Pricing stay tuned and let’s get into the video Music traxxas xo117 scale. Awd supercar the traxxas super remote control car is very stylish. It comes in many different colors so that the user can select their own style from the motor to the body. Each feature holds something special which makes it worth the price. The speed rate of this car is about zero to 100 miles per hour in five seconds, which makes it the fastest rc car the motor is the big block motor, which is brushless. This type of motor allows a smooth and durable run for a long time. You can enjoy a unique feature by linking this car to your smartphone by downloading the app you can enjoy the maximum functionality the car. It also helps in keeping the health of the car much stable. The body of this car is heavy duty. It is also shock. Absorbent for durability, another technology that you will find is that this car uses traxxas stability management. This feature is to control the car on slippery surfaces. It keeps the car stable, regardless of the terrain you are using it on. You will also find a 2.4 gigahertz radio on this car through a wireless module. Moreover, it connects to your smartphone or tablet for the most powerful frequency the radio runs on regular batteries. There are lipo batteries that come with the car that can provide up to 10 hours of fun. I have included this product link in the description you can check out this link for more information and latest price.

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