What is up guys? My name is mark samurai. Welcome back to the channel. Welcome back to the rc vlogs kids are out here playing guys it snows like once every two or three years here. This is crazy. I was driving my revo at the beginning of this video just ripping up and down, but we got to try something i’ve been wanting to try this for a while. I told the boys if it was going to snow, we were going to do it um and we are going to pull the kids around in the x maxx. I hope the x maxx can get them traction to pull kids around, but i mean what kind of dad would i be if i didn’t try to pull kids around with an rc car right, i mean come on all right, so we’re gon na give this a Shot, hopefully it works we’ll see if it does or not all right. So we did a little test run with ethan the lightest one and uh yeah. I don’t think he has enough traction to do it. Um well, what’s cool is i got the light kit on it look Music. So they know when i’m going reverse all right. Let’S do it on the street boys, boys and girls. So i think the problem is is i: is the it’s pulling up on the car? Not down on the rear tires, but i think what we got to do is we just got to give them a little boost and then, after we give them a boost, all right, ethan i’m, just going to give you a little boost.

Okay, Music! You got ta go straight, so they’re sitting on a skateboard, not a sled. All right, evan give him a little push Music. Is it doing it? No it’s not doing it Music, it doesn’t have enough traction. Try to hold lower ethan like hold it lower yeah like right, there yeah let’s, try that push them evan, hold it low Music. Oh there you go it’s working, so just so, you guys know i’m running it on uh on the old 6s, not 8s. I didn’t want to send these kids into another dimension, get them up to 88.. Oh we’re, getting some speed now we’re getting some speed. Now i could just Music all right. We’Re gon na pick it up a little bit we’re about three quarter, throttle they’re. Leaving me now i’m, like oh he’s, off he’s off, so it does pull let’s see. If we can pull a bigger kid. Oh man, it is so cold, get up off the ground boy. It’S ice! Look at your ankle, it’s red, because you’re so cold, all right! We’Ll see who tries next Music all right, so we are heading to a bigger hill. I think we’re going to need the hill um. I think the x max will help us get speed, um and keep us going so we’ve got the x max right there. All the kids right here, we’re heading to the top of this street right here, we’re gon na see. If we get some speed, i think one of them had a great idea of going down superman style because you have to hold low sorry.

I have to get gloves and i might be like it’s not school, with everything coming out i’m, like freezing cold, all right here’s, the street we’re going down we’re gon na give it a shot hold on all right. Someone’S got ta push evan a little bit: okay, that’s good! You can’t, pull back on the car evan Music, oh it’s, not you’re too heavy. Let ethan try! I bet you’ll work with ethan evan. You got to push ethan a little bit. Yeah lay down push ethan a little bit. Yeah push him it’s working Music, he’s moving Music, so it works with ethan. It doesn’t work with anybody else. Yeah. You can try Music, all right, look all right. So what we’re thinking is? We have to get some momentum before we go all right push them Music hold on it’s working though it’s working let’s see how fast we get him to go Music. Oh man, this is awesome, they’re getting snow all in their eyes, though, all right back to the top of the hill who’s doing that. Next, all right guys they’re up there about to load up on it i’m, giving it the beans on this one guys we’re gon na see how fast we can get her going. They’Re gon na push her off. Tell me when to go Music ready, oh she’s, coming she’s coming hot Music: oh she’s, losing momentum, no jake! How did you do that? All right? She couldn’t go as fast i’m thinking.

You have to be super light like ethan. So here we go: hey jake! You do it again. I just want to see how fast i can get you to go Music we’re just going to go with the guy that we know goes fast, i’m going to give it the full beans. I don’t know how much battery i have left i’m running two, five thousand three. S’S kid. Of course he did that push him fast. Push him fast, i’m, gon na give it the beans on this one. Oh, my god, all right! The camera might not make it because it’s dying, i think the cold weather is killing it all right. Here we go. Oh no just spraying it all over his face Music holy crap guys it was cold out there anyways. I think what happens is i think you have to lean back one. If we had a sled, it would probably be a lot better, but i think you have to lean back on the skateboard to like minimize the the contact area. I don’t think all the kids got that so it was a little weird, but i think we had a sled. It would have been better, but nonetheless we still had a lot of fun. Uh we’re, not gon, na stop uh, hopefully more snow comes in. I can do more sledding stuff, uh i’m gon na clean off the the x maxx. Basically i brought it inside so all the ice would melt on it and then i’m going to bring it outside spray.

It off put coated wd 40 and then just let it sit uh. My revo, i think, that’s what i’m going to be driving most of the time in the snow so i’m going to keep that one kind of out in the garage and just throw batteries in and drive it out in the front yard or wherever we go. So i hope you liked this video if you did smash the like button subscribe to my channel turn on the notification bell and you guys will see me next time later guys. Oh guys smash the like button seriously. Don’T forget to do that.