I wanted to talk about coming up, uste ultimate scale, truck expo 2022. um. The dates and stuff are on the website. Ill put a link below in the video description and theyve just recently released their video from last year. The official official video, not a not one of us silly youtubers, videos of it and uh yeah, get your blood pumping again get back into the scale scene and yeah heres a non scale. Rc video whats up guys welcome back to rca everyday uh, bobs like. Why is this non scale truck in the scale garage? Well, sparky daddy keeps barking at it. I dont know what it is. This is my box stock traxxas slash. This is two wheel. Drive non brushless, just plain jane basher never been on the channel before ive. Had it for a few years looks rough, but its really not been driven. A whole lot still got the seven cell nickel metal batteries um nothing uh, nothing spectacular its been hanging on the wall in the back of the studio. Youve probably seen some of the behind the scenes pictures. These are fun. Um, obviously like to go faster, but im not prone to spending money on basher stuff like that, but i did spend a little money. I got a whim a while ago seen all this dirt oval racing. I grew up. There was a track out near dallas called devils bowl speedway. I mean my dad used to go there a lot.

They never raced. The i dont know what you call them. I dont even know what class it is. The full body square offset things they always. It was always sprint cars and, like the we just called them the jump class. It was your 70s camaros and monte carlos and stuff out there, just beating each other up. That was always a good time, so i guess thinking i dont have anywhere that races, these locally, that i know of anyway, but i thought that might be cool to do to the slash just convert it over and uh. You know im not going to set it up for oval racing, because i dont have an oval, but ive got some decent, packed dirt areas. In my yard it would be fun to rip around with something, because every time i take a scale truck out there, it gets completely filthy and this things already completely filthy. So let me show you what ive got i started. Taking the rear body mounts off theres. Some body mounts out there to fit these other these dirt oval bodies. I havent been able to find any um, so were gon na try to modify the stock ones. The front ones will work. I need to make sure that the right, height and stuff the rear ive got to move to a different location, so thats going to be one challenge to overcome, but i do have different tires and wheels for this too and a body so im surprised when i Got this how ginormous the body is, these things are huge and i guess it makes sense fit over slash chassis.

It really has to be big. This is the shark rc bodies hitman its based loosely off monte, carlo 80s style. They had a bunch of newer style bodies and cadillacs and stuff this one. Just it looked period correct for the memories i have of dirt track, so got that its pretty cool a little small company. You can get just the body and get the body clear. You get the body white, i think you can get it black already. Theyve got provisions if you want to cut out all the windows and put decking in there, so it looks like a cockpit kind of and you get some airflow through it. I opted to just mask the windows and paint it and yeah got the wing and a couple little things. Thats got some stickers for headlights, its pretty cool its a its a neat. It reminds me of the hobby when i was a kid because its just a real small company, its got a website. He offers seven or eight bodies, i think and thats pretty much it. They do what they do and they support this genre of the hobby and its pretty cool, so shout out to them. I ran across them through some forums and just searching pictures on google, and i kept seeing this body of this monte carlo im, like thats thats. The style i want and finally track down where it was um really cool. I think it was about with the wing and the stickers and the window maskings.

I think it was about 60 bucks or so shipped and its massive. So i can understand why shipping costs what it cost uh. Let me show you the tires and wheels. Those are de racing again its something else. I found one on my journeys. Looking at all this stuff, theyre just kind of a cool standard, mag wheel, nothing, fancy they do have different offsets and unfortunately, they dont sell two front and two rear together. So i had to buy four a set of four fronts. Instead of four rears different offset for the slash two wheel drive, it said i dont know yet well see how that all plays out, but ive got all of them. Uh made in america pretty cool and they have these caps that snap over and uh yeah, so you dont get dirt in your hubs or aerodynamics or whatever you want to think of. I already painted these. They all come white. I think the caps i got were black. I was originally planning on doing doing it for dale, going old number three black and everything and i get to the hobby shop and they had no black lexan paint and i have no black lexan paint. So i decided to go with some of the pictures i saw on their website for the body and just do some bright wild colors. I have some number stickers and stuff like that, so well see how how it all works out id like to put darcy everyday logo on it and do it up through race style, with the big number and everything uh well have to see what ive got.

In my sticker bin, but i hate lexan, so this is going to be. First challenge is the the first thing i dont like to do is trying to i got to remove the body mounts on the chassis. Then ive got to mark and drill holes and ive got to mark the cutouts for the body. Ive got to figure out the height of the body on the chassis where the wheel arches are going to be because the sides of this body are just completely flat. Ive watched some videos, i mean its not hard. You just set the body over it position it where you want it, draw it on the outside and cut it out. But im always stressed about that because you get one chance to cut so um may get started here, putting the wheels and tires on getting them mounted up. Oh tires forgot. I got these duratrax banditos. These are scm. These are for the slash wheel, the kind of a soft road trip. These are a lot of folks recommend and i was about finding a lot of groups and stuff that race, these and theyve got different classes, and some most of the classes were basically like the entry level, which is what this is aimed at, were just a stock Tool drop, slash, no mods, you can only adjust the suspension, you can only change the springs and it had to have one of a handful of different bodies and things like that.

So thats kind of what i was aiming for um those tires were pretty standard. Among most of the entry level rules and stuff i found and um had a big issue getting one of those. I had a seller on ebay that i bought from forever big hobby retailer um, not anywhere that has physical locations but online and through ebay, mainly where theyve always been and yeah they just they. I ordered two sets of those tires. They sent me one and i sent them an email and they sent me back some tracking number and checked it, and it was the package id already received. They just didnt ever read any of the correspondence, so i had to go through all the stink with ebay to get refunded for that, and i had to buy two more tires on amazon wait for those to get here, but we got it all now. So lets start playing around Music Applause, Music, so Music, so Music, Applause, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, all right guys! So its been two weeks in the works i had to wait on more paint to come in. I thought some reason one can would do it. This body is huge um, the flame stuff came out decent. I had a little bit of smudging had some overspray coming through the tape and i could have spent a little more time doing that. But it looks good enough. Its going to be a beater were going to take it out and run here in a minute just while its not raining.

I already see a couple problems im going to have im going to have to uh, i think, raise the body mounts yeah. The body is way too low. I hadnt figured out how im gon na do that. Yet, since i kind of made my own rear body mounts the stock, slash mounts wont work. I think proline makes something to do this kind of conversion. I couldnt find anything around. I didnt see any on ebay and i didnt see any of my local hobby shops, so i dont even know what that piece is off of i used on the rear, i think its i dont know. I have no clue something that came with an scx10 or something maybe, but it came out pretty good. I switched the numbers, i i had some white letter numbers and it just didnt look right and i had that dale earnhardt sticker set. So i just kind of went crazy with that. Some uh sparkly vinyl rc everyday logos, not the best look but its just a good fun. Beater im curious to see how these tires do on the gravel, and i think it may be too muddy. It rained pretty good earlier to uh, go on my hard pack dirt area, but we try to clean it up and do some driving but, like i said, i do have to lift the body, but so this is probably gon na drag pretty bad, because this this Chassis is real soft, its just a stock, slash tool, drive its got the low center of gravity, chassis conversion and thats.

It ive got a couple more things to do to it, but were not going to do it in this video but uh overall thats, not bad. For lexan people on instagram are like who are you what? What is this so never touch lexan stuff at all, and i dont know just feeling nostalgic kind of bring back childhood memories, trying to jack with lexan and just kind of build a basher. So ive got the somewhere in the battery. This is a five thousand seven cell traxxas battery. I dont have any traxxas lipos. I dont even know. If that xl5 will handle a lipo im, not even yeah ive never run anything, but the stock stick packs on the slash. I barely ever ran it, but uh it looks cool im digging. I like the tires and wheels. Those are pretty pretty cool with the caps go on them, be a pain in the butt change the uh change tires in and out, but oh well, yeah. The suspension on this is super super soft. You can see there. It pulls up quite a bit im. Pretty sure were going to have a lot of rubbing with the ride height as it is, but just kind of going to play with it. Ive watched some videos and stuff on setting up short course, and i dont have a dedicated oval. So i dont want to stiffen up the right side and do the things that they were doing.

I want to kind of keep it to turn right and left since im not going to have a place to actually race it, but lets go outside and see how dirty we can get it hey all right guys. It doesnt work very well uh, its just too low front tires, keep catching the uh fenders, so definitely got to adjust the ride height, not sure yet were gon na do that with body mount or shocks. I ideally want the bottom of the body level at the bottom of the chassis. I mean thats general rule on everything i dont know if theres anything about these specifically but right now our body is probably half an inch below the chassis. So we got to get that up a little bit: it wasnt five minutes of driving and things covered in mud, its pretty pretty muddy a few times. I got it to kind of drift around turns it actually looked pretty cool but uh yeah. This would just be a fun beater uh well come back and touch on it again here before long now, figure out what to do with the suspension and the body mounts, but um yeah, im gon na wrap this one up. As i said, ive been working on this for two weeks, its just taking forever. So i cant really say: keep it scale in this one, because this isnt technically scale not scaled anything else. Ive got but really cool. I think itll be a fun.