Once again, we added another review on another one of my little babies that i got for y’all. This is the traxxas max um. Just got this a few days ago wanted to share with you guys i already took it out the box. I already got it dirty uh. I already enjoyed myself with it. Awesome awesome truck i’m. Talking about this truck, you take it out. The box install the batteries in this turn on that control and off you go, you could do whatever you could think of. With this truck, i mean when you talk about the x max and how hard you could go on with that car, and then you take out this little monster right here. You could go just as hard. I mean this car is like a total beast. When you take it out the box, i wanted to share with you uh what this car um pretty much comes with. Um, i got the red edition. They are six different body types, six different body, types that you have, the green and blue. You got the the black and blue, you have the orange and blue um. Of course you got the red one like i just showed you guys, and then you got these nice little color schemes that are, i think, fairly new. You have the yellow format. Looking like truck, and then you got the other kind of rock and roll kind of style body both of these are like kind of rock and roll kind of style bodies, but i’m not mistaken.

I don’t know if that’s what you would call them um, but yeah um. This car is a complete, complete joy to ride um. Let me tell you what this is capable of. This is capable of six feet miles per hour, running on 4s right now, um i’m. Actually, waiting on some connectors to come in um because i haven’t been able to run it on 4s. I got it on 3s right now and just on 3s, that is, is a wheeling monster uh. It is just insane just on 3s it’s, probably because of the high c rating that i got running on it, which i’ll eventually end up showing you guys, but just to keep it moving um. This thing is again: this 3ds support is capable um. It has a self righting feature which is pretty neat. It has that clipless body mounting – which i think is awesome – that arm that that i’m, sorry, that traxxas was able to stay with that design. Um the clips man, they didn’t kind of play it out man. I i ain’t even gon na lie to it it’s it’s so good to actually uh be able to uh put a body on the car. Take the body off with just you know, just adjusting the clip you know, but when you have all four clips it’s becoming a little bit played out but yeah. So this has the same mounting clipless, mounting system that the um uh x maxx has the uh new uh e revo 2.

0. Has the new uh uh rustler two point: uh, the new rustler has um yeah and hopefully they’ll stay with that design. I think it’s a great comfortable design for the car. It makes it look a little bit more appealing than having those clips flapping all over the place, so yeah it’s working for traxxas when it comes down to that um. What else i can tell you guys this has a 2400 uh kv brushless motor um. It also comes with the 16.8 volts on the esc. Um, the esc is a 4s millennium power um. It also has, with a 20 90 uh uh um servo, steering servo, so there’s plenty of power coming out of this baby right here, plenty of power, guys um. Let me go ahead and uh, and also you also have the actual tq uh radio, which i’ll be showing you guys, which you got, that uh 2.4 gigahertz radio, which you guys are very familiar with um just figured out through that in, and it also has that Uh traxxas link enabled when you buy that extra part in there and put it in there, and then you use it in your smartphone and you can get all that telemetry stuff and all that good stuff. I i i don’t get into all of that stuff. Whatever i just want to go ahead and ride my car and not worry about all these extra features that it has, but you have all that all in one package guys um.

We also comes with um, of course, as you guys know, it also comes with the manual to break down. You know the specs and the features and all that good stuff that you got to know about it comes with some allen keys, as traxxas always is kind enough to provide us with some. You know extra little tools. You know what i mean to work on our cars or whatnot, um and yeah. So now just uh no further ado, let me show you up the baby right here. This is it guys this is it, and this is that cl uh clipless technology that traxxas decided to stick with has a the willy bar, which i think is awesome because again, like i said earlier, there’s a wheelie monster. You know what i mean you hit that that throttle, and that thing is, is going to take off on y’all the these soft tires all terrain tires. I mean i wrote it on everything grass uh sand on the road um on everything and – and these things are just awesome – awesome tires. It has this nice. The shocks are awesome. Everything is perfectly made um on your body, as you can see it has. So you can keep that body on just in case you flip it over. They have these little clips here um. I know i wouldn’t call them clips, but it has these little um, uh kind of like washers, that mold perfectly right in the body.

You know for the uh for the screws um, it has the plastic up here to protect it when it rolls over, and also this this is made was designed for a purpose. So when you flip the car over, you click that button on your control and it has that self writing system where you know, it’ll start going back and forth. It’Ll flip right back over so um. But let me show you guys the interior of it. So i don’t bore y’all more with what i’m talking about, and here it is guys right now i got it running with some cnhl’s 120 c, 56, 100 mah batteries and that’s. What i’m talking about this thing on 3s, with these batteries 120c, this thing is a monster guys um. So honestly, i i again, i got a 4s battery but i’m waiting on the connectors i’ll. Let you guys know the outcome of how that goes. Um i’m. Also going to be showing you guys a video, a running video of this thing, eventually um, i did earlier video on my udr i’m, going to eventually also show you guys a running video of the udr but um. This is what i’m running with right now guys. The 5600 120c 3s batteries um, as you can see, there’s not much you got include once you buy it. It comes basically with everything you need. The esc fan already integrated onto the esc, it has a heat sink on the motor and it has a cooling fan.

I mean everything that you would need to keep your car functional to keep your car safe from overheating. Traxxas already done the thing for y’all, you know so so everything is was perfectly made for a basher of this kind. I mean look at the shocks, the shocks, adjustable shocks, um everything everything is well designed. I got ta, give props props to uh traxxas yeah. You got ta get credit where credit is due guys. I i don’t care what what what your favorite brand is. When a company listens to its consumers, when it considers your opinion um, and it sees the kind of value that you’re looking for in a design or in a car – and they put it all together – it’s different to put it on print, you know drawing it talking About it, but it’s different to actually come with a plan and actually following through and designing something like this i’m telling you guys i’m i’m i’m super psyched about this. The reason being is because i’m, a big fan of the x men, i think, honestly, regardless of again i love my armor i’m, a big fan of armor, but whenever a company listens to his consumers and design something well, you got to get promised to it. Come on, we we can’t hate, like that. You know what i mean so so i’m, like i always said, i’m gon na keep it real with y’all. You know what i’m saying i’m gon na tell y’all what’s, looking crazy what’s, not functioning right.

You know i’m gon na keep it real with y’all and i’m gon na tell y’all. They followed the same, pretty format that they did on the x max and and and i’ll be honest with y’all to me, x, mas, is still king of the hill. You know what i mean x, mas to me is still up there and there ain’t, no other truck that that that has been produced or made right now that that has knocked x, maxx out i’m. Sorry, you know what i mean i and that’s just my opinion. Other people might disagree, other people say oh no, this this other truck is doing better or this other car is better. My opinion x, mas, is still key. They went ahead and created the smaller version of it and they created this little monster here and i have absolutely no complaints whatsoever from this design. This design works easy to work with everything is here. What is easy super easy to work on i mean you can’t. Ask for more as a consumer, um and and again you know, it’s well, designed um. I did. On top of that, just wanted to add um. I ended up going the extra mile. I am going to buy the light kit. Eventually, i got that on order which i am going to get um for this um, but i also um decided to purchase the wide max kit um. I did hear uh people talk about, and i think was my boy gap which i didn’t think about this um.

Until he mentioned it on one of the uh on one of the chats that we had on live on on youtube that he has with coach d with true boys, um, and one thing he did mention – was that when he first purchased his um max um, he Later had to purchase the wide max kit – and you know it as a consumer you’re kind of bothered, because i believe that it takes two years – i think that’s, what gap said um and i hope i’m actually um saying this right – that it takes two years for A company to produce something so they went ahead and decided let’s bring out the max, knowing that the consumer would eventually want to widen their trucks because they don’t want to constantly have the car flip over. So eventually, you know: um consumers were eventually gon na have to go ahead and purchase this y kid or whatever. So they had it all in you know, and they thought already and they minds that you know. Let me let’s take out the truck and they come out and and take out more bread from the people and make more money from the people when they already had this already um in production. You know what i mean so so you know, unfortunately, it wasn’t that expensive um. I believe it was uh fifty dollars. Um. I’M. Sorry, i said unfortunately, but fortunately it wasn’t expensive um. It was only fifty dollars and um, but it should have came.

This car should have came with the kit. You know what i mean. Why produce something, and then a couple months later or whatever the case might have been come out with a kid. You know what i’m saying just you should have just traxxas. You should have just came out with the kid all together on the truck and sold it like that. I mean if you had a hype up to you, know jack up the price. You know 50 more dollars, 60, more or whatever, like you did with the udr that you added the like kid and you boosted up the price a little bit more that’s what you should have done. You know what i mean, but to come out with the foolishness of bringing out the car and then a couple months later. You want to go ahead and persuade people to go ahead and grab the the y kid. You know what i’m saying so your car don’t flip over as often come on man that that that’s just ain’t cool, you know what i’m saying, but again they came out with it. I went ahead and bought the kit. I’M gon na definitely install it soon. Um. I know um some of my boys um on ig they’ve asked me already. If i notice any difference, you know, would there be any difference as far as i know, um, if i install the wide kit on the uh on the max, so i already tried it, as is i already beat it up already, as is i am gon na Put the white kid and now and i’m gon na you know see if there is a difference, you know what i mean from what i’ve seen on other youtube channels.

It does prevent the car from flipping there’s a little more control on your maneuvering when you’re turning um it’s it’s a less likely to to flip on you. So you know. Hopefully i get the same result. You know what i mean. Hopefully i just ain’t throw away 50 for no reason. You know what i’m saying but uh but we’ll see about that, but again guys it’s a hell of a truck the fact that i had to go off on traxxas there for a minute for doing that. You know what i’m saying i mean come on, but it is what it is and and, and the truck is a great truck. I love it again. It’S it’s a it is. It says that it’s a 110 scale. My opinion is a little larger than 110. It could be like maybe one eight one, nine or what not, if there isn’t such a thing, but uh but it’s a little bit larger than a 110, because i do have two stampedes. Actually i have one now i sold one um and this this. This is not the size of a stampede, absolutely not! You know what i mean so um, but yeah guys. I wanted to share this with you guys, as you can see, has a nice bumper that’s going to be replaced when i get the light kit, um it’s, again it’s a great truck it’s, something that you just grab your batteries, plug that’s up in and go, and You can do whatever you want with it, wherever you want it’s, that type of truck it’s that fun to ride it’s, really that fun to ride so guys again, please subscribe.

Please like put a comment down there voice your opinion. Let me know what you guys think and uh i’ll continue to do my best to bring some. You know, watchable content, for you guys to actually enjoy again. I appreciate your time. Um, god bless you guys, as always i’m very thankful for each and every one of you guys that tune in to watch.