, so today, we’re at the lake and the whole lake is frozen and we’re gon na be trying the x men with saw blades. So i was watching kevin tablets, video where he was destroying rc cars with this kind of setup. So it kind of gave me an idea to try it out on a lake so here’s the setup we got. We got a washer right there and then a lock nut just to hold the wheel. So hopefully it works by the way. Do not try this at home. It will ruin your carpet. All right. I’M excited to see this thing go Music, oh Music, Music, actually cutting pretty pretty good it’s. Actually, oh, i almost fell it’s, actually cutting pretty deep yeah that’s, actually pretty cool. I don’t know if you guys can see it or not. I don’t think that’s very safe Music. Oh oh, i think he just popped out all right. They just came out of the thing. Oh Music. Okay, now we got the baja right. We’Re gon na see how well it drives on eyes just regular tires: Applause, Applause, uh, Music, so Applause Applause, all right time to read. You guys comments from the last video all right. First comment from fort 13 rc: another cinematic masterpiece, thanks man, i appreciate it all right next comment from rc for all another good review always helps with cool backdrop like that too yeah. It does like uh, that’s kind of the hard part finding a good location, but luckily spokane we have a a lot of good places to go ride.

Okay, next comment from bruce rc or adventurers: hey these buggies are pretty sweet, affordable and dribble. For the most part, they are they’re not that expensive. They are pretty durable and uh that’s, just a great all around buggy. All right and the last comment from gabe martinez, great vid. I need to load up the old truck and go bash up there. Great scenery come on over man. We got a lot of spots to bash around all right, guys, that’s it for this video.