Why look at this? You can't do this with an on road car. Your honor car looks pretty, but it doesn't do anything we're reviewing the Traxxas max to see if this little french bulldog and its proportions can match up to the legendary t max Emax, all the maxes, you can imagine Music, I'm gon na start this off by making Fun of the name Traxxas max. It feels like it's missing a vowel like Vanna didn't, flip it around and you're just waiting to solve the puzzle. But the real problem to me was when you, google, the word max this truck isn't gon na pop up y. You have like 20 million years of tracks as T max on the internet, which causes a problem for searching anything. I guess maybe, if you use Yahoo or something that's, never good anything before Google Yahoo Yahoo, Google, which one works better I'll put down my dumb Google search problems so now, let's, look at the chassis. This to me looks like a bulldog, but not a big bulldog. A little one, which is why I referenced the french bulldog, because it's smaller everything's, jammed into this potato sized chassis, which is a plastic tub still modular, still comes apart and still tracks as tough. But to me when I opened it, I was a little underwhelmed than the size and maybe it's just proportions and that's. Why you see people immediately putting a wide arm kit on it? Do you need it absolutely not, but the chassis itself is a somewhat xmax design.

Just shrunken down put it in the dryer and melted it down takes up two 4s. You do have to remove some padding to put the 4s back in there. I guess that's a problem for some, I guess might be, but it was really easy and then I don't recommend this with anything less than the full power at this point, because why? Why put less power in when you have to buy a battery anyway? Unless you have a battery, you can use 3s but use the 4s. It goes freakin 55 miles an hour out of the box. It'S insane. Do people still know what body clips even are well, this truck doesn't use them. So if you didn't, you don't know what they are: the batteries quick release it snaps in, like I said, depending on the width of the pack, you will have to change the padding in there just make sure it's in there secure not bouncing around. You can see the plastic Center backbone down the middle and those weird tags on all the plugs that are like song, underwear with a 12 foot tag on it. I don't know why they sell stuff like that, but it's there let's talk about drivetrain, you're gon na need a metal drivetrain, and this has it in all the spots it's, the Revo 2.0. I don't is that relevant either I don't know, but what it means. You'Ve got metal gears and sort of a torque vectoring differential that locks up under load it's metal everywhere, except for that plastic spur gear.

It does have tracks as his cush bro slipper pad setup. It'S not really a slipper, but it will take some shock out of the system when you slam down. This truck has massive power big wheels, so it's gon na hurt the drivetrain and you probably will break something. Let'S be real here, it's fast and pretty heavy. So just be prepared to work on the car and that's kind of the cool thing about Trax it's. At this point, they've really focused on maintenance and here's. The whole rear end drive setup and the diff in the back, which has metal gears inside and riding on, bearings and all that stuff and a metal tube down. The middle they've really done a good job on this truck the tiny little truck. It is just another quick shot of the gears and the top part that says caution hot motor, whatever it's just there, because I like the sticker, but the drivetrain is pretty solid here, so all here's a shot of the rear suspension. Already people are lengthening the arms because they feel like the trunk, is too compact, and I can somewhat see why they say that, because the proportions are very tight, the truck is not as big as you would look at like an x max or obviously, but a T max so it's in between it fits in the truck lineup. I don't know where there's just trucks everywhere, it's like the new car market, it's just SUVs for everybody right back to the features you get a couple spots to change the lower shock mounting position.

No upper camber length, no real toe changes to be made on this truck, so don't expect to be race tuning this I mean back in the day. We did race these things, but this one's not made for the track, so it just made to be beat the crap out of the front end is similar. You get to see the big tracks as shocks which are pretty rad. Actually, I like the green, not many location, changes of anything plastic front hexes and the steering links are plastic, which is the only thing I did break during testing and we did beat the crap out of it run it into a curb at 50 miles an hour. Isn'T good for things we found that out, so we tested that for you, but 5 fix and we're back on the road. No big deal let's talk about performance because that's, where we're all really here for right, because it could look fancy. You have a lot of features on paper if, and it goes like a pile of poo who cares right so let's get to the business it's fast for us power, the stock pinion way too fast for most people, even with the weird small proportions of this. Like. I said the Bulldog mentality it's, like an angry little fist, it's got super power spins the tires you can carry a wheelie until it starts to to walk down the street. But overall I was super impressed because speed cures, all your problems with everything except for on the Internet and never fast enough, and it breaks too much one of the things you'll notice that, despite the small size and squareness of this chassis, the air control was actually Better than I thought I thought it would just try to flip it over itself, all the time but and that's kind of why? Sometimes you see the pause in a back foot, you have to stay in it and it will rotate over a fairly easy and front flip easy a lot of times for video we're kind of beating the crap out of things just for dramatic effect.

To be honest, you we're not this terrible driving. Sometimes sometimes we are, but the nice thing is. It took a real big beating because we just like said we just find stuff and drive into it. Those are gon na look cool in a video is gon na make a cool photo. It handled everything we did break one little part like I said we broke the front, steering link from that little speed. Bump thing we were hitting at super speeds. It pulled out the lower ball cup on the arm too, but if they fixed in five minutes so overall, this is just a fun. Ass truck and it's a full review in issue ' velocity are sort of magazine like that thing says right. There we're magazine, you read it on your iPad, like normal people of the times that don't know what body clips are. So we hear you – and we understand you so just read the magazine subscribe, like click blah blah blah let's watch some crap beating out of this thing and that's what we did. We just take dumb videos and talk about it while drinking coffee that's.