Well, that was quite a task getting all the plastic wrap off of it, but now we can really get into this unboxing. So this is the two wheel drive stampede now this truck does come in two configurations, one for 199, where it doesnt come with the charger or battery, or you can get this model here which retails for 229, and it does include the charger and the battery. So lets get to this its like its backing out of a garage. Oh yes, im not going to be able to contain my excitement for this one, because this is a truck that i have wanted for over 10 years, i used to be into traxxas back in the day when they had their nitro rustler and they still do, but That was my first rc car that was real and ever since then ive fallen in love with traxxas. So here we have the stampede and the bodys coated in plastic undo the little clip there and right here and lets take a look at this thing now. This comes in a couple, different configurations: you can get it in the two wheel drive variant, which is like this, where you see the motor kind of hangs off the back right here. This is the titan 550 motor or you can get the four wheel drive version, and this also comes in a big foot, which i believe is the same chassis as the stampede, though, instead of having this style body and these rims, it has the bigfoot body and The bigfoot ribs, we undo the body here its got the typical traxxas kind of look to it, the graphics.

This comes in green orange, red blue uh, pink and it might be one other color im forgetting, but those are the main colors that this thing comes in these shocks, theyre oil filled the tires, definitely have foam in them and if i do the drop test here, This thing is going to be a ton of fun and its definitely going to pop some wheelies based on the weight distribution. Here its like, i said, theres two different models. You can get one with the battery and one without as well as the charger. This one does come with the battery and charger its got: the traxxas id 8.4 volt power cell right here now. This battery pack looks very cool because its translucently wrapped and you can see the individual cells in there, which i find pretty badass and its got the little remote now. Of course, this is all weather, so this thing can go out and rain snow. Everything like that, and i got ta figure out where this plugs into i can do that later. This is the unboxing, so lets take a look at what else comes in the box Music. All right here we have the remote its just their simple basic 2.4 gigahertz system and in the bottom this should just be four double as and thats it for whats inside the box packed now we can go into a little more in depth and take a look At what comes in this plastic, sleeve Applause weve got a few extras, some body clips uh.

Some of these i dont i dont remember what these are called. They go unlike the shocks i believe i dont know you can correct me if im wrong there, some hardware to pull the wheels off uh some other tools, some allen keys things of that sort. We have the charger now. This is very interesting because it has a cigarette lighter adapter on it im not quite sure what the deal with this is. I was hoping for a wall adapter battery plugs in right here, but i dont want to have to charge this thing in my car. So, im going to further look into why this is a cigarette adapter rather than a wall charger weve got some decals for the car, warranty registration envelope and, finally, what i presume to be the owners manual, the operation manual right here and some other advertisements basically for Batteries – and here we go the quick start guide so thats, going to conclude the unboxing for the stampede and now were going to go into some driving shots and some hooning all right. Ive got the stampede out here and were going to do some test driving so lets go. Obviously a ton of torque itll do wheelies on command, especially with that rear motor setup right there. That really helps Applause now lets uh lets. Do some jumping with this thing. So Music, so Music, do now lets just do some like straight line: speed testing, Music, Music, hey foreign, Music; ah, okay, all right, Music, Music Applause.