Our family, so that um me and ben can start making money and we can buy even cooler, rc’s so without further ado let’s get into the video. So right here is my traxxas rustler 4×4 vxo. This thing is completely stock, no modifications, um, the only issues are broken driveshaft. I have a new one ordered and i have a bent shock shaft up front. That is why i am replacing the shock oil, because the cap popped off down here, and the last thing is the wheelie bar is damaged, but that is it. So this thing is completely stock and um without further ado let’s get into it. And another thing to note is the shock oil i’m going to be using is um this one here it’s a 50 white um it’s 12 bucks um it i replaced it on my bandit twice so there’s plenty of it in there cheap and it’s a heavy one. So that i’m, not bottoming out and bending my shock shaft like i did up here, um with the wrestler, it will have all the tools that you need, but i will show you the tool that i use throughout the video and sorry guys. Last thing to note um with the dirty shock oil inside of here, you’re gon na, want something to put it in because you can’t just pour it on there and let it soak in so i’m in any bottle or box of some type or, if you just Pour it straight into the garbage that would work that’s, it just gets really greasy and gross so i’m, just using this yoga plate smoothie.

I just drank it like an hour ago. So it’s not cleaned it. Doesn’T have to be clean or anything unless you’re trying to reuse the shock oil which i’m, not because, if i want to get it again, i can just buy a new shark oil like this one here all right, let’s get to the first step, all right guys. So first step, i would um definitely take the wheel off um that will help you get um to the shock easier, zoom that out all right. So we got this off. Don’T lose these they’re cheap. If you do, but just don’t leave them i’m gon na. Take that off and there we go now we have way more freedom. We can actually see the screw down there right there, and so all that we’re going to be doing, we pretty much need to take that scrub top off and that screw down there. So let’s get this for her. This top one off right now, so i’m gon na find the right allen. Wrench that fits this hole, looks like that’s it right there. Okay, so now that that’s off that’s, exactly what you don’t want to do, i just totally dropped my school down here. So i make sure you don’t lose these screws. If you do it’s okay, you can buy new ones on traxxas or amazon, or your local hobby shop. Maybe so, as you can see, it is now loose on the top and i can move it off.

It was originally connected right there. So now we’re going to get to the bottom screw right down here there. It is right there and for this one um, it looks like i’ll just be using the same allen wrench this one’s, definitely in a harder um to reach spot all right. Once you get that screw off um, your shock should just come off right away if it doesn’t there’s, probably an issue with your car, and i would try to figure that out so right here we have the shock so there’s, multiple parts to it right here we Have the risers these come in the box with the wrestler they’re, the weird plastic piece, i didn’t know what they were at first until um. I got this car then you’ve the spring, which um pretty much when the shock compresses. It will push it back out like so which it’s a strong one. You can get stronger, even stronger ones, if you want the maximum um compression and down here we have, i don’t even know what this is called, but it keeps the spring from going down. It’S. Just like a holder almost this is what the bottom looks like, and this is the top. The top has a cap looking part to it. So i’m gon na be kind of tough to get the first try. That was definitely tough. Then you can get a real grip. Ah that’s, tight, jeez, oh hold on guys i’ll be right back, get a better grip on this and let’s see.

If we can get it let’s get a good grip. All right see easy already coming off. So keep this upright. If you can, because the shock oil will spill out and once that cap is off, you will see a rubber piece, so the cap it’s clean and now you will see a little rubber piece. This is pretty much what keeps the shock oil in there and i’m going to place it right on there, because it is messy and in there you can see the shock oil. You guys a little closer that’s, the shock oil right there. If i compress the shock, you can see it move up. If i decompress it, you can see it move down so see that at the very top and right there so um, i don’t want the shock oil anymore. So get this shot completely dry. You will see it like that that is the shock right there. So i’m gon na grab this right here, as you can see that oil is already on there. I did get a little bit of the yogurt on there, so i want to wipe that off because we don’t want this shock too dirty and right. Here we have the shock okay, guys once your oil is in there. Look at that there’s some yogurt and you can see that nasty brown dark black oil, so you’re shocked, um. I would compress it and there shouldn’t be much oil left as there is.

You can um get like a toilet piece of toilet paper or a rag and just kind of dip it in there a little bit came off, but now it is mostly dry of oil. Next you’re going to want to grab your oil that you’re using i’m just using this 50 weight and right now, okay, so that is probably good, maybe a little more okay. Now that that is done, if you look in there, it makes a downward curve kind of just like this and that’s what you want, and you want it to be near the top. So you can see the oil right there and it should be low enough that if you compress the shock all the way it’s not going to be spilling out – and you see how bubbles just formed right there – that you don’t want that in your shock. It will ruin performance so if you’re going to get bubbles like that just blow right in it like this and pop those bubbles and keep compressing it like this, a little more bubbles will form, but that is okay. You want this oil all over the shaft and you want to just get it all over in there for the best performance, so there’s like one or two more bubbles – i’m gon na blow in there and to me that looks pretty good. So you shouldn’t have any oil leaking out down here or through there, and it shouldn’t be overflowing over the top.

If so, um adjust it and try tightening the parts or putting less oil. Okay, guys and to put this thing back together, you’re gon na want your little silicone cap again. I would compress it all the way get the cap right on there and then i would uncompress it again and try to push it on there until it kind of gets a seal. So there we go. It is kind of sealed on there now um right, there make sure there’s nothing leaking out the sides at all. If so, um probably need less oil and then next um you’re just going to do this kind of in reverse so grab your cap and you’re gon na want this on um pretty tight, like i, you saw me at the beginning of the video struggling to take This thing off, you want it on perfectly, so no oils leaking out the sides once again check for any oil leaking out the sides. So if you look at mine, it looks pretty good there’s, nothing leaking out the sides of the container, and this is heavy shock. So when it hits the ground, it takes a lot of impact to start moving almost like oobleck in a way it’s it’s kind of like oobleck, and so next you’re gon na want to grab your parts again. So this went like that. This part right here, i’m gon na keep these risers on here to um for bigger jumps and that second part right there, and it should be on pretty tight, so it’s already starting to look like a shock again um.

So next you want this right here. This will keep the shock from moving up, get that on there and then next i’m going to put the shock on there, so it should fit on tightly move the shock out of the way a little bit get the cap on below. This can be a little tough. The shocks on it should sit nicely right on the shot. Another thing to note: um, rear shocks, i’m, pretty sure, have this red up front and if it’s a front shock, it will have that blue right there. Once again, i would grab this and i’m gon na get this on nice and tight, so it’s not popping off during writing. So i’ll probably just move these down, get it on super tight and your shock should be ready to go i’m gon na. Do it to my next four shocks for a little bit um and then i will get back to you guys and then i’ll show you how to put these back onto the car, all right guys so i’ve taken all of the shocks off um i’m, not putting On all of them, because i need to replace this shock shaft as you can see, it is really bent so i’m just letting this um dry out until i get the replacement part so over here we have all of my wheels um once again on the broken Drive shaft wheel, i have the hex net with the wheel.

We have all the screws that should equal up to eight screws in total. Okay right here we have um my grease, pretty nasty so i’m, just gon na seal this guy right up and throw this away right after i stop filming, because that is nasty and i’m gon na show you guys on putting back on to this rear. Um left axle i’m gon na get the bottom first actually because it is a little bit easier, it’s actually harder, my god guys. So these are the holes right here, not that, because i remember putting it on down here all right guys. That was definitely tough, but a great trick is to use the wheels as something to prop the car up and um. We have the bottom screw on now next you’re going to want to line up the top of to where um you want to put it line. It up, then guys you were just going to repeat this process on the rest of your shock towers and once it is done, it will be working at max performance and you shouldn’t have any issues unless you did something wrong. That’S your fault, not mine, i’m, just kidding um. If there is an issue with my video um, feel free to comment down below and tell me what i did wrong so that i can make better content for you, guys, um, and i will see you guys next.