Although theyre calling this a new truck, it does share most of its parts with the original max v1. There are three major differences. First, it has the wide max kit pre installed, which includes longer suspension, arms and half shafts to give the truck a wider, more stable stance. Second, it includes the traxxas sledgehammer tires, which were also a common upgrade for the v1 and are used on the haas and sledge as well. Finally, the chassis has been extended to accommodate a larger battery tray and the body has been stretched to match the longer chassis and body are the only parts on the v2 that were not previously available as upgrades for the v1, if you have a v1, you can Turn it into a v2 by swapping out the chassis and body, and also installing the wi max kit and the sledgehammer tires. As for pricing, the v2 comes in at 770, canadian, which is only a little bit more than the original price of the v1. However, since the v1 is being discontinued, some retailers, including us, have some great deals going on the remaining stock, so thats worth checking out. If you dont mind getting the older version, the max v2 has the same 4s, capable electronics and drivetrain as the v1. It features the valinian 540xl brushless motor, which is also used in the haas and the vxl4s esc. Both the motor and esc come with cooling fans. The radio is the standard traxxas tqi system which features tsm or traxxas stability management, essentially a traction control system and is compatible with the tqi bluetooth telemetry module, although both versions can run on a 3s or 4s lipo.

The v2 has a larger battery tray, which allows for a larger capacity battery and more runtime in the v1. The largest battery that would fit was the traxxas 5000 milliamp hour 4s pack, but the v2 can fit the larger 6700 4s pack out of the x max. Although the max obviously only has room for one instead of two, this means, if you already have an x max, you can use the same batteries in the max v2 and vice versa, assuming you have at least two of them. One of the big selling points of both versions of the max is how sturdy rugged and overbuilt they are. The max is a heavy truck which does affect the handling, but it makes up for it with sheer brute force. Durability. The aluminum shocks are much larger than those on most 110 scale trucks, and the frame is designed for maximum impact resistance, making this a great vehicle for big skatepark jumps and hard bashing, its built, mostly out of traxxass proprietary plastic composite, which is designed to flex just Enough to absorb repeated impacts without snapping theres, no such thing as a truly unbreakable rc car, but this one is about as close as it gets out of the box. The body is also designed with durability in mind its a standard lexan body, but like the haas. It has an internal roll cage and hard plastic roof and bed rails to help the body withstand flips and jumps.

The bumpers and wheelie bar also help protect the body. It uses a clipless mounting system the same one as the haas x max and rustler 4×4. The body shape is essentially the same between the v1 and v2, with the added length all being in the bed area. The v2 also has a different selection of paint schemes than the v1, although many of the color combinations are similar. These two specific trucks make a great comparison because theyre, essentially the old and new versions of the same color scheme anyway enough talk its time to do what youve all been waiting for and take the max v2 out for a spin Music. A bike park like this is the perfect environment for a max. It handles the jumps very well as youd expect, and it has a lot more power on tap than youll ever need part of the game. Music almost cleared Music, uh Music, so Music, uh, Music, Music, breakfast Music also brought a traxxas sledge to compare and the two trucks proved to be fairly similar in their capabilities, although the way they handle is quite different. The max is more of a burly off road truck and barely seems to notice all but the biggest bumps in the terrain. The sledge is much lower to the ground and has smoother and more car like handling as a result, but its also a bigger vehicle. Overall, the max is not as unique in the market as it was three years ago, but its still a very solid, reliable truck that has performance and durability to spare Music Applause.

Music, whew Music eating some worms yeah, but i got like those are actual worms: Music. Well, you can really steer it in the air ill head right into it. Music need to clarify ive, never jumped a truck before nice. That was a great one. Music all right lets, pull down. Yeah looks actually much cleaner than i expected first fresh rain. First time. Ive seen an rc body cleaner on the inside on the outside, oh thats, barely warm at all yeah yeah thats, like thats, not even a hand warmer nice double back flip Music Music did it laying on wheels yeah. I did, it sure knows: diving bounce but and just see where it is from the water sprays coming. Everyone seems fine, Music, Music, oh missed the tree, everythings fine, Music, nice Music. I was trying michael driving a max v2 for the first time Music. It does like any rc car, of course, driving the max well takes some practice. Both of my colleagues have more experience with fast trucks like this than me. So when it was my turn to drive it, the results werent quite as graceful still. It was a lot of fun and it didnt take me long to start getting a feel for it. I flipped it over numerous times, but it kept right on going and we didnt break any parts that takes skill: Music, uh, Music, Music, Music. Well, that about wraps up our review of the traxxas max v2, although the v2 is replacing the v1 in traxxass lineup, the original is still a great truck.

So if you want one get one, while you can, the v2 is even better and it only improves on the tried and true max recipe. As far as rc monster trucks are concerned, im confident that the max will still be the benchmark to beat for years to come to get your max visit us at bc. Hobbies in our new location in the hillside, mall in victoria or you can shop online at bchobbies.