I just bought this yesterday at a local hobby dealer in saigon michigan. I was looking at these online and i saw they’re close to like 600 bucks right now. I saw this one for 480. So i bought it. My first impressions of this trx4 would probably say the scale on the body. Just the detail. The door handles the mirrors wipers it’s very scale. It looks really good in the paint it’s got a nice shiny, paint, clear tinted, tinted windows, which is cool. You can put a interior in there if you desire that, and also the uh, the rims it’s got like a chrome beauty ring. The chrome cap over like makes it look like lug nuts, instead of just the little nut and uh the bumpers like the rear, bumper, the front bumper and the grille it’s, just very detailed it’s, really cool, especially in person on camera, it’s cool, but in person. It’S. Even better and the headlights even look real and you can get a lighting kit for this vehicle as well there’s like a little sticker in there. That makes it even look like there’s a bulb, but one thing this car comes with is uh. You know it’s front and rear straight axle, but it has differential lockers, which is right here on the remote all the way back is open. Diffs one click forward is just locking the front diff and all the way forward is all front and rear. Diff, locked really cool, just neat design, something to play with that uh i’ve, never even seen on a crawler, i didn’t even know it had it.

Even when i bought it, i didn’t even know they offered that for rc. Really cool it’s got a high and low gear. This is in low gear. That’S high gear you’ll, see when i go play with it, how it reacts different, it’s, quite a difference. This car didn’t come with a battery or a charger. I have a charger, but i bought a uh lipo battery it’s, a venom, 5000 milliamp, 2s and i’ve ran it for just a little bit of time to try it and charge it the whole way. So today, we’re going to run it and see how how much run time i get it’s a hard case, battery they’re, like 50 bucks, venom, rogers hobby center and saying all about that from what else is cool on this, the the differentials like the pumpkin cover – i Guess the chrome and on this they it’s it’s, just plastic doesn’t, actually come off this plastic it’s on the front and rear, and one of the cool features about the traxxas car explorer is the portals on the axle that i reduce your gear. Your gearing and pretty much eliminates torque twist with the style, crawler uh one, the one thing i’m, probably not impressed with with this truck, is how stiff the shocks are. They are oil filled aluminum shocks, but they are very stiff. I’Ll probably end up changing the oil on them to a lighter oil just to help out instead of bouncing.

Oh, what else? The articulation it’s kind of hard to show you at this angle, it’s, not it’s, not bad it’s, actually good! You can see it’s a great great rc car should be for the price uh, the bumpers on it. They are mounted to the frame they’re, not on the body, which is good and makes them a little sturdier a little more solid. I can show you inside here what it looks like all right inside of the traxxas trx4, you can see right here. We have our servos for the uh the front and rear that’s. The rear, locking differential just turns a little bit lock that and the front one same thing: it’ll lock that it’s a front mounted motor, which is really cool, can distribute the weight a little better over here we have our servo for high and low gear right next To the esc, this esc is 2 and 3s capable, along with the non lipo batteries. You just have to change the setting right here in the easy set button. There’S also, like i think, there’s three different modes for this or you can have engine braking or no engine, braking like uh, if you’re, bashing or crawling or extra slow, mo, really cool future feature. I haven’t played with it yet uh the battery tray here, the layer battery in here you don’t, have to deal with any straps it’s. Just this goes over and it locks into this right here makes it all nice and solid it’s not going to go anywhere on you.

The receiver is right here in this box. This is this truck is all waterproof, pretty cool and the motor is a titan 21 turn 550 brushed motor i’ve, seen some guys going with brushless, but i think i’m going to keep the brushed just kind of keep a lower rpm and high torque and uh it’s Got inner fender wells as you can see, pretty cool so that pretty much wraps up my first impression and kind of a review, i guess of the traxxas trx4. If you have a truck like this and you’ve done, some mobs leave me a comment down below and tell me: what do you think’s the best mod? I should do first or just leave it. Ah, i’ll eventually do some really cool stuff with this, but for now i’m just gon na leave it like it is use it and put it through its paces. Alright, so that pretty much wraps up this video about the new traxxas. Well, my new traxxas trx4 4×4 brush motor lipo 2s battery uh. If you have any thing about this truck, you want to say just leave me a comment.