So i it’s a 4s just 60 miles an hour plus all wheel drive and i got the new body, the solar flare edition. So, actually, i believe here it tells you which version it is so let’s go ahead: Music, opening, a new toy that uh, you really. You know like it’s sad, i wake up and i can’t even think about anything but playing outside. Oh that is nice. Super nice! Well, i’ll be that is significantly smaller than my x maxx of obviously, but i just really didn’t think too much about the difference. We got like some battery foam there, a tool that hit the tire off and some more allen, wrenches and stuff you’re gon na need. So yeah let’s go ahead and take this off that’s. So tiny, like you, have no clue like this right here this little like thing. Ah i’m, like a little kid, this is so exciting, it’s! Okay, you know when i talk about how small this little thing is. This is the x maxx. This is my x maxx body like it’s, so tiny it’s, so tiny it’s, not really tiny, but it’s, nowhere near as big so it’s so cute. I love it. I can only imagine like a rustler um, how that’s actually like i know this is the x max is 20 pounds without batteries, and this is 10 pounds without batteries. So wow i mean obviously that’s, not half the but anyways. I got i couldn’t decide between the hots or the max, and i ultimately went with the max because my battery has 4s from it, but um.

I think an issue is going to be that it may not fit in this switch people are going to be screaming at me. How does this work on here? I don’t know how this one works, but i don’t think that battery’s gon na work so i’m, probably gon na – need a different one, but in fact i know i’m going to any difference on the website. It only supports the 5000, but the exciting thing is: i can get two five thousands and i i think this is gon na be more fun, sometimes because i can just put one battery in it and go outside and it’s gon na be a lot lighter um To carry around um and then, if i get two batteries, i have twice the runtime um and if i need to use those batteries in my x max, i can use the two 5000s in there so there’s just something about taking a virgin battery and plugging it. In for the first time into something that’s let’s say not so virgin and seen many different shapes and sizes, and done it many many many times versus this guy who’s never done it before and is now being inserted in on the charge button pressed and now we Can see that it’s getting its first charge? Oh, i crank myself up. I don’t know how this contraption works yet, so that clearly does something with it going down, but does this just oh got it? Okay, i will order a battery.

This is my tiny little three cell that goes in my mini e revo, so you can just put that in here. So i can go for long at all like this, but i want to get it to turn on. Is it going to take the battery? Okay? Obviously, that’s not the recommended thing and it’s not going to hold it in very well, but i wanted to turn it on. So we have the receiver right here. I know that it said 5000 ml powers with the biggest one you could put in here. I was just like i have the 6700s. I want to try and now i have so many of these remotes one for my xbox one from mini revo and one for this. So i’m gon na have to start like labeling them, but uh turn on the receiver. Uh should be a button on the truck like the yep right down here. There is a button and all the fans kick on: okay, um, so that still moves um okay, 3s. Probably last like two minutes, though wow if that’s 3s, i can only imagine 4s let’s uh, the clipless body is so cool. This is the best part about traxxas, you literally effortlessly. Well, this is pushed down, so i need to have it up. I know i’m saying that, but it really is effortless right now: i’m, not showing that, though oh my gosh. What is wrong anyways, so let’s. Take a look in here.

We’Ve got the same: xmax servo uh, my servo died nine days after having my truck and my x max. So i don’t assume this one’s gon na last. Very long, so i’ll be putting an 80 95 x in there. The metal servo uh. As soon as it goes out, it looks like it’s going to be easier to change. Just pull these up and you don’t the whole truck apart to get to it. Get a fan on your esc fan on your motor that’s, your receiver box and it’s. Pretty simple! Actually so let’s not make this look hard. The only thing is actually it’s a little bit harder with a smart truck because everything’s so small, oh, oh, you know what i am dumb dumb. You did not see that the willy part is the rear end. You totally did not see me try to do it that way, it’s a bright little light right there, okay, so you effortlessly! So you make sure that goes underneath that and you push that down and you lock it super super easy that looks so good. Oh, my gosh it’s, so much lighter. Obviously oh i can’t wait for tomorrow. Um yeah so get the 5000 ml powers. You can’t use your x max batteries in this guy, but you can take your 4s 5000 millibar batteries that you buy for this guy and use it in your x, maxx, so that’s a nice side. So, oh it comes with a skid plate for the roof too.

Oh man, this thing is so nice, i just i just love it all right, so i hit low voltage and to see just how long it takes me to turn it off. Pull the battery out. Just like this. Take the old battery out put the new battery in clip it all in put the connectors on power it up and put the body if you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up if you’re new to my channel please subscribe. This is what josh do and i’m out and if comments are disabled it’s, not my fault it’s, not something i did it’s something youtube did so please reach me on twitter or instagram.