Actually, this was my first rc car, but it looked like this when i first got it the trouble is, it was never really that durable and then the hbr savage came out, and this thing is an absolute beast at the time nothing came close. You could beat it, you could bash it, you could crash it, and this thing just kept coming back for more there’s, nothing else like it and then a few years later came along the mighty x, maxx and the x maxx has been the bashing king for the Past few years now, but then there was news of a new kid on the block and the armor fanboy said this is it this? Is the x maxx killer and it is the armor creighton 8s. The trouble is it wasn’t, an x, max killer, so the first ever jump. We bent the chassis, we’ve bent and broken multiple shock. Shafts we’ve snapped multiple arms. Look at that smash the arm. Oh yes, oh, oh, i exploded exploded. What ah armor? No man, you guys, have got to make some better arms these suck. Oh, my god, we’ve got someone Music so guys. Yes, this an absolutely epic rc car and it is one of my favorite, but it is no way nx max killer, not even close. Oh yes, Music, Music, oh oh there’s, an awful landing! I think the x max is good battery popped out. That was it! Oh, my god, oh that’s got ta be broken on it.

How is it not broken they’re back in there? Yes, Music, oh Music, Music! Oh, she takes it. Oh she’s dead, the crater is so much more stable. It doesn’t fall over all the time. All right! Yes, you got a point. You got a true point now. This is definitely more stable. It’S gon na jump, higher it’s gon na jump further. It’S gon na probably handle better on most surfaces but that’s where it ends the x maxx is more durable, it’s a lot more versatile. You can crawl it. You can jump it. You can go fast with it. You can go slow with it. You can do stunts with it. The spares are cheap, it’s, easy to repair guys. I know when you say the best it’s, very subjective and different people like different cars, but in my eyes the best rc car is the one that’s, the most versatile, the one that’s most easy to work on and the one that puts the biggest smile on your Face and for me it’s hands down the traxxas x, maxx it’s funny when you break an armor, the fanboys say: you’re, not driving it right, learn how to drive, learn how to land it on four wheels. But then, if i break an x, maxx doing something 10 times, Music, worse, Music, the way i wanted the fanboys say well, you should have bought an armor. You couldn’t make it up. Kev you’re, a traxxas fanboy you’re, only saying it because you’re a track says: fanboy.

Uh, no, i mean i’m, a traxxas fan but i’m. Also an armor fan, don’t judge me by your own standard. You know most of us we can light cars from many different brands. I just love every rc car and i don’t know why anybody would limit themselves and be a fanboy of any one particular brand. Because then, when something better comes out, you can’t have it and i’m not saying that the traxxas x maxx is the best rc car, because i’m, a traxxas fan boy i’m, saying it’s the best, because it ticks to most boxes. When it comes to speed cars, i prefer armor. So traxxas came out with this x01 quite a few years ago now, and this is still the world’s fastest ready to run rc car out of the box. This car will do a hundred mile, an hour out of the box, but for general high speed and general bashing and general just a general handling of it. I prefer the armors, but does that make me know my fanboy? No, it just means that this particular car. I prefer then look over here i’m using an armor as a platform for the world’s fastest rc car and by the way, all the parts for this car i’ve just turned up. I’Ve got the batteries. I’Ve got all the carbon fiber pieces. I’Ve got some new wheels and tires we’re just waiting for a dry day, we’re going to take it out and give it its first run.

With this new setup, we’re not gon na break any records. Yet we’re gon na leave that till the summer when the weather’s dry, the roads are warmer and more grippy, but we’re gon na have it out soon guys for its first shakedown run. You know the drill here. We’Ve got another armor that i’m, using as a platform for the world’s, long jump, competition car. We got another armor down there, there’s another one there’s another one and another one and just about to start another build. So i think that is judging me by their own standards. I mean i don’t know why anybody would be a fan boy in any particular product. It doesn’t really make any sense. I mean we don’t, owe these companies anything we’re, just an end user, and i know you get some people, they say. Oh, i hate traxxas because they sue little companies. Well, we don’t know we don’t know the full story. There’S no point us getting involved with any of the politics. Our job is just to enjoy the end product, and you know we don’t know the full story. You know. All i know is if i invested millions of pounds or dollars into developing a product, and then someone come along and copied it and i’ll be suing them as well. You could have an armor, your friend could have have a traxxas and you can all get on and have fun and just enjoy the hobby, but as always those few extremist fanboys that i think they have to bully everybody else, and theirs is the best and he’s Childish guys this is, these are rc cars, they’re, totally cars, we’re, fully grown adults playing with toy cars.

I mean that sort of mentality of my toys. The best i mean that should have been left at the playground when he left school. You know you get the apple fanboys and the samsung fanboys it doesn’t matter. We get, whichever ones better for you. You know for me. I’Ve had samson for many years, because i had a better camera, but now apple comes along with a new iphone and that’s got a better camera. So i bought an apple doesn’t mean i’m, an apple fan boy. It doesn’t mean i was a samsung fan boy, but kev the x max falls over so easy um. Not really i wouldn’t say so. I mean it’s a monster truck monster. Trucks are not stable, like formula one cars, so it can be more likely to topple over and yes, the crater is more stable, but when this falls over you’re going running after it, when this falls over, you have a self right button, and also you get plenty Of warning, so when it’s about to roll over, it comes up on two wheels and you can even drive it along on two wheels when the clayton decides to flip over. It just goes donk, but the x max looks like a toy crate. Yes, i’ll give you that i mean these are definitely more plasticky. It definitely has more of a toy grade. Look to it when you have a look at an armor. It does definitely look a lot more professional kind of looking if that’s the word you can give it, but the plastic makes it so much stronger, but plastic can flex and it flexes back if metal bends it stays bent and i’ve bent every armor chassis i’ve ever Had and i’ve had an x max since, before the start of this channel and i’ve only ever broken two chassis and the x max has gotten so much more abuse and so much more use in general than any other rc cars.

So two chassis in like four years, he’s like nothing chassis for that round about 20 30 chassis for that over a hundred dollars and you’re, probably gon na bend it as soon as you start bashing it. It would be so cool if armor came out with a crawler. You know what that doesn’t really make any sense, because there’s already crawlers from a lot of different brands out there i mean just buy one of those get a traxxas trx4. I mean what does it matter if there’s armor attracts us as long as the end products good and the trx4 is good, just buy the trx4, i mean if you’re an armored fan boy and you’re not going to buy a crawler, because armor don’t make one you’re. Just missing out on partner hobby just get yourself a sticker shove it on there if that’s what you want and there you go so if you’re going to say that a certain product is the best at least have some facts to back it up will actually make It the best you know the brand name is not what makes it the best what how the actual product performs. That is what makes it the best or the worst. If fischer price came out with something that would take down the x maxx, i would happily run that the brand name does not matter. I mean, yes, they make cool cars. These make cool cars the end of the day, they’re, all absolutely epic and the best one is which everyone puts the biggest smile on your face.

But in this case the crater 8 s is definitely not an x max killer so for the foreseeable future. The x max is still king, but kev your x max is so heavily modified. Uh. Not really i mean we’ve got a few upgrades on here, but i wouldn’t say it’s heavily modified. I mean we’ve got a few upgrades on there, but for the most part it’s stock. So the main thing that these x maxes suffer from is a weak, pinion and spur gear, so you upgrade those to steel, and that is 99 of the problems gone. If you really want to beef it up more then get some of these seven hinge, pins that go through here and the rpm hub carriers, and then with just those mods. The x max is going to be an absolute tank now on the cratino test. For example, the car costs roughly the same as an x max, but you have to spend like almost a car again on upgrades to make it and it’s still not even half as strong. As that, i mean check this thing out. We’Ve put so many upgrades on it and still the arms fall off the shocks fall off and we’ve got some rpm arms on order. So hopefully, that’s going to solve it i’m, just playing with some different shocks to find something that’s stronger, but hopefully once we got that done, then maybe it might be a contender to the x max, but stock for stock had the x max is the winner all Day long, if you want to know where you can get the x max from, and the kraton there’s going to be links to all of that down below.

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