can paint them and do whatever we want, but the the stock design looks very nice. I think – and I know I got a red one and a green one – they also come in blue and they come in yellow as well. So there are these little clips at the front on the bottom on the hood two clips, so you just kick them out. Just pull them out for your hand, no tools required for that and then comes right off. Oh and then there is also two tips on the top in the back here on the roof so I’m just going to take those off as well.

Now how many clips like these is perfect, because when you’re erasing and you want to change the battery, you don’t need any tools so unscrew to take the top off, beat us on clip before clips and the top comes off like that and, as you can see, It’S, just plastic, so looky here, let’s zoom in a bit closer. So here we have the chassis of the the tracks rally. Car, as you can see here here, is the I call us a central control unit, the heatsink, alright, and then it has. These leads that come out here that connect to the battery and the wheels here, they’re, rubber and they’re. Actually, the inside is actually it’s hollow on the inside, so it’s really good when it comes to springiness and all around suspension, which is nice as well. I just love the look at these wheels that pretty cool so what else? Yes, so to get access to the battery there’s a clip on this side here take the clip out. This piece comes off and it comes with a five cell battery. So this is a six volt nickel metal hydride and it’s a five cell battery. So this gives you six volts, so you get previous two speeds. I believe you can get this going up to about 70 miles an hour one, seven on a five cell battery. You can also get there’s a six cell variant to this, which gives you seven point two volts which gives you a bit more speed and it’s the battery.

So, as I said, the length is about from end to end here, it’s a ten point, four inches here: wheelbase n2n in 6.5 inches so with the battery right with the battery inside this whole thing weighs about about nineteen and a half ounces with the battery right Want you to know that now I got the motive that this comes with it’s a brushed motor it’s, not brushless. So what I love about? Brushless motors, you get a lot more speed. Trust me a lot more speed um, but with the brushed motor you get these the speed as well. I mean 17 miles an hour, especially if you’re new to the RC world, and you want a nice test vehicle to to really know sink your teeth into and really get used to driving before you go faster models. This model is perfect for you all right. I mean you see it’s it’s designed for kids 14 and over. So you know this is a good start of you. This particular motor it’s a brushed motor right, and this is the 370 model, so the 370 brush model and the speed controller which to this as you can see, it’s it’s waterproof because it’s fully encased and because it’s waterproof, you can run this through order. Nice yippee um, so there is a low voltage cutoff, so just for you RC, but um veterans out there. You know what I mean by that now the differentials there’s a front and rear differential.

You look closely there’s one back then front front and rear differentials and, as you can see when I turn this way, the wheel on the cycle is opposite way. He’S proving that I have a rear differential and, as you can see here, of a front friendship right and drive, shafts there’s a front and rear actually parallel on the site, the drive shaft that goes along the middle, a little silver thing: yeah right, that’s, the drive Shaft right so there’s a front rear Universal drive. Shaft. Now the shocks are oil lifts, so you don’t have to oil. These it just pretty much springs right here. If you look the shocks of the back and the front – and here you have a nice full barrier to protect Chris trust me you’re, going to crash this all over the place, so you at least have some protection and what I love about the chassis itself, it’s Just plastic and it’s uh: it feels like welcomers plastic and that can take a lot of bumps and scratches and it’s designed to do that right and, as you can see, I already have any scratches on this, because this is pretty pretty pretty much brand new. I drove it once when I got out the box. I drove for like 10 minutes and then I just been so busy ever since, but I really plan to do a couple things I’m gon na there is a kit I’m, not sure gon na have a link on the bottom.

This website. Oh sorry, a link at the bottom of this video we can get one of these I’m also gon na have links to the brushed brushless motor which you can get for this it’s a kit to really get to see to go them faster um. If you’re interested and in all the parts and stuff I will have links at the bottom of this page for all the parts for this as well in case you already have one of these and you want to get some parts. So the bearings somebody that’s me with the bearings so the bearings – and this are actually plastic bushings – that are the bearings and the wheels so that’s good to know, and these tires are slicks, um and they are hollow on the inside. So that gives it an extraneous and you get good traction and on a good day, if you really do it properly, you can actually drift these as well, so that so, of course, in one of my other videos, I’m going to show you me driving this and Some fun so that’s that’s good to know as well: cars, retail for 149 dollars and 97 cents, so let’s round it up. So you get yourself one of these for 150 US dollars, it’s a really nice car, shaking it shaking the camera. So they’re a couple competing vehicles that compete against this. I know a couple. I know two of them that come to mind.

One is the HP I micro, rs4 and there’s another one called the team associated apex mini touring car that are in the same category as this, but what I like about this is that I just like the look of this this, the top that this car uses It’S, a really cool top and to be honest to you, what I like too, that you can do exchange the parts you can get faster motors and put a bigger battery in this thing and it’s ready to race, and you know: it’s ready, good controller, so yeah And hey it’s waterproof, you can drive this from. You can drive this through dirt water, you name it. You know and make a true rally vehicle right now again: the control it’s, a 2.4 gigahertz controller and there’s a steering, trim knob here this steering wheel has a rubberized exterior, which is good for grip. Obviously, and as you can see, you know it automatically corrects back to center, so it’s good, for you know position steering here we have the accelerometer triggered hair for front forward and reverse, and at the top here, there’s a little red button here which is used for For setting all right, we’ll set them right here at all, and what else is on this it’s very severe II, simple design, I mean it’s, a low end, low cost, RC vehicle that’s great for beginners, and you know for 150. The fact that you can change up your parts, the bigger motor in there you know you can put a brushless motor in this thing and there are kits for this particular model where you can just pretty much.

Take this one out and pull the other one back in and then you’re gon na rid a battery. It comes with a five cell battery could put a six cell in there seven point two volts and get more speed. So this little bad boy of the box, a you know, top speeds, I’ve actually tested it’s around seventeen miles an hour which is pretty decent and it’s it’s a fun car to drive because you can drive it through water, dirt and exhale, because all the electronics are You know sealed and all the drive, direct drive, drive, shaft, driven and front and rear differentials, hey it’s, it’s, a fun fun toy, so attracts us done a really good job with this little vehicle so like in all my videos, people that want to get access to These things I always have links at the bottom of my face. Amazon is a great great place to buy these products because you always have some type of discount so go click the link at the bottom. I have links to all your parts and stuff, and I have links to the motor kit that you can get upgrade to get this to go way faster than 17 miles an hour alright. So so I will do another video shortly where I will take this outdoors and drive the snot out of this car. So I should be fun okay, so until then, you guys have fun I’m signing off from Richie’s gaming gadgets and gizmos.