Build truggy stampede is a 4×4 stampede that i converted into a truggy, which i like to call it stumpy. For short, first thing, you may notice that the trunky body is a 1 10 scale, techno truggy, and then the wing is basically a proline wing. I think that’s meant for like druggies or whatnot, i can’t quite 100 remember, but it fits pretty good. I at first had a techno wing on it and well, as you can see, things happen to it so that’s kind of like a little trophy for me now um, so underneath the body shell there’s, my hobby shop right there um so first glance, um suspension components Are pretty much proline dual shocks? Um these shocks worked pretty well. I did have a little incident where the last race, the only race – i really took this thing to – was the bottom cap right. There decided to unscrew and spew oil all over the arm. So i kind of had to replace that before this video um and then it has a sway bar kit, that is, for a 4×4 slash um. The next thing is the body mounts: are your typical battery mounts for, say every single 3s line uh traxxas vehicle? Basically, you just screw them in let’s, say like a little multi tool like this and just screw them in on there that’s, probably the wrong side, that’s the right side. There we go um and then pretty much anything else, a wing mount.

So basically, that is a uh two wheel drive rustler uh battery holder, and then it is pretty much sandwiched by a couple of screws and washers with a low c wing mount that pretty much makes my wing um. Anything else uh tires are a prism, rear, uh soft z3. I believe it is, i believe, that’s the softest correct me if i’m wrong in the comments, and then we have the swaggers from j concepts. The softest compound you can probably get how much. To be honest, these are way softer than these guys are there’s a lot more stiffer but hey. You know what, if you’re going around a corner? That’S, probably helpful, um, electronics uh. So we have a transponder your normal, my laps transponder. Radio is a spectrum uh, dx3, we’re radio, see that pretty much a very nice radio. I must say it’s been very, very helpful. I have pretty much been falling in love with it. Uh spectrum has been doing pretty good job with their rtr radios. They’Ve been having a little bit of problems, but it looks like they got them figured out. It turned out to not be the radio it turned out to be the receiver. My bad correction, um, steering, servo or steering steering servo is a um savvox. I forget what the uh little necromancer, but maybe i’ll put it in the description for you guys. If i remember what it is. The esc motor combo is a mamba x, um and then the motor is a censored.

3800 kv brushless motor um. I wanted to go brushless just because i was gon na use this for racing so might as well go big and go home. Um been a pretty good setup. So far, uh fluids are pretty much 50 shock oil in the front and 45 in the rear. For me, no it’s 40 weight, 40 weight, 40 weight in the rear and then the diffs are 30 30 for the center diff. I do have a center diff in here and then the rear diff oil is 10 000 weight um and then i do also have adjustable turnbuckles. That will not come in the stampede kit if you do get the stampede kit. So this is a stampede kit. Just to let you know, um performance complaints that you can’t really stop uh. It is a monster truck at the end of the day. So i got this thing so low to the point. It is pretty darn low to the ground. I must say like those are even and all that um that’s pretty decently, even i hope i got it on camera once again, pretty even so. Overall, it does a pretty good job um, but, like i said in the end of the day, it is a stampede. 4X4 it’s got that big, huge monster truck high centered chassis hump that traxxas absolutely loves so um. I think that’s about it. Um Music checking in my head here, yep, i think that’s about it.