This is what i think is one of the best rc vehicles. Traxxas has ever made. Are you ready Music, my Music Music? Oh so here it is the traxxas max the little brother of the x max the legendary x, maxx and i’ve, been playing with it. I’Ve been so impressed that i’m prepared to say that it’s, probably better than the x max and it’s, probably better than anything traxxas has built before it is crazy. So let me get to it 550 bucks 10 scale basher all arounder. It can do 60 miles an hour and it is about a 10 and a half pound vehicle. The x max is a about a 20 pound vehicle, a thousand bucks for that thing, and as good as that one is it’s all. It always makes our 10 best list. I think this is even better and the reason is it. This is faster 60 miles an hour instead of 50. It you can use it in more places. It it’s going to end up to be more durable and maybe a lot more uh, definitely more bang for the buck and more opportunities for fun. So let me get to it and by the way, hang on to our exciting running video, maybe i’ll put it somewhere in the middle because it is so cool i’ve never had so much fun with a vehicle like this. So here we go. What makes it special? The the tires are awesome uh such the perfect size, good sized rubber.

It has an adapter here, so you can put a uh different kind of tires kind of the the the one with the with a little hole, but also eight scale tires, because this blue thing is an adapter that you can take out and what’s left. Is that hole that all hkl vehicles use? Okay, the bumpers are so cool because they have this big spring on front and rear, so they do are designed to take hits there’s. Also, an armor outside that’s really functional because it it it is met with an armor inside but here’s where it gets really cool guys. The uh, the wheelie bar you’ve, seen really bars before right, but this wheelie bar is special. So when it hits it has give it has about, you know, i don’t know 10 millimeters of play, and then it stops rests on the bumper and then boom and that, let me tell you makes all the difference. Okay, now we’re gon na get to an even cooler part, which is no body mounts. So you twist this thing on the on the rear, open it up and then lift, and then it is there’s a catch here that goes like that and then you’re off. So there you go and it is so cool because no body clips, but really uh one level operation and the real only trick is when you’re putting it in you have to you have to get it in there and slide it forward.

Okay, so that’s the body and here here’s the magic you guys ready boom so here’s. What makes this vehicle special? It is basically the x max engineering, the 20 pound vehicle. I don’t know fifth sixth scale, seven scale and it’s put on a tenth scale, so it has all the workings of the big heavy beast, but in a smaller scale, so it’s going to be pretty darn hard to break this everything they learned here. I think they they uh, they got it going here. So here is the servo check out that servo they didn’t even bother to change the servo, so that’s the x max servo identical about 300 ounces, and i think something that makes this thing really special. Are the shock mounts you know? No longer, do you have towers basically it’s part of the chassis and so there’s no way to break it? I don’t think i don’t think so, and these things are stronger than steel because they have give if this was a solid built, aluminum it’s still gon na break something because you want to absorb the shock. You want the energy to go somewhere when you go from three stories: high pile drive into the ground, okay, so, and also these uh. These shock towers serve as a dirt shield in all, are playing this thing. This thing didn’t get too dirty and then this battery mount is super cool because it’s tool, free boom, uh, it’s, really cool and then there’s.

This little other thing here that if you have a bigger battery, try this blind that there you go. You take out a spacer and you are in business so 3s now ready for 4s forest vehicle by the way, they’ll change that traxxas plug. So they have some special engineering. You know they have a skeleton here they have they had. They said they had an offset drive shot spline. Whatever what happens is this thing is really smooth under power? More than anything, i’ve ever tried it’s. So crazy and you’ll see this in a running video, but everything is structured. Has a exoskeleton has sliders the body slides in here just never seen anything like it really. You know when the slash was introduced about 20 years ago. I got going on it. It was so good that it revolutionized the hobby. The only problem is, i come back to the hobby 20 years later. The slash is still the same. It was so hard to improve and i think what they were able to improve. Is this new set of vehicles what they learned on the slash and the other vehicles they put in here, and even the trx4 trx4 hasn’t really moved in four years, so this is. This is the new stuff, so big, big stuff, big esc, motor’s, not that big but big fan big servo, so super cool um. What else before i get you to the running video? The shocks shocks are unreal boom.

When you see a lot, i watch a lot of review videos on this. They just kept dropping it because it takes hits like no other thing out there. I don’t know how big these shocks are. Uh. These are definitely as big as some eight scale vehicles that i’ve seen where’s my uh, my creighton doesn’t even have shocks this big, but it is so smooth. Uh vented tires so driving it here’s here’s a before i get the running video what’s cool about. It is when you drive it, it is so controllable. It is smooth on on the get on the get up. The drivetrain doesn’t make a lot of noise on 2s3s and then, but at speed at full power it just release. It goes crazy, but it’s controllable. You know it’s not like even the creighton’s hard to control. The thing is is like i had a mojave, which is my favorite vehicle trying to chase this, and the mojave thought that this was on a wheelie half the time, it’s so crazy. So a lot of fun, you know you could just have a little a little dirt mound. You can even be just flat and you’ll have a lot of fun. With this, the stability control tsm really comes to play, it’s adjustable with a multi function. Knob and you know you’re going full speed, you you, you turn the thing you could see it working. You know it’s not going to allow you to flip it over it’s just going to stabilize it like this, but it is going to turn.

You know when that, when the physics are right, it is going to turn so you’ll see a lot of video it’s like changing direction at full speed and it’s. Because of how stable this vehicle is. So there you go hope you enjoyed that really check out that running video 550 bucks and it’s actually in stock right now, that’s why i was able to get it and click on our links in our description. It will help our channel out a lot more content. Like this, i don’t know we we’re upgraders and modders, but i don’t exactly know how to mod this thing: it’s pretty darn good. Let me put in that super 4s, 60 mile, an hour gearing and all that jazz. Alright thanks a ton Music, Music and your heart makes no sound Applause. He’Ll always be my night sky.