So what i mean by that is, i have charged batteries and run this truck three times and i’m, basically going to discuss what i’ve broken um, how it’s performed things of that nature. Overall, the performance of this thing is just massive it’s 8s. It produces a ton of power, but i have had a few issues um my second power up. I operated in my driveway for a little bit and my second power up whenever i uh took it to the new area to drive in the remote. The radio had the throttle assigned in forward as reverse and the reverse as forward somehow that changed itself, not exactly sure how um but uh. So what i did is, i did a uh found a youtube video on how to swap that around and that solved the issue. However, it did cause a new issue. I only had full throttle and in either direction i did not have any um slow, speed or wasn’t capable of doing that. But i was in a large area and it honestly didn’t matter at the time, but what i ended up needing to do was recalibrate the esc traxxas’s process. However, shortly after i got to that first run, this is the first power cycle to be advised. The steering, servo, uh, stripped and i’ll show you what it was doing so, as you can see, it’s slightly turned to the right right now and i’ll power it up and the wheels go hard over to the left.

I can apply some right power, but as of right now, where it sits, it is kind of it’s still going left some it’s, not even going straight and uh what i have done to fix this problem. I’Ve done it twice now is take the front end off, and i then took the steering horn, the servo horn, re centered, the servo and put the servo horn back in place and the first time i did it. I got around 10 15 minutes of run time and as soon as i put it in something rough, i had the exact same issue. Uh the cerebellar horn does not appear to have any strip gears on it, but uh that got me back in the center position. Now uh, so i did it again and it did not take anywhere near as long for it to happen. So more than likely the servo gears are stripped. They actually use plastic gears inside the servo on these trucks so i’m, going to kind of give you a kind of look around here. The servo horn is right here now. Whenever i move it myself, i cannot find a rough spot, so i’m, imagining what’s happening is happening. Is the the gears and the servo, probably aren’t, completely stripped, even though they don’t feel really rough right here, it’s there’s a lot of moving parts inside of it. That’S, probably why i can’t quite feel it so i’m about to pull the servo out and uh find out.

But traxxas is going ahead and sending me a brand new horn and they’re. Also sending me a new gear set for the servo and that’s going to take about a week to get here, and i went ahead and ordered a metal gear set like would come in the upgraded version, the of the servo, the traxxas 2085 x. It comes with all metal, gearing um. I also purchased the traxxas charger uh with the traktor 6700 4 amp or 4s lipos. This truck is 8s overall and besides the issues that i had with the servo, this thing is a monster it’s, just an absolute beast: i’ve flipped this thing over on asphalt a couple times and just checked that out really no scratches at all, except for in this Plastic here, but paint wise and the shiny stuff, still looks great and i’m talking just rolling. This thing on asphalt has mass amounts of torque and power, and i have not even changed out to the upgraded uh spur gear. This is the 46 tooth. I believe it comes with and factory it comes with a 54 tooth. There we go and what it does is. It makes this thing a little bit faster, you’re, going to lose a little bit of torque in the process of that, but it may not necessarily be a bad thing, because this truck is just constantly on its back wheels. I mean it is non: stop rod and wheelies all the way up to every bit of 40 miles an hour, it’s a ton of fun, and it is very intimidating in a small space.

You definitely need a lot of space to play with this truck, but the suspension is great, especially for stock um. You can drop this thing from a pretty good amount of height and it will not bottom out it didn’t. Then it uh absorbs everything quite well. It also has a traxxas stability control that’s, this knob right here. The center point is kind of the median area and all the way to the end. There’S no control and it really helps uh by applying steering smartly to keep the truck on track and uh. Just overall maintain control when it gets going when you, when you’re, hitting bumps, and this thing’s bouncing all over the place it uh it so far, is a great truck. Whenever you buy something like this, you should expect things to break, often and uh. I went into this expecting that and every single review of this truck says the first thing you should do is upgrade the servo servo’s got a lot of torque, but the plastic, gearing is definitely the weak point. Once i put the gears in my servo horn is definitely going to be be the weak point, but overall the traxxas x maxx is a beast of a truck and i would definitely recommend it.