This would be a two year review because well obviously, because i’ve had it for two years and done a couple of upgrades on it. Um, like a lipo battery, a uh, a metal spur gear, differential, upgraded differential gears, um, the new, the upgraded drive shafts. Actually, let me just there. We go focus actually, no i’ll, just unplug the battery. Oh yeah here’s the battery it’s, the lipo 2 cell um, oh yeah. The good thing about this battery is is that you can switch the connectors on here, so you can put a ec3 dean’s or a traxxas um here’s. What i was talking about, a uh, the blue, i don’t know this is weird because i’ve, never, i don’t talk much in front of a camera, but this is the blue, uh jerusalem and the center driveshafts. I think they’re called, but i don’t have a body for it and these things snap, because the body is broke but um yeah. We got to replace everything in here because it’s good on snow and stuff, but when you just go drench it in water it’s, not that good, obviously, but um other upgrades, we got a upgraded um traxxas. What is it the i don’t know? If you can see it, but it’s, the traxxas 2065 servo it’s got the latrax 3 370 motor. I think yeah 370 motor um, i think that’s all the stuff that i’ve really upgraded it’s a good car. I mean it’s, really good on bashing but brand new.

You definitely want to switch these to metal because i’ve snapped these so many times but um. You know that’s gon na happen when you’re bashing, really good i’ll, probably make a video later tonight when i’m back from my school conference thing but um yeah, i was just making a little review. Video um, actually i’m gon na talk about something quickly here, um. What was it um? Oh yeah, these go about 25 miles per hour stock and this thing is a brushed so it’s 25 miles an hour. It’S got good torque, not like my slash right there, but it’s decent um, i’m gon na be getting a new uh, traxxas nitro, so i’ll make videos on that and i’ll probably do an unboxing once i get it starting to sell some stuff for money and mowing, But um, what else can i show about the car? Oh yeah it’s got the traxxas connector it’s brushed, like i said, um it had. I put i had a what are? They called upgraded shocks on it, the hot racing ones, but for 40 bucks i don’t think they’re that good they, the rods, fall off the these. I don’t know what you call these: the the spring holders i don’t know um those fall off a lot. Even when i tighten the even when i tighten these, they still fall off the thing they’re just jacked up and you have to put like 100 weight oil in them just to get them stiff enough, like this only has 30 weight oil, and these are really good.

So um what else could i say about it? I think why i really like this car is because i’ve crashed so many times and you just keep going. You crash it into something and you just keep going. She keeps driving pretty good under here. Uh the off roading mini tires um. I wish they had foam inserts in them, but no um. You have to glue them yourself. I already did that not the best job, but i guess it’s all right, um Music. What else could i say: um? Oh yeah, i can oh yeah. Another thing that breaks a lot on this car is the the hold on. Let me see if i can tell yeah i can so right there, these things right here, the metal things. Those are always snapping right here and on this on the front, i have the cases over them. They don’t snap, but i can’t find the cases anymore that go over those, but you know i don’t really know what to do yeah. I i’d recommend these cars they’re about 129 i’m, pretty sure, and it comes ready to run it’s the ready to run model um. It comes with a nickel metal hydra battery. Let me just go: show you i’m being stupid right now: oh yeah here’s, the charger. The dynamite charger i got for it, the pro fat sport mini and it’s got the ec3 connector my little cabinet um here’s, the transmitter right here. The latrex transmitter just got the steering trim on it, um pretty good transmitter, obviously not as good as this one, but for a 129 dollar car it’s decent and then here’s the stock battery for it.

The nickel metal, hydrite 7.2 volt battery pack, it’s good. If you’re just getting into the hobby – but you know you’re going to want to start you’re going to want to get a lipo it, it doesn’t increase the speed much with this lipo, but oh it. It definitely gives it a bunch of torque i’ll say that it increased it by maybe three miles an hour with this venom battery, but oh that’s, it’s day and night. When it comes to the torque but um yeah. I can show you a couple other things here’s the car. If you want to see, i need to start figuring out how to use youtube like an intro and um yeah, an intro and then when they i don’t, know how they do it, but they like. I i think it’s i don’t know i’m. I need to start making more videos and figuring stuff and then it’s the come on. Oh yeah it’s got the oil filled, shocks, 2.4, gigahertz radio system, uh the batteries included and the four wheel drive yeah four wheel drive right here, obviously powered by traxxas, um there’s it when you get it brand new that’s what it looks like um Music. This was my first ever traxxas rc car, all weather electronics um. If you’re gon na go driving rain, i wouldn’t recommend it just because i blew everything up in it. Pretty much but let’s go look inside yep here’s, my old esc in my old esc that blew up don’t know why i still have that spare tires for spare tires here’s the the quick start guide, it’s, just telling you how to run everything, i guess, and how To bind stuff and go to the content, oh yeah, it tells you how all the parts go together.

Nope don’t think it says, never mind um yeah, i think that’s about it. Yeah that’s about it, uh here’s. What it looks like when you have the body on, but i broke mine gon na – get a new one eventually, but for now trying to save it for the traxxas, slash, nitro same thing as this one, just a nitro version not faster, but i love the sound And they smell good, but um yeah. I think this will be it for this video thanks for watching.