This starts at 550. on I think that’s a pretty reasonable price that’s a little expensive for what it is, but it’s got a lot of good tech components. A lot of the parts in it are very durable and very inboard of the car, or truck rather um. So i guess that that’s kind of where that price rises but, in my opinion, it’s pretty reasonable, but a bit high all right. So these are the colors that the trex max comes in they’re all the same price 550 dollars. But you got the green. The blue got the orange and the solar flare. So far is the new color that they just came out with you got the rock and roll car and then the red one but yeah they’re, all pretty sick. So we’ll talk about sizing right now, so most people think that the trexus max is really big and yes it. It is really big it’s, a big fun, rc car i mean this is my hand next to it. So it is. It is a pretty good size, but when you compare it to other cars, but if i compare it to like this traxxas haas here, for example, you can see that the size difference honestly is not that big it’s it’s, the the size it’s, not a big size. Difference this car, this truck, is still obviously very big but like if i go like like the tires, for example like the tires on this truck are bigger, but overall size they’re pretty much almost the same size pretty much.

However, this car is definitely a lot bigger on the inside, as i’ll show you i’ll just take off the clipless body, because this car does have a clipless body which is very convenient, and i can’t get it off. Okay, there we go yeah. Sometimes the clipless bodies are a bit of a pain but they’re a lot better than losing pins. So, as you can see, this is the inside of the um. Traxxas max has the same motor as the hoss. Actually, but of course, since the max is bigger, i mean it weighs 9.8 pounds, it’s got the big big old fan on top of the motor, and then you have the bigger esc, which can be powered up to 4s, with the big fan on top and right Here is the battery compartment, which also has a little adapter on it. I don’t have it on right now, because i use a really big battery s60. I use a 6400 milliamp hour 3s battery with this car. I don’t have. I don’t use any 4s batteries, but i do i use big 3s batteries that’s why i take a little gray, adapter piece off, so yeah let’s put this back into place. Actually i don’t need to do that, but yeah this this this car does this. This car is very big on the inside it’s got a lot of stuff going on. Excuse me, it’s got a lot of stuff going on also on the inside.

I have this little thing installed. This is for the light kit that i have installed on this truck. Let’S see right here and right back here in the middle uh right here. These are reverse lights, these little yellowish things and these are brake lights and just rear lights. But yeah on the inside this car is very, very big. It’S got a lot a lot of big and powerful components, so, as you saw in the wrestler for in the wrestler 4×4 vxl video, i explained how the clipless body was a bit of a pain to get back on, but but on this truck it is definitely A lot easier, just kind of line up at the bottom and then push it right on in and make sure this thing is just unclipped before you do that, and then i hold this in place. I can push right in and push behind the bumper back here and then i just push this down and clip it in it’s, definitely a lot better than taking out those little pins and then losing them, and all that also another thing that i love about. The max is it’s got these big old shocks in here that are really strong and really big and like bulky. But another thing i love about is that see this one is red and then the body is red and then on this green texas max right here. This the shocks are green and the truck is green same with the uh, the little wheel, um lug, nut adapters or the um yeah the adapters for the for screwing on the wheels it’s red on the red one and green on the green.

One also comment below which color you like berry, red gang or green gang i’m personally gon na have to go with the red one. I do like the look of that red one, but yeah comment below which one you like better so real, quick, i’m just gon na show you guys the light kit on the on the max um i’m, just gon na put in the battery by the way. This is the battery that i was talking about already. The 6400 million bar 3s lipo yeah i’m just going to throw this in there and show you guys the likes. Also real, quick. I small make a quick note: um you you can. You cannot use a 2s lipos with this truck, you can only the minimum is 3s and then the maximum is for us just because this truck is so heavy. A 2s lipo does not have enough um energy and power to pop to push this truck around i’ve. Also tried it myself and it did not work and a lot of other websites and companies and trucks themselves say it doesn’t work and i didn’t. I tried it and it didn’t work. So they’re right see i just don’t. Yet i wouldn’t yeah, if you don’t, have any 3s lipos and if you can’t get any 3s lipos, then you really can’t use a trexus mask, also real quick i’m. Just going to show you guys how you like put the battery in securely, like you see how you secure it into the chassis and the vehicle, so i got the battery in it’s all connected and i’m just going to put this up and around and then, as You can see on the side here there’s a little clip you just kind of pull it’s a little difficult, it’s a little bit more difficult because i’m holding a camera at the same time, but it’s kind of there.

We go all right now, it’s all clipped in all right, so i’ve got the body on now. All we need to do oops now. All we need to do is just power, the truck on there. It goes, and there is the light kit i’ll get you give you a good look of it. So there it is from the front, looks pretty sick and then there it is in the back these. The these rear lights are on all the time, but they flush or they go brighter when you’re breaking and then in the middle right here. I’Ll show you guys in a second is a reversal. Also. Another cool thing about the light kit is that if you have the little um module bluetooth thing on your remote for the car, then you can control the light kit, brightness and like which lights are on from your phone, which is a pretty cool little feature. If you want to save some battery life or if you’re, just driving around in the day, where the light kit doesn’t really create any visibility, any better visibility or anything like that um, you can turn it off or if you want to share at night, you want To turn on high beam, then you can turn on high beam mode, make it louder or not louder. That was weird um brighter and yeah all right. So real, quick, i’ll show you guys. The reverse lights looks pretty cool, looks a little bit weird on camera um.

Here, if i go closer, you can see it a bit better. On camera looks a bit weird, but and then, if i go forward and then hit the brakes, you can see if it’ll glow brighter, to indicate that the car is breaking yeah. This light kit is really awesome. I think it’s like around sixty dollars, fifty dollars, one of the two and um yeah it’s a it’s, a really great light kit, my bad it’s actually a hundred dollars. I just i just checked on google. So at this point, we’ve established that the traxxas max is a really great rc car it’s one of it’s easily one of the best rc cars, but now let’s drive it to really determine if this is a really really really great rc car Music, okay, i’m starting Music, by the way, guys, if you want to see more clips of the traxxas max our first video on our youtube channel, actually was a trexus max edit, with like a bunch of clips and driving clips and music and stuff like that. So if you guys want to check that out, i’ll leave a link in the description down below you can check that out. Just click the link watch, the video like subscribe, all that kind of stuff, but yeah as you can see this mac. This trexus max is great at hitting jumps. It performs really great it’s, really fast, it’s, really durable. All that stuff. One thing: one complaint that i do have about the handling and stuff.

While it is, you know, really durable, because it’s heavy and all that kind of stuff, because it’s heavy it flips over a lot. So unless you get the wide max kit on it, that may be a problem for a lot of people. I don’t know i don’t have the wide max cat online to me. It just looks a bit strange but um, but i know for some people some people may like it. I just think it looks a bit strange, but maybe maybe i’ll get in the future. I’M. Not sure but yeah yeah to me this, this truck is a really great rc truck and it handles jumps really that’s it for today’s video.