Bashers and races. Bashing is when you go to your local park or skate park. Muck about and have loads of fun racing delivers a more competitive side to the hobby. There’S a well prepared track specifically made for rc cars. Your lap times are measured and you’re racing against other people. This car i’ve got here today is the traxxas rustler 4×4 vxl. It is 1 scale, brushless four wheel, drive and it’s more for bashing environments, but today, we’re going to see if it’s, low stance and high speeds get us anywhere on an rc track. So let’s go Music, so Music Applause, Music, so Music, Music, foreign, Music, so Music Applause, maybe Music, all right, so we are back from the track and overall this car did really well. However, i did notice a few things that were holding this car back from faster lap times and better handling. So number one is the tires. These tires were obviously never designed for the track, and that really showed. I think this car would have really benefited from some pinned tyres and i may purchase some in the future and test it out again comment down below if you’d like to see that number two is the gearing this car was too fast and didn’t really have much Bottom end torque: this is completely my fault because normally, when i bash it, i run it on high speed gearing, but on the track. That was obviously way too much power.

So next time i go to the track. I will definitely put the stock keying back in number. Three is the shocks these ultra shocks are just terrible, they’re way too soft, making the car roll too much in the corners and bottom out over jumps. So at some point in the future i may look into some upgraded shocks such as gtr shocks from traxxas, but yeah shocks are terrible and the last thing i wanted to mention is the servo. This server i have in the car now is an aftermarket servo, which i actually didn’t make an installation video on, but that’s, probably a good thing, because this servo is worse than the stock one. It does have more torque, but it is just painfully slow ages ago. I took my armor granite 4×4 to this same track, and i felt that i had much more control of the car’s direction, primarily because i had a really fast upgraded servo in it. So i will definitely be putting a better servo in this car in the very near future other than that this car handled great and with a few upgrades, i can definitely see this car keeping up with some of the dedicated rc race kits anyway.