Well, my question to you, my fellow drifterman axe is: do you keep fit with your rc cars? Well, normally. The answer to that is fairly. Obviously, now is you’re just standing there going like this, but with this one, the traxxas summit, it climbs up steps and fingers crossed i’ve got a treat for you later on this video. This is the only rc car i’ve ever driven that has actually climbed successfully up steps, but i have found a set of steps, but i found a killer set of steps to take this thing up. If all goes to well – and i repair my half price summit at the minute – it is in two halves the other week i did a video entitled. Why did i buy this car? I bought it because it was cheap because it was half price. However, did need a new asc fit into it and there was a problem with the left front. Wheel sticking, i fit a new quick run esc to the car that’s all powered up, that’s working now to fix the sticky front left wheel, which i’ve actually managed to track down to a tiny little gear which cost just 12 from traxxas. So i’m thinking i’ve got an absolute bargain of a deal with this summit. Anyway, let me get the work fit in this clear, quick test out and then let’s hit those steps, and you will see what i mean by keeping fit using your rc car.

When you see this set of steps, okay to get to the heart of the problem, need to remove the differential and just put it back together to keep the side clean, wiggle and jiggle. The differential out like that, remove six screws, and that lets me open up. The differential where we can see this gear here, which controls the front diff, whether it’s, locked or not, is completely broken into some time to replace that put it all back together. Okay, well with the diff back together and in the car, everything is now ready to go batteries. Charge sewer let’s go find some steps to test this. This is the slowest video i’ve ever made, but then we are about to tackle something quite interesting. Well, i remember slight issue in today’s, stair climbing test people run up and down these stairs to keep fit it’s worth a great. The summit will go up, those, but one front wheel is still not locking, whereas previously the front wheel was locked, which was solid, which was the main problem now. One of them is spinning freely, so a little bit more work to do. But what i’m thinking go up beside that as what goes up must come down now? Would you say at this point in the video things have not gone quite to plan, whilst both front wheels are now moving, the diff is not locking so well before i had the problem that all this front left wheel would not turn at all.

It now does turn, as does the front right one, not a problem there, but the diff is free, it’s, not locking, which is mean it’s not going to be able to climb up steps. So i thought my day was ruined and a little light bulb appeared. What goes up must come down, so i want to go up the bank at the side of the steps and then come down the steps and see how we get on, but i will just say: while it goes up quite well, you might want to go and Make a cup of tea a coffee or a cake, or some fish and chips, something like that, while watching the car descend but boy, does it descend? Well, the front right wheel now doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of drive. Oh minute, i’ll take my light off it. We get stuck Music good thing about this is it’s got enough power to just blast your way up. That Music is fairly impressive, to say the very least, i think there’s about probably about 40 feet vertical difference in height and that’s. The slope we’ve come up with the summit. Stair climbing may have been an epic fail today. The ascended was absolutely awesome. Now no need to be nervous, rich, Music. Now, to give you a hint, this is probably the slowest video i’ve made in quite some years, but it just shows you just how awesome the traxxas summit is and believe me on this 45 degree bank.

I am keeping extremely fit. There are not many rc cars in the world outside of traxxas. That could do this. Absolutely awesome. Sorry been a bit careful as i do not want to fall down Music very, very few rc cars in the world that could do this. Music, did i care here i’m, not saying this? Is the slowest video at this point in time, but right now, if you want to go out and make a cup of tea like me, then go ahead and do so. You wonder, i would do well that i would do i’m going to jump down. These she’s got so much control, it’s, ridiculous and it’s, not bothering out at all, which is one of the reasons why, on the right day, with a difficult, it will climb up these steps Music. Now what i’m thinking is put it in high gear and uh? Try this with it, i am slightly nervous, i have to say Music, i haven’t anymore, and the thing will just literally monster over anything, just the ultimate all terrain vehicle just check out that articulation god. I love this i’ve wanted one of these for so long, but didn’t want to pay full price for one, as i did feel it was expensive at full price i’m now debating whether it is, but it will just go over literally anything. Okay, quick test on the blacktop here on low speed that’s with all the diffs unlocked it’s, not starting any fast don’t, buy one of these thinking, you’re getting a speed demon.

That is not what the summit is about. All diffs unlocked on high speed different matter on high speed anyway. The versatility of this truck just down here at this simple test spot with some stairs and that steep super steep bank has given me a few ideas for taking this out and playing with it and seeing just what crazy antics i can get up to it and See just how hard a terrain we can push this over. So if you don’t miss those videos hit the little subscribe button and the bell next to it anyway, me i’m off home to get that front. Diff sorted out, get those wheels finally locked up and then come back because i’m convinced we can climb. The stairs might need a bit of weight on the front to keep the nose down, though. So while we had a bit of a fail today with the summit climbing up the steps, i’ve already put the parts on order in order to fix this front, locking differential on there costing just a mere six dollars. So i should be a fairly swift fix, but then i thought that when i fitted the other gear, but i do have a feeling we will get there a little bit of weight on the front of the summit and i do have a feeling. This little baby is going to crawl all the way up that set of steps, so me i’m off out jogging preparing for that day, which is going very soon well thumbs up.