Today i decided to do a review video for my trx4 blazer um. I don’t think i’ve done a review video before but um. I figured i’d do one for you guys just give you a heads up on what’s going on um. I don’t think i have any videos with my 2×4 in it and i apologize for that. I just haven’t been able to get out much with coronavirus and everything. Um but i’ll give you guys a quick spin around what’s going on here so kind of give you an idea of what’s going on with it a bumper’s sticking way too far out. Actually, i just stuck that rear bumper on so that’s why it looks funny, but um we’ll start with the front of the body work. Our way back so and most of this stuff is on amazon, so it’s pretty easy to get um. This is a one of those front: bumpers, um that you can get off amazon just wanted like the knockoff metal ones. They actually are pretty good um. They look good at first, i mean until you take them out into the trail and hit rocks on myself. It starts to get a little beat up, but it still works perfectly great also came with a working winch. Um works really good. I i haven’t had any problems with my winch. Windshield works really well, no issues at all. I did actually have to buy a rc four wheel, drive remote and like the little computer system that controls the the winch, because the other one just wasn’t working right.

It was just blinking, red and wouldn’t do anything. You can only figure it out. So that was the only issue that i had with that, and i just ordered the rc4 wheel, drive remote and computer system and just plug it right in worked perfectly. So did that and then next thing is the light kit in here it’s the traxxas blazer k5 light kit. I just got it off of or aiming hobbies or whatever you guys use for that um. Just the typical traxxas light kit that you put in there. It comes with the headlights a little light down here and then the side marker and also the tail lights back here, um after that i’ve done this roof rack also off of amazon. For about 60 70 bucks. I think it comes with an led light bar really bright, really good, really, like the the looks of it on here. Um really good quality it’s solid metal on there um see what i got in the roof rack is the luggage nut up. Also off of amazon. Then all of our little accessories got those off of hobbytown and amazon as well and i’ll, put links to everything you see on this car a little bit in the description um other than that in the back here, i’m. Just going to get the body off so it’s, not interfering, i got a spare tire mount off of amazon, i think, is 10 bucks. Maybe i can’t remember, but also the little fuel cell there in the back as well, not fuel cell, but a little.

I don’t know a little gas can in there. This tire came off of the charisma coyote that i was building earlier. I ended up putting my old trx4 tires on there and got some new ones, um that’s, pretty much it on the body. I got one of these. This is the rj speed, 80s jeep thingy. I don’t even know what it’s called to be honest, but ended up being really small. As you can see, as i’m holding up my hands, you can already tell that’s way too small for a trx four wheel base um and you can totally tell just by the way it looks right there. But honestly, i just cut out the wheel well right here. Just cut it straight so that fit on there a little bit better, but still tiny, but i figured i’d use it. If i want to use this for a more legit rock crawling because with the blazer body it’s way too top heavy okay underneath here, um we’ve got our piggyback shocks in red. These are on amazon. For about 25 bucks a pair. I think i got the 110 millimeter shocks on all four corners. Um lots of travel really like it as you can see there um one other modification i did to the shocks area. I guess is i got the uh sport shock mounts um. These are this. Blazer came originally with the wheel wells, the built on ones. Uh took those off put these other ones on um.

I also put these shock keys on, so i could stick the truck up shocks a little bit more, to give it some more articulation, which works really. Well sounds actually a little bit loose. I need to tighten that um, but it gives a lot more articulation and it works pretty darn. Well, i’ve really enjoyed it. No problems at all. Um works, really good, so highly recommend doing this type of modification. If you want some more articulation or flex in your crawler, um let’s, see on this side got this little thingamajig right here, get that off of amazon. You’Ve, probably seen it before. If you look up trx4 upgrades or whatever, really you can do things uh, it just helps with no not worrying about taking your body off when you want to change the battery or turn on the car in general. You just have to do that, and it turns it on for you, which is super convenient i’ve loved that modification um let’s, see let’s move to the front here. Another electronic is the servo that you’ve, probably all seen on amazon or other places, lots of people have. They have been getting these, so i just had to get one tried out. My for myself works, really good super quiet, high torque way better than stock traxxas servo. That was trash um, but it’s it’s, really quiet, as you can hear from there a lot quieter than the traxxas one. A lot smoother too so really enjoyed that servo.

So far, no problems at all uh. I did have a little bit of an issue with the length of the cord to get to the receiver, so i ended up having to take off this. The little smaller cover in order to get it to fit. But i was just gon na get a extension wire just to hang it out just to help it with that and then put that cover back on um let’s see this little module here is for the light kit that came with the kit um. So you can plug in more multiple lights. If you want to, i think there is four ports on there and like it only takes one i believe yeah. It only takes one, so you can put in three more ports in there. If you want to use that my led, the led bar light bar that came with the roof, rack does not work with this module. I had to put it on one of these little y splitters here and connect that to the um connect that to the light bar and also use that to power up this module. I believe or something like that, but well. This is what powers it, but this i’m not sure but anyways. I just use this fly splitter and that’s what powers it, but this module does not work with that. So you have to be aware, if you want to do the same modifications and now you’re, all probably wondering about the brass parts, so pretty much got everything you can mostly um i’ve gotten right here.

As you can see, the sea hubs knuckles, um that’s, pretty much it. I think, that’s what you get on the front there yeah – oh, i guess, it’s the c hubs. Inner and outer portal housing um so got all that brass. Super awesome really clean. Looking really like, it also got the lower shock mounts on there as well. I don’t know if you can see them there, i’ll probably come around with another video to show you guys. It’S got the lower shock mounts on. There also got the differential covers here. You can see that you can definitely see on the rear there. Diff covers this one. I only got the outer portal cover. The inner ones are kind of hard to find, but i will get those next to switch those metal ones out. I’Ve also gotten these metal axle housings from amazon they’re, like 120 bucks for the front and rear, and it comes with everything you need. All you have to do is just switch the traxxas stuff, the plastic housings and, like the plastic c pubs and the portal housings comes with everything. Some people have had complaints with them. I haven’t had any complaints with them at all or any problems or anything like that. Any issues, but they they work perfectly fine it’s kind of nice to have metal housings to get a little bit more weight down bottom um, but i think that’s pretty much it. I just kind of scanned the car to make sure i talked about everything um one let’s see i don’t think i’ve mentioned this at all in my instagram or any of my videos, i’m working on a trailer.

I just stained it today, it’s looking pretty good. So far, i guess just put on the tongue as well: i’m gon na get the hitch next and hopefully that will that’ll just go onto this front. Part right here, i’ll just drill a hole screw it in from the other side. Um pretty simple, just bought some 2×1 by, however long it was wood from home depot, um, just wood glued it together and then got some of this aluminum. It is three quarter inch by half inch by 48 inch aluminum, and i just cut it to frame frame around the edge here now. Just cut a 45 degree angle here just to make it look a little clean. I should have just done it halfway here and halfway on the bottom, because i ran out here and then i used another piece, but then i had to use another piece again just kept messing up there, so i might get another piece and just redo this whole Section um, but other than that, it’s coming together, the wheels are coming in in a few days, um also getting an antenna for this thing to go on the back bumper or wherever it goes. I’Ve seen them on the cars and i was like i had to get one um other than that that’s, an update on a new project i’m working on um, but i think that’s about it for this review. So far i have loved the traxxas trx4 um.

I haven’t had any issues with the electronics at all. My trex’s servo is still good, but i just switch it out just because you know it is terrible but use it i’ll just use it as a spare just in case or i’ll use it. When i get a snow plow hint, but i think other than that i mean it’s great, i love it. It’S got plenty of speed and power, and i love the two speed and the locking interlocking differentials all that type of stuff. It works great. I haven’t had any issues with that at all. Some future upgrades i might consider doing is the brushless hoppy wing two in one fusion, that one will be an upgrade here for the motor and ac um, and then i’ll probably get the lcg. The low center gravity battery tray as well to kind of lower that center of gravity a little bit more, but i think that’s about it. So i guess, if you guys, have any recommendations or any type of things that you want me to change on here, to make it perform better or look better.