So today, i’m in my garage um, i thought it would be fun just to um yeah interview. Well, not interview like just talking about an rc car, sorry about them. If you hear any noise in the background ground like scratch, anytime or anything that’s, my dog, sorry um, but anyway um as i want to say, i’m going to be reviewing the um the tracks: um, 4, 4, 4 um rc car um. So, as i’m gon na show you right now, um it’s a. I would recommend this to a lot of you it’s an amazing rc car, but the only problem with it guys is um taking us, okay, it’s taking the body off of it. So taking the body off of it is difficult because you have to um unhook that little hatch right there, as you can see right here, you get to unhook that and then, when you unhook that you can bring it up and then you got ta do that And you got ta pull back on the body of the car to take it off. I’M. Sorry um there’s a little grass from when i was driving it earlier, um and so yeah, the body’s very nice formed and everything um. As you can see, mine’s not as clean as it would be. You might see a little bit of grass in it um but um, so i had to personally move but um there’s an antenna inside for the controller and um the batteries inside and everything for it.

Um it’s a great car, the grip. I like the way they built it, how everything’s like compact inside of it, but the body is really hard to put on um but otherwise it’s really good. I’M. Sorry, the top button fell off. It. Does that sometimes it’s just a little rubber piece. You got ta put back on um, but anyway, um um. When i drive mine, i guess i could say well. I have this little led light that at night i like to put in it just because it gives it some color. So i can see it a little better um and i had to i’ll show you i had to switch out batteries from mine um because um, not everyone comes every single one comes like this, but some mine came like this, but like this is the original battery. It comes with um she’s, like the first battery mine was, i mean it still works, but like it’s, not as mine’s, not as good as um. This blue trax we have here which has this battery still in it, because um yeah, but mine was kind of busted mine. Just came like that i’m gon na empty mine out because there’s leaves and grass in it sorry um, but yeah there’s, a battery holder and everything and then there’s like this other battery. Here you see like the energy. This is the on button right there i don’t know if you can see it right by where my bottom hand is right by the antennas, the on button um, and so this battery right here was made by traxmus 2, but this is like um a better battery And this didn’t come with the car with the tracksmith car but um because um this one came with this battery.

My busted one well it’s, not busted, but, like you know the one that’s not as good, so i use this one, which is a two cell on 5 800, a a a m, a h and it’s a power cell and it’s a lipo. If any of you like rc cars or know what i’m talking about, please comment down below what, if you know, because i don’t know much about rc cars but like i’m just you know, i know a decent amount but um anyway, this battery right here you can’t, Does not come with the car, um and so i’m, just gon na plug that back in um and so um, then you have to have a wired if one of these wires gets cut inside of it or anything in the mechanism gets messed up, it will not Work, sorry, i forgot to clip the battery back in there because i was showing you guys but um. If anything. If this is if this, if anything in the mechanism isn’t like working with like a tracks mix or something or yeah um, then it’s traxxas. Sorry i get mixed up but um anyway, if anything’s not working, always take the body off and definitely check it um to see if your wires on it or cut or anything um and so yeah now we’re going to get into the part and i’m going to Show you um about the body and how many people don’t really like this specific rc car and a couple of the others because of this um, but mainly specifically this one.

So, as you can see guys when you put it on the real hole for the antenna right there and um so i’m gon na put it sorry, this is taking work. Okay, but as you can see when you want to do it, the body kind of wants to like curve in on you and that’s one of the reasons many people don’t like it, because it tries to like curve in on you when you try to put it On but so a lot of what these people don’t know is like they’re, not really decent at putting it on, but i mean some of them can be they just don’t prefer the body type, but what you want to do is you want to get this little Part right up here and then you want to stick it under this part of the car right here and you want to stick it like under there sorta and then with this back piece right here, this little flap in the back of it um it has um. You, as you can see i’m going to lift it up, and you can see that it has like a flap on the bottom of it right here. So what you’re gon na do with that you’re gon na take it and the flap should curl around this sort of like you should close it towards around this and then it will get, and then the body will be stuck like right at that part.

So then the body will stay on um and then um. What i’m gon na show you right now is i’m gon na put the body on and show you how, if you follow those steps that i just showed you um, i know they weren’t the greatest but it’s the best. I can do right now with explaining it but um. You follow the steps in like steps and put this on the front of it and then close this on the back right here. Like i told you to, then you should be able to get the body on pretty easily with the back one. It kind of requires a little bit of force to do it um, but anyway, um i’m, just going to put it on and show you guys, um. Okay, okay, so i’m gon na lift it up. So i can see inside okay. So you can see you heard that first clip front of the body’s on pretty good, because i followed the steps that i just said and now i’m gon na do the back i’m gon na. Take it put it under there, wrap it around and then i’m going to yeah kind of force it a little bit but um. It should be good after you do that. As i was as i’ve been saying, you just got ta kind of follow the steps um make sure the body isn’t inside of it. I made that mistake really quickly there and then you should be good and, as you can see body perfectly on fine, because i followed the steps and now i’m going to show you so the remote for this it’s really the same as all rc cars.

But the thing is: um it’s a little different. The tracks act as um is a little bit different um, as you guys can see. I changed my name to the um tracks as um hyper um, and so with this one really all you have to do. Um and um this one um, if you’re in the air in your car, you make a jump with it any of these models like the tracks as ones you can um like you say you jump up and you want to level it. You can push forward and the um this part of the body of the car will go forward like that and you can level it out, but if it’s too far up and forward, if you push back on it, it’ll go back and you can level it out Backwards, um – and i also changed my name because i might do more rc card videos, because my friends have been like. Oh, do more in person. Videos do more videos with yourself in them like showing yourself so i’m doing that i’m going to be doing that. More often i’m not going to be doing video games as much anymore i’ll, do it occasionally um, but for the most part i’m going to do that. Um, real quick before i close this video up i’m going to show you guys the charger for it. So this comes with the car, but um these are for it but um.

These are more for like well like traveling, so like you’d plug it into like a car sort of like the usb port sort of the circled one in the car. But as you can see, you got the nice one. This is really good, um and yeah. So, as we already know, um that’s gon na be good for it. Um got ta charge it and then um. I also have this ease peak plus um. If you can tell like how to charge it like which ways you want to charge it um, can it tells you a lot of stuff um? It tells you lipo charge battery type, there’s, aleppo or nimh and there’s a charge right, select and then there’s a start and stop and um yeah, so there’s a lot of stuff that comes with this one but um yeah. So that’s, really all for my review on the trash mess and um yeah it’s really awesome.