It is early. Look, you can kind of see some sun back there kind of just a little bit. Oh man. What is up guys? My name is mark santamaria. Welcome back to channel welcome back to the rc vlog guys we are back in oklahoma for the first round of the shaw series. This is going to be the start of what could potentially be a super crazy weekend. So originally me and chase msm team driver look he’s he’s over there ethan’s over there me and chase planned on spending the whole weekend at a1, the new racetrack by my house, not really by my house about 45 minutes away from my house and uh. We were going to do a practice day on saturday and then the race on sunday, but the stars aligned guys the stars aligned. The this series race actually got pushed to this saturday because of weather delays, and we had this crazy opportunity to run two races in one weekend. So here we are we’re at race, one for the weekend. This is saturday it is a beautiful morning. Oh, my god. We got up super early. I left the house around five in the morning chase. What time did you leave 3 45 he’s just giggling? He left at 3 45. We love this stuff but we’re having a good time already uh. We got all set up. I usually when i get to the track as much as i want to vlog when i get here, i got to get my batteries at least on charge, because practice starts in practice starts in 13 minutes, so i need to get out the track.

Let’S check out the track, guys all right, here’s our little pit setup. The only problem about pitting this far away from the track and the track is way back there is that we don’t have electricity, but chase has an awesome generator so we’re out there we got heat. All right, let’s go check out the track um. This is actually a lot of people for a shot series race. I did not think there was going to be as many people here. No, this it’s, like it’s, seven o’clock in the morning and um there’s people all over uh. What i love about this track is there’s just so much room man, those right there are gon na get blown up this weekend, um there’s, so much room out here for the kids to play and it’s just it’s, just beautiful. Also, the weather today is shaping up to be sunny and 66 is the high uh that’s exactly where we want it there’s chase um. You guys have probably seen this track several times. Oh, they have a new driver. Stand look at the new driver set i’ve. Never i haven’t seen this driver stand guys, lighting’s a little weird because it’s so early in the morning, but check out that driver stand. What driver stand. Do we stand on? I don’t i don’t know which one we stand on all right, guys so here’s the track. Uh i’ve never ran. This track looks like they did a complete rebuild.

I we’re trying to figure out if we’re supposed to be on that stand or the one that we’re on and there’s another one over there that’s a new stand. I’M gon na assume that we’re not supposed to be on there yet because there’s no stools a lot of people use tools like the kids, see their stools over here, still um but i’m. Also, assuming that we go this way around the track and uh yeah. This looks like a lot of fun. This jump looks a lot of fun. It looks like you could triple this thing um, but if you want to for spec slash for sure which i’m running spec slash today, you’re going to want to double that and then just roll that. But this see how this jump right here. Doesn’T really have a big landing that’s. Usually a telltale sign that that’s not going to be the best jump to try to triple. Maybe if you need time you can triple it there’s a whoop section, oh man, this looks like it’s going to be fun all right. So people are getting here, they made a good point. The uh, the standout we were standing on has to be the stand because there’s no pit area. So if you have a nitro guy, you don’t want to pit across right. So all right, but this isn’t, what the video is all about today, what we’re going to be doing, hopefully, if they give me the okay, which they’re pretty lenient over here, what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be driving that beast on the track.

Today, oh man, i’m, so excited i’ve been wanting to do this. This is what i was going to do at a1. We’Re, just gon na have to do it here at shots. Oh look at her she’s, so clean, especially this lighting. This is like awesome lighting. Oh man, yeah we’re, just gon na, send it bone stock 6s, send it on the track, hopefully between rounds. Let me do it: Music, um, Music, guys look at this. This is this it’s. The little things look at how pimp these? Are these high dollar pieces of metal just made my day but they’re colored, oh man, that’s, pretty cool chase is putting his on right now, i’m telling you guys it’s the little things all right, guys fill it up. I got one practice running. Oh there’s justin people are uh they’re coming in. Let me head on out here. People are still flooding in. We actually were supposed to start at nine. I think they were. I don’t think they anticipated this. Many people look at this they’re all back. There whole bunch of people today, oh it’s, gon na, be awesome. I ran one battery pack, which that should be fine, i’m gon na. This is what uh, oh god, a lap looks like with a real car and then i’ll do one with my udr and you can see how good it it handles. Actually, i should just drop my utter here now. I’M, not scared i’m waiting for my gopro to charge so we’re gon na need a little bit longer and i’ll drive out here.

Oh perfect, downside on that dribble that triple is actually not as easy as it looks, looks like he’s doubling and then clearing all of them out. I just hit the whole the whole thing on that that whoop section so the thing that’s hard about this track are the angles so see how these kind of go like diagonally, it messes with your head um. So if you run a lot of joey’s tracks like the dirt tracks, they’re very up and down side by side side to side these tracks that are built at angles, they can kind of mess your head a little bit. You have to get some time in them to get the angles down in order to really drive them fast, so mikey, b, he’s, a good driver, i’ve messed them all time, but he really is a legend. This is a this is a true fun fact. Here, mikey b is actually he’s, actually won. Nine races in one weekend is that true, mikey b that’s, true it’s true, must have been like monster truck e buggy nitro buggy nitro truck over 40 short course, spec, slash nine in one weekend, i’ve never done that. That’S! Pretty crazy but technically if he ran nine classes today he could do 18 this weekend um, but i don’t think he’s ready for that, because we’re running two races one today and one tomorrow – oh my god. Next to me, just fell off fella the guy.

Next to me, just fell off. The uh fell off his stool. Here we go here, goes some more fun. All right, i got ta get my udr. I can’t. Take it anymore, all right, guys, sorry, there’s, gon na be a lot of wind. I apologize but i’ll get a i’ll get another shot with my my mic on where it’s not so windy, but nonetheless, if there’s too much wind i’m, just gon na mute, the sound put some music on this is the first time out with the udr i mean. I can’t hit everything super hard, so let’s just see what happens. Oh gosh, so skatey the suspension is so soft. I can’t steer Music it’s so hard to drive. It’S like it just keeps Music, spinning Music they’re trying to help me. Thank you. Sorry. I didn’t throw dirt on you all right, so i just can’t give it a lot of throttle like it’s got a lot of power, so i want to go fast but it’s, not a good idea to go fast and we’re just going to kind of take it Easy we’re going to ease into the throttle here: there’s a really bad break bob and we’re just going to roll into the throttle. Oh overshot, that a little bit i was trying to make that jump. I don’t want to go like super fast, but it’s like it’s, like you have to do 47.1, the swoop section i want to go fast through but it’s, just not quite there we go here.

We go. Oh, i think, uh. I think the gentleman beside me thinks i’m talking in but i’m talking the camera i’ll talk to you too bud. No, i i appreciate the conversation which car are you sure you want to race? You don’t want to race the udr Music. Oh all, right i’m. Coming Music, the steering is really sluggish, which i got ta stalk. Okay, i’m! Here i come. He wants me to go in the pit lane. First, all right, you, roll out of pit lane i’ll, follow you go ahead. The steering’s really sluggish, which makes sense because i got a stock servo in there it’s. Definitely the suspension super soft, which is supposed to be the uh it’s loose don’t, got great tires on it. I don’t want to hit this kid. Oh there he goes, doesn’t have the greatest iron, so it’s loose so i’m, just trying to keep in the middle of the track i’m not doing anything too crazy. I don’t have a transponder in either so we can’t see the times that angle right. There is weird the only reason i was because that you flipped dang it that sucks man – oh my god, so fast, Music super fast there’s, another yeah, oh no land it. No, they are they’re fun and like it’s, got no traction. Thank you, sir, and it like it’s really skaty, but i just got to be really easy on the throttle. I’M. I’M sure they have locked three wrenches on.

No, i it’s got crazy amount of power. Needless to say, okay, there you go randy novak there i’ll. Let that guy go Music. I cannot get that jump right. It gets too skaty right before i hit it. Music. Sorry, of course, man that’s. What this is made for. I don’t know what time it’s made for, but it’s fun yeah, you did it buddy, you flipped! It 360 to right on to its lift. Okay, let’s uh get the trip closed. Let’S go! Try okay, we’re gon na do one more lap, we’re gon na finish this up see i’m, not gon na go for that jump, because i keep messing that up. A couple minutes, the kid’s class is gon na be up first, so kids make sure your uh, your cars, are ready. You’Re gon na be on the track. First, all right, so that wasn’t that bad um it was really really loose because of the tires. I think i said that and i apologize about all the wind. I thought my mics were charged up. They were not charged up uh, so i just used the gopro mic so that’s why it sounded like a lot of wind, a lot of background noise, but it felt really loose. I think that’s because of the tires, but also because it has so much body roll it’s like as soon as it starts, swaying, it’s weighs even more and it really it’s hard to get traction and hard to get control.

Your car after you kind of lose it. So i really have to basically baby throttle, but nonetheless it is fun um, but yeah. You could probably make some changes to that car to make it drive it on the track. I’M. Not gon na. Do that because it’s a basher, i was just driving it out. There just to see how it was anyways we’re about to start the driver’s meeting, they’re, all back there, uh, maybe i’ll, get some people i’ll show you guys the jars meaning. How about that? Let me go on the other side. All right guys check out the drivers beating a lot of people here, it’s a pretty good turnout for a serious race it’s a day race. I probably should be listening right now, but i have some people out there listening for me, but while i’m sitting there checking out this driver’s meeting, i couldn’t help but notice this. Oh man, that is my favorite trx4. Actually, my favorite trx4 is the bronco, but i like the uh, the sunset color, one that i have, but look at this it’s got the light bar all right. Sorry back to racing, oh, is that a solar max there’s, a solar max out there too we’re going to get the solar max. I know i’m – probably creeping people out by going around but we’re going to get the solar max real, quick. Oh the solar flare. Max. Look at that thing that thing looks so sick.

I hear may or may not have one of those already who knows i don’t know maybe we’ll find out soon. So i got to be kind of quiet since the jars meeting is happening, but what i do like about this track is they got a really strong, uh kids class presents uh my son ethan’s up there but there’s a whole bunch of kids racing today, which is What we want right, this is that’s the future. The hobby there’s an angry dog over there, but yes, it’s getting real over here, guys here’s this big triple here um, so the safe bet is to just double and single this um, but in e bug you can triple it pretty good. The only caveat i would say is whenever you’re tripling stuff like this: whenever you have these iffy jumps, you just have to make sure there’s no marshals in this area, because you’re hitting this thing hard right and um yeah, you don’t, want to hit someone in the Head and i’ve seen it happen before, where someone gets hit the head and gets busted up and it’s, not not a pretty sight, so i’m gon na go for it every round or every lap. Today i was pretty consistent with it in practice, but i am going to check up if there’s any risk of a guy being in there in regards to a marshall, all right drivers, meeting’s all done so one cool thing about this race is a broadcast.

A lot of races broadcast, but they broadcast here on an fm radio signal, so um we’re pitting pretty far away. We can just go to 90.1 and we can hear everything that’s going on on the track, which is really really nice. I got just a bunch of kids following me, trying to get in the video it’s. All right, y’all can get up in there. Oh those poor, those poor, poor, porta, potties there’s, like eight million people here with two porta potties, doing something: i’m working i’m. Like somebody out of all the places to drive your car, you want to drive it right here, right below all the dust will come. You should have took the chair. It was tyler killed, that’s what it was. It was this dude in his udr just burning up the. Why you got to do that to people bro, i told you i’m, ms i’m, sure dude that’s, probably the best one. You ever seen see seriously. Oh my god. It is amazing. It is oh, my god, i’m tired of messing with you. I don’t told you foreign gorilla 66 months, six that’s washable did i owe you a t, shirt, a box. I beat you so many times. Bro man we’ve had broke, i beat it, he can’t even beat me in an x max. He had four wheel drive eight sales. He couldn’t beat me bro that’s, not true. Last time we raced, i beat him and he won’t admit it.

I gave him the win. His whole family, he went home, wi fi, getting a little bit. Okay, you know what i mean: bro bro. I know i know you know with some tires see. Who does that? So now you believe them hey you and the damn team leader, you that’s gorilla tape. That’S washable yeah, i even canceled one of my old uh sponsors for yo ass bruh. Oh you got that to cover up your old sponsor, yeah that’s, nice dude. I, like that, a lot you might have to get the little shebang on the top of the m on the end. You know me all right, that’s, a wrap guys. I think this video was probably a little too long after watching some playback i’m, like geez that’s, a long one.