The 2wd rustler was a huge seller when released, and today it remains a top seller for 2021 trackers up their ante with an all new rustler 4×4. Not only does the latest rustler sport an aggressive, four wheel, drive system, but it also has a burley vxl brushless power system to go along with an entirely new chassis design. How well does the rustler 4×4 hold up? How fun is it to bash with? It is the ultimate one, tenth scale basher read on to find out key competition, some of the competitors to the russell of four times. Four are the techno et 410, the ecx circuit 4wd, the rumbling tiger, sparrowhawk xxt and so on, what’s needed to get started. You do not need a lot to get the rustler four times four up, as well as going simply some double batteries for the transmitter, a two or three s, lipo pack, for the truck, as well as a battery charger, and you are all set for the road Development quality straight out of the box. We cannot discover a mistake with the constructive high quality of the truck. The bolts were limited, however, not removed. The shocks were well loaded, the pinion spur mesh was spot on and as far as the overall quality of the rustler was very impressive test drivers, yours truly test locations. We checked the rustler four times, four at a variety of neighborhood parks. Our neighborhood 8th range off road track, plus the demonstration area at the 2020 edition of the rocky mountain leisure activity expo set up, notes: bone stock bro.

No, we didn’t alter any kind of setups. We tested the beast bone stock power was provided by trackers too, as well as 3s lipo packs, while a track azid live, took care of all the charging duties set up, not bad. The team at trackers set the rustler loose on the world with respectable spring piston oil setups, together with weldo weight distribution, so the vehicle turns well. There are times on looser surface areas when the front will press entering into an edge yet a lot of the time. It goes where you direct it to go. Turn in at edge access was well grown, as well as it had a tendency to remain that way. Through the apex at corner exit, relying on just how much power you let loose, the vehicle can either stick quite well or aim the front tires at the skies. In the latter instance, when you punch it difficult out of corners, there isn’t any type of guiding due to the fact that the front tyres are in the air, but with a little technique you can call in simply just how much gas you can provide the truck Before those front wheels aim skyward jumping while sprung as well as damped a bit on the light side for significant dives commonly the rustler four times. Four would land well from normal quantities of airtime. From less than a few feet, the vehicle’s four wheel drive system did a fantastic job of dealing with pitch while up in the air, it took just a stab of break to bring the nose down or a blip of gas, to bring the nose up whenever required.

Ruts on jump encounters would in some cases kick the truck at weird angles, but on smooth faces the vehicle was simple: to introduce good and also level bumps and whoops. Oh yeah, the rustler just loves to gobble up rough areas of dust, crushed rock and so on. While the damping is simply a bit on the soft side for 50 miles per hour, plus whoop de da passes, the general geometry of the vehicle seemed to love going into the unsightly things wide open on road, while not designed for sidewalk use the rustler four times. Four is tons of fun to drive on road on occasion. It will certainly traction roll when capturing a side. However, primarily it was wide open and also great times for the rustler on road. Its shocks quickly manage any kind of roadway joints or potholes, and its brushless power system constantly had sufficient rip at hand to keep things interesting. Speed runs were lots of fun, as were long wheelies grass. We witnessed that our rustler 4×4 vxl did a wonderful job in grass. The stock tyres do a solid job, yet what truly makes it a beast? Is its four wheel drive system as well as brushless power system when you combine all the variables the rustler four times? Four is a straight up beast for a one tenth scale in turf, shorter yard is merely ignored, while taller turf often tends to get chewed out and also spit out the back at high speed tyres as an all around tyre the supply talons work perfectly.

They last a long period of time and supply their ideal hold in fertile dirt grass, as well as in light mud while not particularly scale looking. They look aggressive as well as do specifically what they are expected to power. If you are a first time driver, the rustler is going to feel quite fast, which gets on simply 2s appear 3, and it really feels about twice as quick for experienced hobbyists the power is practically perfect. The reduced end hit is solid enough to get off the line hard. The mid range absolutely squeals by then it just seems to keep drawing permanently up leading. Yes, there is severe power on tap sufficient to do severe feats catch ridiculous quantities of airtime or to throw substantial amounts of roost. Radio, pretty standard things right here: the rustler ships with a tracker’s tqi, which worked penalty for us during our test period. Some people really dig the supply functional designs. However, most of examination staff, rated the radio as typical for feel we had no issues with glitching or array broken parts we kinda seem like the rustler four times. Four vxl is a tale of two cities. The shocks had concerns ranging from stood out caps to drawn rod ends. So, while the supply shocks function great throughout normal backyard, use, they have a tendency to stand out early when going large after we fixed the shocks we after that took the torment up a couple of levels when touchdown actually hard.

The front of the body does pop out once in a while, but the remainder of the vehicle is basically a beast. We found it really difficult to damage and also had to send its stupid design to ultimately swindle an entire front arm. So while the shocks may not be up for severe duty, the rest of the truck appears to be highly qualified, misc notes. We are big followers of the method. The body connects on the rustler similar to the x max the russell of four times. Four comes with a solitary body lock at the back to keep the body hung unlimited. It is easy to use as well as there are absolutely no body clips to lose on the rustler four times. Four. We also like the new battery tray battery strap setup. It is likewise like more recent trackers styles and also worked without issue for us. Currently, we nearly constantly favor velcro straps for bashing, as they allow us to accumulate virtually any kind of pack immediately. However, the track is battery. Tray and band worked well enough for us. The stock servo isn’t poor it had suitable speed, as well as enough torque to transform the tyre’s full crank while resting on carpeting much better than the typical servo you will in our rtr. We used the rustler four times, four’s self writing function and also, while it didn’t appear to work as well as on several of the other vehicles from trackers.

It did conserve as countless long walks of shame. The tracker’s rustler xl5 is a two wheel, drive version remote controlled car that is built to last and get to speeds of as much as 35 miles per hour. It’S a two wheel drive car and also comes from firm trackers that have been producing remote, controlled trucks. For over 25 years, powered by a seven cell me mh battery this cars and truck can reach broadband as well as isn’t, truly suitable for young kids. We’Ve assessed lots of remote, controlled autos to see which ones prevailed head to the very best: remote regulated vehicles, trackers, rustler, xl5, remote, controlled automobile functions, four wheel, drive, remote, controlled cars and trucks tend to far better at dealing with a regular terrain. Nevertheless, the tracker’s rustler xl5 is a two wheel, drive vehicle that can still carry out well due to its great design. It has complete suspension, which aids to keep control over unequal or rough terrain and also makes cornering simple if you take place to stray a little. Also far off the beaten path, its stopping and turning around capacities help you maintain it from obtaining stuck. This is our rtr ready to run this term describes radio regulated vehicles that require no initial assembly to drive. You can simply draw the rustler out of its packaging as well as assuming the batteries are charged begin driving quickly. This makes it great for newbies that aren’t yet accustomed to the assembly and upkeep needed by various other versions: trackers rustler, xl5, remote, controlled cars and trucks design.

The rustler is durable enough to aid beginners get a grasp on driving strategies. This doesn’t imply it’s invulnerable, although it definitely tries the car’s elements are made from hard plastics, as well as metals that can withstand the unpreventable bumps and also crashes. Each of the crucial interior parts is secured, as well as waterproof. Waterproof components prolong your alternatives for when and also where you can drive the rustler, but they additionally keep sand and also grit out of vital parts. The rustler’s tyres are quite excellent, with big lugs on the back tires and ribbed front tyres it’s easy to see. They have created superior off road grip; actually, they are developed for nitro vehicles, with the ability of rates upwards of 65 miles per hour, so these tyres are sufficient for this truck. The excellent quality of these tyres likewise means you can get a great deal of use out of them before they require replacing substitute tyres like the rest of the parts on the rustler should not be tough to locate the remote consisted of with the trackers includes a Pistol like hold as well as trigger with a steering wheel installed on the side pulling the trigger causes the rustler to springtime forward, while pressing the trigger forward start stopping as well as reversing. Although some designs need eight batteries, this one only calls for four double a batteries. This can make driving rather more comfortable as a result of the decrease in weight t, he controls a precise, yet basic sufficient that you’ll get the hang of them swiftly.

A quality that’s extremely vital as you develop your skills as an rc chauffeur trackers. Likewise supplies an optional telemetry function with every one of its automobiles. With this system, you can check out information like rate battery voltage, rpm and temperature level on any ipod, apple, iphone or ipad. This feature will increase the cost of your investment, however, as it needs the enhancement of sensing units. Still, it is a wonderful function to have readily available trackers rustler, xl5 remote, regulated automobile guaranteed due to the risky nature of the hobby. Push button control, cars and trucks typically do not have expanded service. Warranty. Durations trackers offers a typical 30 day service warranty with the rustler trackers also offers exceptional support to its clients. Substitute components for the russell are easy to discover, as well as the tracker’s site has an absolutely remarkable amount of support info. You can discover extensive troubleshooting and fixing directions, as well as components, lists downloadable, individual manuals and also consumer online forums. Should you purchase the tracker’s rustler xl5 remote, controlled automobile, the tracker’s rustler xl5 is an excellent automobile that maintains things basic for you as you explore the possibilities of rc racing. An instinctive push button control makes discovering easy without compromising accuracy. The automobile’s resilient waterproof construction makes sure that busted parts won’t slow your progress if something ought to damage commonly readily available substitute components, make it easy to fix, and also customize your rustler as your abilities, as well as expertise increase.

So, overall, this car gets an and i really enjoyed playing with this thing. It kind of brings you back to about 12 or 13 again playing with fast cars. So if the rustler is something you might be interested in, then click the link below this video and see for yourself how much fun these things are. Plus they are fun for all ages.