If you guys don’t, have one of these you’re looking at getting one of them i’m going to tell you go ahead and pull the trigger. I know they’re kind of pricey, but uh yeah. These things are pretty pretty kick ass, Music. I have not done any rc videos, as you can see i’m in uh reloading, and i got a couple hobbies here and there uh but uh, just uh old guy that got into these rc cars not too long ago and started with the revo 3.3 nitro. Totally cool and uh creighton 6s arma creighton 6s. If you don’t have one of those you’re thinking about getting one of them get one of these. These things just they’re kick ass. I i don’t know what else to say: i’ve i’ve broken a couple minor things with it, but you know i it’s, you know. Basically it they’re they’re, pretty cool um. Then i’ve got a traxxas, slash, vxl 4×4 uh. This thing i’ve only run about now. Maybe three times and uh, i broke an axle on it. Of course everybody knows about the axle problems. With these things. Uh put some uh trenchers on here. Uh we’ve got the proline extended body mounts and then uh we’ve got a arma granite, uh brushless 3s. These things are pretty, you can really uh beat the snot out of these things too. You know if you want a good, cheap basher. I think you can get those things for around 300 bucks or something but uh anyways let’s go back to the x maxx.

So i got this puppy a few days ago: uh got it brand new, believe it or not. It was out of the package, a guy bought. Three of these things never ran this one and uh. I was able to pick this thing up for 775 bucks. Never never been on the ground um. So obviously i took that deal and i ran with it. Uh basically we’ve got uh. I’Ve got two runs on it now, uh one and about one and a half runs on 6s. I was using some electron pro 5200 mah 3s batteries, uh you’re gon na get maybe 20 minutes of runtime out of those depending on how you’re running it and then i’ll go grab one here shortly and get right back. I just bought some of the hrb batteries off of amazon. The 4s batteries uh we’ll grab those here. Real quick i’ll be right back all right, guys so we’re back um so yeah. I ran this thing on 6s uh, basically, a run and a half on 6s. Just to kind of get the hang of it break it in um it they do pretty good. On 6s, i i mean most guys will have fun with that. Probably less wear and tear on your drivetrain i’m, not a professional with these things, you guys on youtube. You teach me a lot of stuff forums. Facebook, such you know, so i ordered some of these hrb 6000 mah, 4s battery 60c say it’s a 120c burst rate, so these just came in today and i thought what the heck let’s charge them up and throw them in uh came in the box uh.

They seem to have a good storage charge on them. About 3.82, three volts uh took and charges up. They took about 55 minutes a piece with a electron pro charger threw him in the truck and uh kind of just let the truck rip these batteries. Now i wasn’t going full blast. I was, i got a little jump out back and a couple acres out here, some woods and stuff, and i got about 52 minutes of run time out of these batteries, and that was basically, you know running it moderately hard. But you know not wide open. You know i, i did. A few wide open runs in the yard up the driveway uh, now, probably six or seven of those, but i wasn’t just completely going crazy with the throttle or anything but uh yeah. So far, um these things charged up good. They seem to balance out good um and i 120 bucks off amazon for these things shipped. These are the hard case ones. The only complaint that i would say with these is with the way they have the the wires coming out of here. They’Re they’re pretty tight uh to get them in the chassis of the x maxx um, you kind of got ta fold them over pretty hard. You got to kind of mount these puppies sideways like this and then fish your leads up behind the battery retainer. So it does these. This bottom wire on both sides does get kind of pinched down a little bit.

I don’t know i may i i may alter the body of the x max a little bit to kind of give that a little bit of space. I haven’t decided yet but back onto the x max here um so like i said, this thing was brand new never been run. Guy was a really cool. Dude uh went and picked this up a couple days ago. Uh didn’t have the box for it, but you know everything else was there um and, and i mean it’s it’s, pretty much still brand new. Looking yeah i’ve i’ve run three runs one run on uh 8s so far and managed to not destroy the body or or tear it up. I’Ve got uh rpm roof skids on the way. A couple other upgrades: you know that you guys have suggested uh i’ve got on order here. I’Ve got some shock covers uh. Those are coming in and uh. I think i i’m gon na do the upgrade or at least get and have it in stock uh. The heavy duty servo kit from traxxas i’ll – probably do that and uh. I took and uh let’s pop the top here and i just washed this puppy off so uh. I blow these things dry, real good with an air compressor, and then i throw them in front of a a heater uh to let some nice warm air blow on them, but yeah. So basically, we’ve got you know no damage to the body.

Yet so yay me i’m gon na kind of cry the day that happens, because i love this rock and roll edition body. So getting back on to the vehicle i’m. Just gon na give you a quick review. If you’re looking for action videos here, guys it’s not going to be this video i’m hoping to get out to our local uh, we have a skate park a few miles from here i’m hoping to get this, i think i’m going to take out. Well, i think i’ll probably take out whatever i can throw in the truck here: um just charge them all up and uh the revo revo’s currently under the knife. This thing’s got about maybe five or six tanks into it and i wasn’t even really being hard on it, wasn’t, cold or anything, but i snapped the upper control arm somehow or another uh i’ve got a an rpm uh kit that should be coming in any day. Now to fix that, but this thing is cool i mean if you guys, like two stroke gas, i mean get a revo get a nitro. You know whatever brand you want, but yeah we’ll probably get the crate out on the park. Uh we’ll, probably we’ll, probably take the slash out. I don’t know that seems like these things are kind of like a high dollar woman. They need a lot of money thrown into them. It seems like every time you take one of these things out it.

You know something wants to break uh, no i’ll definitely take the granite out and throw that thing off some skatepark ramps, but uh once again back to the x maxx. So this is the 8s everything’s bone stock on it got the traxxas uh esc in here um. You know bone stock motor i’ll, probably order the the heavy duty spur spur gear kit, pinion gear kit, Music, the when i went and picked this up, as as we were loading it up into my car, the guy noticed that the lower control arm – i noticed it Too, was all wet and shiny, so this is brand new um and basically this left rear shock was leaking right out of the box. He never ran this. I have no reason to doubt that the condition that the the truck was in when i got it. It looked brand new um, so he had a bin full of parts and stuff in the back seat of his truck and uh. He threw me a shock rebuild kit. I haven’t done it yet. Um i’m gon na wait until it gets bouncy and then deal with it i’m kind of hoping it was just some residual moisture from the thing sitting. He bought this last october. So you know six seven months ago and it just sat on the shelf but uh. So yeah i took it out today: i’ve got a jump out back that’s, probably about five foot tall um, pretty steep uh ran it off of that thing, probably five or six times flat landing it no issues.

You know, i’ve got no issues with the steering servo. Yet but i i do plan on getting one, i do have the rpm hubs on order uh and then the oversized bearings there. Those are pretty common failure. Uh mine haven’t, given me any issues yet, but i’ve only got you know. Basically, two runs three runs on this um, but they’re gon na be sitting in the toolbox, because apparently that’s that’s, a pretty high failure item, uh i’ll be picking up the rpm hinge bolt kits there. We’Ll get rid of that. Pin that likes to walk out or fall out, and then you know once again, we’ve we’ve got the shock covers on order. Just keep some of the dust out of there um. I went ahead and kicked up the preload on the back suspension. It felt like it was a little soft to me. Haven’T done nothing on the front suspension. If you look inside the tires, i do tape off the vent holes um. I i do use duct tape on those um. You know we’ll we’ll, see i’ve seen some things of these uh tires blowing out and everything, but you know i’m not going to get into drilling the tires on this. For now i don’t think um. So yeah, you know first for a couple runs so far. No issues uh this thing’s absolute monster and it’s funny to see a 25 pound three foot, long rc car, just ripping up the yard on its back wheels and and uh i mean it’s, it’s it’s, just a beast.

I don’t know what’s going on with my controller, but every now and then this thing kind of i i don’t know if it’s a controller or something with the esc. I think i’m gon na put the uh, the blue link or the bluetooth link system in the remote and go in there and find tweak some stuff, but every now and then it seems like this thing just on light throttle kind of wanted to apply the brakes. Like after a burst, and then you let off of it – and i i don’t know if that’s i i know guys have complained about these escs and stuff being an issue – i’ll i’ll probably upgrade it to the hobby wing at some point. Unless i hear something better um and then you know guys guys have said basically your servo savers, weak and uh plastic gears and the steering servo, those things tend to go out quite a bit so i’m, just gon na run the stock stuff. Until i blow it and i’ll have the parts in the uh in the back or in the toolbox there to fix that when it happens um, so it does look like i’m, probably gon na, be rebuilding this shock, um straight out of the box more or less Uh having any problems with the the pinion gear slipping loose, which i’ve i’ve read a lot of people had that problem uh so far, mine’s been good. I i won’t mess with it.

I kind of pay attention what’s going on with my stuff, so uh. You know. If i hear something funky going on, then i’ll stop it and take that off and uh, you know, probably go into the upgraded gears. I i have no anticipation of of changing the gearing on this thing to get more speed out of it. It’S plenty fast enough for a 25 pound car um, the uh. This shock looked like it was seeping a little bit after today’s run. You know, i’ll keep an eye on it: i’m, not going to tear stuff apart unless it it it’s getting wet uh i’ll. Probably you know go through and get some of the aluminum caps at some point. Proline makes some, i think, there’s a couple. China companies making some those things tend to snap. It looks like, but i really don’t have any plans to do too much to the vehicle. Um, i really don’t want to trash the the body on it here um i i may try to pick up a bash or body or something, but you know it is what it is. If i mess up the body um so far, the only issue i had and and i’m not sure what went on here but uh, my bumper came loose and basically these two allen bolts here uh just stuck in the bumper and the bumper lifted right up off Of there pulled out of the threads, i put those back in noticed that today, when i was running it, this one tightened down that this this one didn’t want to tighten down.

So i i don’t know what i’m gon na do with that. I i may just drill straight through and nothing you know put a nut on the bottom of it, but i have a feeling: that’s gon na come loose again, um really that’s. The only issue i’ve had with it. So far i mean yeah, you know the the rear, bearings um, those have not blown out yet um. You know which people seem to basically don’t even get these things out of the you know, get a full battery running i’m. Seeing guys complain that the the rear bearings the seals pop out and then eventually dirt gets in there and and ruins the the rear hub, bearings, but i’ll run those until they do that and then i’ll swap over to the rpm hubs that i have on order. So but uh yeah um, if you’re thinking about getting one of these things, i i mean yeah, you got to get it. It it’s. I i’ve gone through a couple, a couple of rc cars here, just since i started into this hobby not long ago and um. Basically, you know, i kind of settled for some stuff ended up, buying some stuff and selling it, and i think i bought a red cat or something blackout xt something pro. I ran that a couple times i sold it and i i was bored, it was winter. Full on winter out, here, cold as hell, so i bought a mini revo brushed model.

I sold that uh and then uh. This thing popped up on facebook and man. I just i’ve been watching videos and reviews on these things and, and it just i took off for it as soon as i seen it and i’m sure everybody knows kevin talbot on youtube. Uh. I find the dude freaking hilarious. You know he launches these things. 40. 50 feet into the air a hundred times over. You know he finally breaks something after a half hour. Doing that and then he’s like what happened. Well, you know i don’t think i’ll be doing the kind of beating that he does on that stuff um. But when i was out running this today – and i don’t you guys have probably come through this today, but i did manage to pick up a fresh pile of dog somewhere and it was all up the side here and i picked the car up. Didn’T realize it – and i got it all over my arm and my wife was laughing she’s like what happened. That’S it and so yeah i’m sure everybody’s had the infamous run through the dog massacre on a on an rc car but uh yeah uh. Hopefully i’ll i’ll get into these videos more this, my first rc car video. I do some reviews on some other stuff, not i’m, not too much of a youtuber, but you know i’m gon na grab up my nephew here as the weather breaks for us and uh he’s into these things too.

Uh we’re gon na head over to the skate park and uh. Maybe i can get some video of this and and and some of the other ones in action over here um but uh yeah. So so far a couple runs no issues uh other than those screws pulling out for the front bumper um. You know and then, like i said, if you guys, are looking for a decent battery so far. I know i only have one run on these things, but uh i mean for 120 bucks for two of these 4s batteries and and getting 50 some minutes out of them. I mean you know heck, even if they only last you a year, that’s that’s worth it all day. Long, especially traxxas batteries and other batteries are 150 bucks. Apiece 140 bucks a piece but yeah pick up an x maxx, send it stay out of the dog crap and uh.