Friends watch us break the x max first run and initial impressions coming up: Music, Music, hey what’s up guys i’m joe and i’m ambit with the yeah kiwis on this channel, with everything from bashing crawling speed runs unboxing reviews and much more so, if you’re new here Consider subscribing that way you won’t miss out on any of our future. Rc adventures and today’s adventure is the first adventure for 2021. So we want to start off this video by saying a huge happy new year to every single one of you guys out there. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for watching our videos subscribing liking and commenting let’s all hope that 2021 is better than 2020. Now today’s video is one you guys have all been waiting for. We are finally taking out the beast: the traxxas x, mex out for its first run and then at the end of the video we’re gon na, give you guys our initial thoughts on this beast of a truck now let’s, not waste any time amber let’s head on The train and head into a pineapple dam Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, man such a beautiful day today, here in hong kong, and we are on this hike for the very first time, there’s a long long journey, especially when you’re carrying an x max man relatively Light but over time going up those stairs uh, it gets a little bit tough on the old forum, so we’ve decided we’re, gon na start.

The video here so we’ve only turned the beast on. We have not driven it but we’re about to drive the first time, and you know what guys i will be ready in the comments. A lot of people are saying joe man le and have a turn. Let him drive one first for once. Well, look she’s getting to drive the x maxx for the very first time the ultimate rc and she’s super excited and we brought her loads of batteries. All six batteries with us, three sets of total and so she’s going to start us off on the so. Just just let’s just take a moment to appreciate how good this truck looks: Music amber’s running first and she’s, going to be running it on these spectrum, smart batteries, because we 100c discharge. We got two of them making it 80s, then after amber’s run i’m going to be running these batteries for the very first time. These are brand new turner g, rapid 5, 500 milliamp with a 140 c charge. Look if we compare them side by side. They are bigger than this, the spectrum ones and they have more weight to them, but they look so nice and i soldered the ic5 connectors on here and don’t worry guys all right. The job was a bit better than last time. I promise i promise. I watched a youtube tutorial video this time. These are the two main sets of batteries we’ll be using for today.

You know: look there’s enough. Talk right now, let’s get these batteries in and get the car on. Yeah don’t worry. The solar drive right here: fees ec5. They should hold up ever don’t worry about it. I tend the sword iron. I tin the wires doing all kinds of tinning. Are you ready? Are we gon na plug the batteries out remote on first plug the batteries in and turn the car on, excitement the excitement? Gopro 9 on gopro 7 on backpack on first run of the traxxas x max. This thing is just enormous i’m, so jealous of you right now getting to be the first one to drive this x max. I do feel very lucky uh. You know we said at the beginning of the year in a quite a few of our videos, depending how we do x max might be coming for christmas and sure enough. It did so now we begin the journey to the reservoir, where apparently it’s a bit more wide open. Can we do it can’t you make it up the stairs? Oh and emma’s. First roll! Oh that’s, a big doll, it’s, a beast Music Music! Well, i think we’ve. Finally, found a spot where we can drive our x mex around and enjoy it. Maybe even these little monkeys will enjoy it. Music, Laughter man, this place is so beautiful. Look at it. I mean it’s, not exactly the most perfect rc spot, but it’s not too bad.

It looks like we’ve got some, maybe we can make a little jump out of here. Oh that journey to get here honestly took us nearly an hour, so it has been driving us for a while guys. So don’t think i don’t know how much is going to be in the video, but she has to drive for a while, but the battery’s not dead, so amber keep driving have fun in this more open area. I just can’t wait to get my hands on that control. Honestly, i cannot wait Music. This is the beast 80s power. That is the ultimate rc guys the ultimate, and we cannot wait to take this out to mh clubs, hit their black ramp and, of course, we’re going to be taking for a speed running we’re going to do a drag race upgrade to outcast 80s. Maybe next week this thing is huge: it’s got so much power behind it and i have i’m yet to hit full throttle massive jump here. It’S gon na be a big one. Oh no, i know you guys are saying joe put it in the water. Come on. Hey, maybe in a future video some pedal tires, not today nice putting on a show for the monkeys. Where are they a couple more and then it’s? My turn i can’t hold on much. I can’t hold on any longer it’s been too long. Oh that’s, a big one. I wonder if you can make it to the other jump.

I need that turn. I need that controls just i can’t handle this any longer fair enough, but i’m driving phone all right. All right! You can drive a home okay, it’s about time it’s my thing cause it’s starting to get dark. Well, the sun’s going down there. I promise it’s only about 30 minutes, left i’m switching them out now to these turner g batteries. These these look cool man i’ve, never been excited to receive batteries, but when these came in the mail i was excited, we will leave a link in the description below to where you can buy this. If my solder job worked, oh it’s, looking good it’s looking good, i am more excited than what i was with the outcast 80s and that was pretty exciting. Finally, i have the controls. I’M, an xbox 80s. Oh let’s, go for it. This thing is honestly: the bb skies so much power as well. Oh, my goodness that water! This thing is an absolute beast guys what why did we not get this earlier it’s huge here? I can’t cannot wait to take this thing. Light to proper areas of massive jumps skate parks. So this does have the high speed gear installed. It’S got a hot racing gear, spur gear, 46 tooth with the 18 tooth, pinion and uh. What else have we done? I’Ve got the roof protection there, that plastic roof mount protection, whatever that’s called um and, of course, soldered. The ec5 took that tracks assault, yes, Music, that was close.

That was close and it’s still alive. Do you notice how we were both silent, then there’s, a good one? Here we go, the monkeys are watching. The monkeys are sitting there watching. I have to say this. I mean those gear. Oh no, look. One of the shocks have broken. It looks like it looks like a shock. No, we have the tool kit, but we do not have one of these spare parts. I showed them this part here. So you can see our shock cap has broken and i’m noticing the gears sound funny. I don’t know what’s going on there. We’Re gon na have to carry this beast home, which is a little bit annoying because we kind of carried it here to save our battery, so we could play with it and then drive it home. And now we have to carry this thing home and then i’m gon na clean it up have a look inside, see if there’s any damn. I feel all those gears are sounding a bit funny. They sound a little funny, so have a look at those gears and then uh we’ll give you guys our initial impressions of this truck. So i made an error when i put the motor back in see this little tab here. It should be on this side of that bit of plastic, not that side, so that might have messed up the gear mesh a little bit, causing the spur gear to strip down a little bit already.

Rookie mistake but we’re learning, we’re all learning here live and you learn that is exactly right, amber you do live and you do learn and that’s, partly what our channel is all about. Just a couple of newbies couple of amateurs buying rc’s and going on these rc adventures and taking you guys along for the ride and also seeing beautiful locations from all around the world at the moment, of course, it’s just hong kong, but don’t worry this year. You will see a lot more of the world, we hope anyway, and you might learn a thing or two from our mistakes, like the one we made today or i made when i reinstalled the motor after putting the high speed uh spur gear, make sure that plastic Flap is sitting in the correct position like you saw earlier on, so make that something you really want to pay close attention to when you reinstall your motor. Otherwise, you might strip up your gears anyway amber what were your initial impressions of the beast. I love this truck it’s big it’s fast, and it is so much fun. The one thing i will say is, i noticed it is such a big truck and it felt like we were. We were in a really large area, but still it felt like you, didn’t have anywhere to go and i was super scared of driving it off a cliff because it was super steep and i didn’t want to go down there and get it.

You guys might have seen that clifford when we were driving on the way to our location. We were on some pretty steep faces there, but you know i agree with you even though that location was fairly big. It actually felt quite small because of the size of this truck now. My initial impressions of this beast is, i mean, come on guys. It is a beast. It is fast. I can said it is a bunch of fun. Now i will say i was a little bit let down at the fact that this plastic shock cap did snap but i’ve already ordered the middle shop cap. So hopefully that won’t happen again when we take this out to mx club for some bashing, because you guys know when we go out there, we don’t hold back, we don’t hold back. We had all the ramps, including that big black ramp and if you don’t know what i’m talking about when i talk about the big black ramp go watch one of our latest videos. With the outcast 80s. We sent that rc off the black ramp into outer space and it was so much fun, it’s epic videos, if you haven’t, go check that out. I’Ll leave a link in description to this one but hey in order to not miss any of these wicked videos. In the future with us, i see when we go bashing when we take for some drag racing up against our outcasts and who knows, we might even take that to a race ship make sure you go ahead and you hit that subscribe button.

Well, i wish i was recording at this stage because joe actually got attacked by one of those cute little monkeys. You saw in the beginning of the video, oh whoa. I wouldn’t call that a cutey monkey. I told cool that thing. A vicious wildebeest coming at me with this ape galloping towards me, hitting his chest, runs out to me latches on to my arm and starts clawing at it and i’m trying to flip this thing off my arm, and i have my protein bar, on my other hand, And he’s trying to grab my protein bar and then i just see this starts his seamless. I see the size of that fang and when i saw the size of that thing i was like hey. You could have that protein bar, so it took my protein bar around its way up a tree and well i mean, after eating that product but i’m pretty sure that monkey is gon na, be an ape in no time be careful when you’re going out to this Place guys with the rcs, because you don’t want no monkey running up and stealing your protein bar don’t open your snacks. If you enjoyed this video, give it a like, and if you didn’t give it a like anyway, make sure you’re staying safe out there on your rcd beaches and remember guys where the rcq is and we’ll see you guys next time, peace out so that monkey right There he gon na turn into a gorilla, you’re gon na get massive there’s a lot of protein in there protein bar man and there’s another one waiting, but i got the x max ready, so the heck happens again.

It’S ready to go still got a little bit of juice in there.