So, if you’ve been keeping up with my two wheel, drive traxxas, then you probably already know that it has a 6s system from an arm on it. It has no other upgrades, as you can see, i just slapped that thing on took the old stuff out, slapped that thing on and took it outside these pizza cutters right here otherwise known as the stock wheels and tires could not hold on for dear life. With that 6s system at full throttle so it’s definitely time to upgrade these little bad boys right here. You know just a little blip on the throttle and that thing was sliding left and right all over the place fish telling. So i went online and started looking things up. You know. How can i make my two wheel drive slash a little bit easier to control on dirt on gravel things like that and pretty much everyone was like: hey get the trenchers get the pro line. Badlands get the super swampers stuff like that, so went online. Looked them up, try to buy one of them when these popped up right next to them. Hobby park 2.8 monster truck tires for about half the cost or less than half the cost of trenchers or or swampers. Things like that. You can get a full set right here for about 35 40 bucks i’ll put the exact price up on the screen right now. I don’t remember off the top of my head because they were so dang cheap and i needed a spur.

I got this little thing right here: it’s a metal spur now normally i wouldn’t recommend metal spur gears, but it came with some pinions in there. For you know pretty cheap 10 15 bucks, shipped Applause tada now i don’t know if it’s just me, but whenever i get new tires that new tire smell man, it just just gets addicted and wanting more new stuff tread pattern, pretty good, pretty good. It should hold up in the dirt and gravel. I hope doesn’t come pre glued. I like the little design right here. You know it’s going to go real nice with the black slash body that i have 12 millimeter hex. I think it also comes in 17 millimeters. So you’re, just gon na, have to look around for these i’m gon na leave. The leaning tower of monster truck tires back out of view for a second and focus in on the metal kind of spur and pinion set that i picked up here. I’Ll put the price up links in the description for these, but it comes with five millimeter shaft pinions and it also comes with a little five mil to three mil bore adapter, so it’s, pretty cool. You can kind of interchange, these pinions and this little shaft right here anyways. I got the spur right here, same exact, one that i had that i was using. Hopefully it doesn’t kind of mess up my drivetrain look at this perfect fit with the little mounting mechanism for the slipper and here’s our old little buddy.

You can see all jacked up, we’re, also saying goodbye to our little friend mr 17 tooth and upgrading to our new friend mr19t got the wheels on all four quarters now we’ll put the body on in just a sec. I wanted to get a little bit more ground clearance on the rear. Over here i was gon na switch over the mounting points of the rear shocks against the rear arms, but i just realized. I got two different arms right here so on the left. Those are rpm arms, it only has three mounting points and then on the right. I think these are the stock ones. I believe you can see it has five different mounting points, so i was gon na switch them around a little bit, get a little bit more ground clearance by you know putting them more closer to the center, but maybe this is why i’ve been having some struggles. Keeping this thing together all right, let’s get the body on now see how it looks. Obviously, looking around real quick on the back Music it’s gon na have a little bit of trouble. Clearing that body gon na have to trim the rear. Fenders front looks okay front. Probably gon na get a little trim as well, but i think it’s gon na fit nicer with these 2.8 all right. So this is what it’s looking like so far front. Wasn’T too bad it’s got a little bit of a sag on the back, so the front had enough clearance.

I just kind of rounded this off a little bit back was the main issue i kind of went up to the body line up here. Might give it a little bit more ground clearance? If i take it off jumps, it is gon na bump a little bit, so maybe i’ll give it some ground clearance on the back, but we’ll finish up the other side and then i’ll meet you guys outside all right now. First impressions, i did a couple of rips i’d say you know these. You know 35 40 tires are holding up pretty great got a lot of grip here on the gravel compared to the stock tires gon na need a little bit more super glue to keep these on because they’re, starting to kind of fall apart from the rim. Let’S. Do a couple more rips see how it does the damage make sure you get battery tie downs come on Music Music, so Applause that’s a lot of power. So after a couple, more rips, traxxas, slash holding up well with these tires, definitely recommend buying them it’s night and day the traction that i’m getting on this little dirt field over here. But i think we’re limited by two things: the body sitting a little bit too low, definitely need to go two three inches higher monster, slash style and the tires are also ballooning too much so i’m going to just take the body off. Do a couple more runs and then see how it does.

Oh so i’m, just on 3s now, but i did make it to this little grass field over here, and it does just fine with these tires, so definitely recommend Music, ah dang it well. Slash has high center of gravity now all right, this lashes, all dirty now the tires did its job. The metal spur did its job. Everything held up great, the gravel was no problem for these tires, so definitely recommend these 40 little amazon tires here, as always, jacob’s rc stick around for the next video stay tuned for more check out all the tracks aftermath of doing all these donuts over.