I was really reluctant to pick up this kit and uh. You know it’s been out for about a year uh. They did make some updates, so they are including the half shafts now for the drive shaft, so it’s kind of like a v2 version of the wide max kit. It is something that i did finally decide to buy because for 50 or 55 or whatever it is, it seemed like a pretty reasonable value. Before the v2 version you bit, you did basically have to buy the steel cva’s that was kind of annoying because that was like 130, so i pretty much put this off until they finally updated the drive, driveshaft kit, and so now i can actually say you know: It’S, probably worth the money, so they want to talk about a little bit as well as provide some driving footage. So you can kind of see how it looks. I put it on my vehicle um. I actually have installed two wide max kits now. This is a newer max. I did pick up overall, the installation is a little bit of time, the second time around, even on a brand new kit. It took me about two hours to do the full installation. The first time i did it. I was also cleaning out the car. Swapping bearings was a lot more work and obviously i had never done one before so i would budget at least two hours and maybe more on the three or four hour side.

If you are doing a lot of cleaning, if you haven’t done any maintenance, you will want to check all your bearings while you have the whole car apart, you will also want to kind of take your time. I would recommend only doing like one corner at a time, so just kind of remove all the pieces and then, as you reassemble it, you have another reference point on the other side, because if you just tear apart the whole car you’ll lose track of which hinge Pin goes where which way the ball cuts are supposed to go. That kind of thing. The other thing is, there are some orientations things that you’ll have to watch out for so these steering links actually do have an up and down version. I think out here on the side: uh there’s kind of a flatter spot on the ball cup or a hollow ball or whatever you want to call it and then a a longer side on the other side. So double check that before you reinstall it because you could flip it over upside down for sure the hardest part is working on the e clips on these drive shafts. So i do have a video on how to take eclipse off. You will want to get some needle nose. Pliers like a little flat tip it’ll, make your life 10 times easier. Fortunately, they also give you a full pack of eclipse in the bag. So if you break one or lose one, it goes flying across the room.

It’S! No big deal you will have plenty of spares, but now the other thing i would recommend is if you are actually running the hard uh hinge pins. So i install the hard hinge pins, which don’t use those little screws. So, for example, you got one here. I would recommend getting maybe like a thin little punch to push it out from the other side, because it can be difficult to get those out. I just use like a little, i think. It’S, like i don’t know, 1 16 inch or something or 1 8 inch punch just to push that out because, especially if they bend, it is possible to bend those hinge strings and then they are really difficult to get out. So if you’re running those definitely look into that, you will have to set up your endpoint adjustments as well. I do have a video on how to set the end points, but basically uh when you install the wide max kit, the steering linkages don’t turn the wheels. Quite as far so, you actually have to up the end points or dual rate or whatever, to get full and maximum steering otherwise, you’ll find probably the car doesn’t turn all that. Well, you will have a very wide turning radius, so definitely check that out after you install the wide mexican. I don’t think it tells you about that in the instructions, but it is something you will want to do to make sure you get maximum steering throw even with that it does not steer quite as well, i would say you probably lose about 25 30 percent of Your steering, you do gain stability, but it is at the cost of steering so that’s kind of the main trade off you get with the wide max kit, a little bit flatter um, doesn’t roll, obviously quite as much and uh, but you you lose a little bit Of steering so it’s kind of a trade off the other thing, i would say, is driving wise.

It is much easier to land this vehicle now with the wide max kit, just because you kind of like a much wider landing pad on how to land this. If you’re doing like big jumps and stuff, it is going to land a lot more easily, probably a little less durability, because you’ve got much more leverage on these arms. So if you land on one corner, it’s more likely to kind of bend or break these arms or shocks or whatever, so you lose a little durability, but a little bit easier to drive and land this vehicle. Now last thing i would suggest is to take a look at the shock oils. They recommend putting 30 weight in the front and 50 weight in the back to me. That is way too light even on just on road type stuff, if you’re doing any sort of small jumps or big jumps or whatever. I would actually increase it by about 50. So i would start with like 45 weight in the front and try like 65 weight in the rear. That’S, probably a good place to start to get you a decent amount of landing and and plushness in the vehicle, so yeah that’s pretty much it. My thoughts on the white mex kit uh check out this running footage. Unfortunately it was raining so i did not get a whole lot of runtime, but i didn’t want to share with this with you uh. While i had a little bit of the running video.

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