I haven’t drove the old rustler 4×4 in quite some time. Applause Music let’s! Go and show you what we’re working with underneath the hood all right, so i just got a little extra heat sink on here. I did throw a fan on it running a 50 200 50 c 3 cell and i did upgrade to the metal axle shafts, because this thing on 3s it just blows axle shafts like every time or two. You run it and, of course we got the gopro on top um 17 millimeter hexes with extenders, and we have the traxxas max tires on here. We can also run the hoss body on this, but this one has all the protection on it and i haven’t protected the hoss body. Yet so i don’t want to beat it up too bad, so we’re just going to run this body through this thing’s super high geared right now: Music, no uh Applause, oh whoa! This thing’s geared way too high Music. Yes, all right guys, since i don’t have any other gearing for this right now, i’m, just gon na change to smaller tires. My rustler tires are uh all out of balance. I didn’t block off the vent holes so they’re all out of balance and filled with dirt and crap, so they ain’t worth a darn but i’m gon na put these debut tunes on here and see how they work. This ought to be interesting. So, oh boy, Music, she’s cruising! This is a good drifter boy.

Uh, hey, hey uh! This thing is crazy. I want to drift this thing now. Oh, she dug in oh Music Applause, okay, we’re getting 144 142. Something like that on the motor. Are we getting on the esc, 101 95. 104 motor’s a little warm she’s geared high, though we did have a small breakdown on the rustler too. This pin was almost all the way slid out. It was actually hitting the back of the wheel like this. You know goes in right here, it’s hitting the back of the wheel, i pulled it out and then the axle just slid out. You know nothing happened while i was driving it so yeah. This just slid out, you know: it’s got threads right there, so i got tighten that up. Put that back in tighten it up before we go back out tomorrow, but she don’t look too bad with those hoons on there all right guys. I can’t wait to go run that rustler out on some pavement, maybe in a parking lot. I think i might take it. Uptown tomorrow run around the skate park. Maybe a little bit maybe find a big open parking lot and run it around there um. Why even bring a bucket of water with me? You know wet it down a bit, because i bet you that thing would really whip sideways and stuff on a wet parking lot. So yeah can’t wait to do that.