Today we are reviewing the two wheel: drive traxxas stampede monster truck. The stampede is a two wheel: drive 110 scaled hobby grade monster, rc truck. You can buy it for 169.99 without a battery or with the battery cost 209.99. If this is going to be your first rc car, i suggest you buy it with the battery. If you buy it with the battery out of the box you’re going to get the 2.4 gigahertz transmitter, the 4 amp dc charger, the 3 000 milliamp 8.4 volt battery you’re also going to get some instructions, a diagram, a small assortment of tiny tools and the optional Opinion gear, so on the box it says it goes up to 30 miles an hour with the optional pinion gear. But then you lose a lot of low end power and you can’t really take it off road as much. So i always just leave it stock because you got a lot more power with the pinion gear that it comes with. So the major components of the stampede you’re going to get the xl5 electronic speed control. You got the 2.4 gigahertz receiver. You got a high torque, waterproof steering servo right here. You also got the ultra oil filled shocks. You got the 2.8 inches talon monster truck tires and you got the powerful titan. 12 turn 550 motor. So this thing’s pretty much a beast. Um you’re gon na find very similar shocks and components, just like the other 1 10 skills.

Now the coolest thing about the stampede other than it just being an awesome monster truck is its ability to do these sweet willies on command the only bad thing about this? Is it doesn’t come with the willy bar? You got ta, buy a willy bar separate or it just flips, on its back every time you step on the accelerator, so the willy bars they’re only 15 bucks super worth it. You got to get a willy bart right when you buy your stampede because it’s awesome, the other cool thing about the stampede is its ability to drive wherever you want to go it drives in the dirt. It dries in the grass Music it dries in the snow. It even does some sweet jumps. I’Ve only had two problems with my stampede one. When i first got it, i did a couple ramps on it, and one of the plastic caps on the ultra shocks popped off, which is a pretty easy fix. Just went to the store and bought an aluminum cap refilled it with some oil twisted that aluminum cap on and i’ve never had a problem with this since, and it was only one shock if you notice the rest are all black, except for this one aluminum. I guess i could have switched all of them, but i just put it just this red one. The other problem that i’ve ran into is because i drive a lot in the snow and the rain and everything gets all wet um.

I try to dry it out. The best i can, but the engines start squealing, sometimes and it’s a pretty easy fix. You just get some three in one oil and you just put a little drop on the motor on the little motor spindle move the engine around and it works it way down. There and it stops squealing so other than that i’ve had any other issues. With my car for the two years now that’s not saying i haven’t broken pieces um i was driving once ran right in right into a metal pole, full speed and i broke the chassis right in half. Okay – and i broke this piece – you know it’s a different color um, but it’s that’s. What the great thing about the traxxas cars all right, it’s, an easy fix. The chassis was like 10 bucks. I bought a new chassis. Um put, it all, took the things off. Put all back together and brand new car, okay, no problem and that’s. Why you buy traxxas is because you can fix it and they’re easy to fix. So if you’re, looking for an awesome monster truck the two wheel, drive stampede is the perfect beginner hobby grade rc car for you, i’ve really enjoyed it it’s. My first one it’s been awesome. It’S still awesome, i love doing willy’s with it definitely worth getting it.