I know we put a rock out tonight baby. Yes, sir, yes appreciate y’all fellas appreciate you coming in the bill, that’s right right there Montana max. Would it do what’s up what’s up Bobby, ah merci, dude what’s up don’t forget fellas hit that thumbs up for us. Thank you guys, gon na be an epic night, mag good stuff, fellas looking forward to watching the show airs Bobby is that it was written die. So so was it a long process Bobby or did it didn’t take you that long to do it? Okay, he just uh. He just gave me a thumbs up offered it for the 615, so okay yeah, so here being you’ll, be in in yeah. Thank you brother. Thank you, bitched out to Honda’s. I appreciate your beer must be broke, it’s a blessing matter. Sd what’s up what’s up yeah, yep, yep he’ll, be here he’ll, be here we honor for those that don’t know. We typically give the guest 15 minutes prior, so that he’ll be in a 615 percent extender 915 Eastern what’s up custom, RC paint Nick what’s up what it dude what’s up Curt got Montana what’s up. Eleanor what’s is D arcy Daniel what’s up and Harley is a great guy. Man. Y’All has got a chicken bye subscribe to his channel man right. Definitely what’s up Nick what’s Ric. Dare you Island dude? Well, we appreciate you as B for coming through man. You really do hey.

Yes, yes, yes appreciate you brother, thank you for coming, see, what’s a green frog in the building, what’s up green frog, that’s. What it’s about right there, man, deckhand Bru, hey, I got ta get! This was about max. They want to say thanks to big gap, for helping me get my video together, what’s good at truth, what’s good, my channel man, we just live a life yeah Cavs, what’s, up yeah, okay, yeah man, Adi hear me yeah yeah. Yes, sir, okay, yeah man, no problem! No problem lunch on a man, no problem, but that’s that’s, beautiful man. We got ta, we got ta, we got ta look out for each other man. We got to look out for each other. We look out for each other, the better. We are as a people. Brother, thank you. Icon, what’s, up, hey, what’s up family show. God was something made yeah yeah Ron. We probably gon na. Do it next next weekend we gon na go out to Jim, and I bro yes show. God had me Synod and a Matar chrome rollin off my a smash, Big Mac. Rc was good what’s up family mission and how you doing brother out the back how’s your back man, a man. You got a stay tuned Nick, we can’t, we can’t. We can’t give you all the secrets: brother, the next one we’re, not gon na, say nothing. We’Re, not gon na post, nothing until the day before or the night before a day off, that’s good I’m.

Glad to hear that bro and, of course, takes his boys allowed to badge it. Man, listen, no matter where you from yes, sir I’ve, already a Nick Nick Nick Nick, easy Nick allowed to bash went to Florida. Yes, come on down big brother East East Coast, West Coast, Midwest it don’t matter, it’s all love! You ought to know that. Okay, a man big, the big shout out to Josh’s wife she’s in the building. She say, don’t be too easy on him tonight, guys all their sweethearts thanks for taking them off my hands tonight. Thank you. Thank you, mr. Coad. Thank you. Thank you. We appreciate you that’s funny, Noah Meyers, what’s up Noah and make sure y’all show us some love man. Sd I mean you got. You got a lot of guys who are mostly into bashing. I do I just started bashing, but I raced I crawl and like bash. So I kind of do all of it. Well, I you know what I do. I win Eleanor’s RC next time on the floor. I’M gon na try to get with you. Yes, sir let’s link up link up the right guy. Hey they bout to open the track again, so it’s not to go down baby. My praise and prayers are see Daniel. Sorry to hear that brother crawling crawling is calling man crawling it laid back. I like it. I like it Beetle Bailey what’s up what I do. Everybody in the chat man I’ll try to get home, so my mother, my signal, could be a little better man out a man.

We appreciate y’all, stop it through man. Everybody was something there in a minute I’m. A bit look at this chat. I can’t see the chat yet, but what’s up everybody broke great bro what’s up baby bring the fridge, hey man yeah. I got no y’all here’s three down green frog started to gather to show waters baby. I got a know. Your history, baby got he’ll, got my history question it’s question tonight: they’re green all star this thing: yeah SB man, battery life, when you crawlin, is lovely lovely all day one battery yeah, oh yeah, hey yo, check out my old videos. I got a whole crawler course on the side of the house. I’Ve been crawling too long. The new year on yeah, I knew you were gon na, be I knew you’re gon na grab one soonerlater. Oh, he got him a bastard yeah. He went got him a granite 4×4 did he did the adapter 17 Miller doctors and put trenches on it? Yes, I did same thing I do to mind. I put the badlands my TRX for sport. Kid has a castle. 4000 kV motor in it. So it’s, like crawling back yes best of both worlds. My Carlo was doing Willie done. He was just having. I didn’t see that on Elinor’s the crazy trauma – oh man, Ellen art man – sorry to hear that bro. But he say he say: they’re gon na just passed away. Last week they come back thicker and we couldn’t even have a normal funeral.

Hey brother, I’m. Sorry Abbi. I feel you’re playing Eleanor my dad passed away last Saturday before last and we had to do the same thing we had. It was crazy bro he wouldn’t. Even he didn’t even feel right. You know I’m saying that he didn’t feel right at all and it wasn’t it wasn’t conventional at all bro. So I feel your pain right now. Bro I feeling pain. Oh y’all got ta, lose somebody, but guess what we still here for y’all baby, so BBQ what’s up hey Ron. What have you talked about? Hobbiton you should have. Probably you probably should have try it ha ha ha be equal to pre me. My hands yeah well, which car the granite y’all ooh y’all, do need to make their ride. They got about five minutes before before Josh pops in just so. We just so we’re all on the same page again like we said last week, we’ll ask him questions first tonight to get things kind of started off we’ll. Let him talk a little bit and then we’ll open up questioning for you guys, because we know the chat is gon na have a craft telling the questions we can try to read them all that we don’t get all of them. Please don’t hold that against us. We want to try to do our best or I’ll, try to do my best to get them and read them to it. Well solve everlasting, never let’s not see what’s up, we say a true coach and gap.

Everyone. You already know her brother, we yeah entire. I need to talk man uh anything hit me up on Instagram or Facebook, all my videos and right before we get started and get running into the question Linda Kelly, what’s up. Oh my god lost my train of thought. Oh, if she’s still in here, Nicole, you asked last night where the name came from I coach, basketball and weightlifting, and I was coaching fight football in my local high school, so that’s where life of Coach B came from yeah every team, he coach was sorry. Another team in Volusia Ghana, they went 11, it 100 tighten up baby. Oh my what’s, the name of that team. I can’t even remember the name of the team. My dad coached him up. There is a rock rock rock Chapel, no Rockdale Rockdale Bulldogs, daddy, daddy coach. He used to coach them back. In the day I used to like go down the rock there. They had a nice facilities down arrow real nice predator edition predator this it’s Earth. Well, my internet want to act right today. That’S good barbecue what’s our level we’re here at 1100, Charlie, Croydon Benny, what’s up Croydon, not play with this RZ, no edition. Stop it. What you doing you ran his hoe. I did I did after which he be pro a need. Some milk. You need some tea. Vega, what’s up man, Benny what’s up family got a Rolex and we do all right.

Pre trade, you would come through yeah Kroy, I got ta xmx ism is in the room, oh no, the appears they know. You know why people live in a big. No, you go, you go master master. Must you have a chance next match it’s? True, we got about 30 seconds all right. If you’ll basher you won’t kiss, oh yeah, can you crazy yeah yeah smash that smash that please agent live in Charlotte button brothers? Oh Kroy say you like how you back flip it on the door. True yeah, yeah, yeah, hey Boyd, you heard you only got in trouble for that again. Do it again, i’ma. Do it again I caught off guard. She didn’t even know she sitting and doing throwing with my son. I said man, you know what I’m gon na hit me back. Oh that’s, donut man, it pull it up. Ellen isn’t, there hey Ron, it’s a it’s, a dude selling one on the marketplace. They said. Okay III, not not yet I’m better. Take it time. I can’t find a DB Pro anywhere team baby. No, you ain’t! You never find nothing. Team baby, my hobby shop, posed to begin one on the 14. I bet they see what’s the day they go hey. I made that both get one on the 14th man, so if they get it team Vega, snatched it up for you and ship it up, keep it up dirty you just not! You got to pay that hot shit, because, though there you go right, there what’s up brother, how you doing hey Music what’s happening guys just the professional studio, the professional are you.

I watched you do that when you started painting every round sorry YouTube’s going. I was having an echo myself. That was pretty awesome. I’M. You know what it’s been a it’s been a nice place to have I’ve. You know I had some places some places to film before when I was in Kansas City and I had like a basement, but then we moved out to California and Jan you. Can’T just have space like in the Midwest right, it’s different. You know the California people a little different than Midwest people, but it’s. You know the terrain, especially for me. You know, being a rock crawler. You know out in the mountains. That’S that’s, where I want to RC, is on on that type of stuff. So it’s kind of the ultimate for me right so bless you that’s a blessing whenever you ready, we got rock. I I like that live that live lip you have over there. We where’d you get that from it. My mom, my mom, sent it to me my wife was that just telling me you need to get one of those live lamps in your office right, no idea where it came from. Okay, other videos and – and she was she was happy about that. So I you know I liked it. I got to get it. You know hung up a little bit better she’s kind of like on top of my tool, box and stuff right now, but that’s good, it’s kind of in the best position, though yeah I agree, it’s neat.

I want to get it so that I not like making sure it’s propped up right. Yes, so what inspired you to do you, or are you like that on a wall? So when I first moved here to California, I was trying to you know. I moved here from Kansas City to do to work for Vanquish products, so you know when I’m the whole idea was like: hey I’m still, gon na do YouTube stuff, and I initially built like a small studio, the idea what and it turned out to just not It was a pretty narrow space and all this, and I wanted to have something to put my rigs on and it was hard to find eat and I went and walked around IKEA one night and this these bookshelves were an Ikea and I was like that’d work And picked up two cool little shells like 59 bucks, each a man, people love them, but they’re told there is simple, and you know I bet they bet they cost less than the nicer shells behind jab there. Now the one thing is is the these here? Will not hold a you know like a gray or v scale right. These are 1.9 scale ring size shelves, okay, how’s it working for a banquet. Oh man, you know, it’s work is still work, you know it’s, you know it’s still managing people and products and things like that. But you know you go into a meeting.

You get to talk about our see cars all the time and you know something like there. Isn’T much better than that, you know the headaches that happen at any job are going to be there. It just makes everything a little bit easier when you get to talk about RC cars for half the day and then yeah you know, and then you know all the the people that I’ve met at events traveling around for years and years or worked with on YouTube Videos it’s, like those are work people. Now I you know: I’ve talked to people, it horizon it’s work, people it’s, so you know I used to work in an engineering office. Work I’d like to take all those phone calls, but I had to like be a little boy: didn’t sound like business okay, so I have a question for you it’s a two part question. The first part of the question is, I wanted to know. When did you start in the hobby and what did you start first doing in the hobby and why do you choose crawling over to other avenues of the hobby right, so it was 2004. When I was like actually wanting to get a hobby grade RC, you know. I had like the the cheap stuff growing up and things like that, but 2004. I wanted to get into it and I don’t remember why exactly I wanted to it. Then I just knew I liked the idea of RC cars, and that was right at the time that kid was the battle between the Tmax and the savage.

You know, and I just I did all of my you know – research research at the time was magazines. Really you know, and it was it was basically looking at this or looking at that and then a little bit of forums like RC universe. Back in the day it was kind of like the spot. You could go and read some stuff on and I just I didn’t really have any money. So I was I had more. You know I was getting kind of my enjoyment side out of it by reading what people liked and didn’t like and somehow like in that time. You know tails before the internet was kind of a crazy place, but I stumbled across a video on you, RC universe of somebody converting a Tamiya txt, one monster truck into a little rock crawler and they were car lands like a ditch and linked RC crawler. At the web site at the time, which was brand new, there was like a man and for some reason that just kind of grabbed me and then I went to RC crawler, and I was like one of the first 100 people to sign up on that forum And then I just researched researched this that and I ended up buying a used to my a txt one as my first truck and it was, it was specifically to turn it into a rock crawler, and that was July 2004. So it was just, and then that was it.

I was obsessed with it during that whole time and then then, in those days mm the early 2000s like that or mid early 2000s, there really wasn’t rock crawlers. It was all people taking something and trying to turn it into what we wanted. You know it was there wasn’t tires there wasn’t any kit, so it was all just try and make it work find out what works. So it was like basically building your own cause. Yeah, you know we just we took whatever kind of base vehicle. We could find that had a solid axle at the time which was pretty limited and converted in make it into something, and I lived in an apartment, so you know anything. I had hardly any tools. You know, I think I had like a super cheap drill and a terrible dremel, and just you made stuff out of nothing. You know honey, cutting boards from Walmart, and I remember making a servo mount out of a metal light, switch cover it just sink. I didn’t have any money and there really wasn’t any parts to buy, so I just had to do what you hadn’t yeah just like that dad oh go ahead: coach. I’M, sorry I’m, just gon na say with the. How long has it been since you started working for vanquish, so I started working for them in January of 2016 that’s when I moved out here from Kansas City. To do that, I think we we sold our house, and I think I left Kansas City I’m.

Like is either January 1st for January 2nd to make the drive out here, you know drove out in a big, like you know, Ryder truck style just me and a buddy we drove out in just over three days in the most uncomfortable truck right. All in everything we owned, basically that’s cool, so Dan you met your wife, appetit huh! No! Well, no, but I didn’t bring her out here because we were going to get married in 2016 that you and in May we’re never get married in May. So she was like staying back to finish, planning the wedding and all of the things that were needed, so I just moved out here room aidid up with somebody and just kind of tried to make it. You know just lived out here on the cheap, basically for a while, and then I didn’t actually end up bringing her out here until after we got married and then that we had some. You know just some friends that it was nice for her to be able to stay and spend some time with and take care of during kind of a you know, rough time when people’s lives, and so she didn’t actually end up coming out until, like November of 2016, so we you know, did what you had to do. Yes, well, that it is, but we’ve been Nicole Knight been together since uh, doesn’t 11 that’s cool the other night. You know we just waited a bit for that whole marriage thing.

So I wanted. I want to tell you, because I heard where you acts you know we was gon na, have to tell you where we were from my name. First of all, my name is Dante. True, was I see and I’m from Florida and me and coach D is in the same state so i’ma, let y’all tell them where y’all from what part of Florida so Ethan. It was called Orange City Florida I’m in the land Florida we’re about ten minutes. Apart from each other but we’re about 25 minutes from Daytona Beach, okay, then we’re 40 minutes from Orlando okay yeah we had. We had some family and some Stewart area there, okay, so no that area a little bit: yeah, okay, Rubin I’m, Lewis, Mitchell aka, big gap and my apologies is the real name is Damien and then I know she has last night. I explained it earlier to the chat where the name life of Coach D comes from. I actually worked at my high school that I graduated from and I coach girls, basketball and boys weightlifting. It got better yeah. You know that that’s a cool part of the cool part of the country down there – oh yeah, oh yeah, my parents just moved down to the Mississippi area down the Gulf side. There goes my wife is going to Mississippi, yeah, so we’re. You know we’ve spent some time kind of I used to travel to to Georgia for some events, and things like that.

So we always have some friends down there. We’D stay for a little bit and her and I’ve spent some time in that you know Mississippi. Alabama Florida Panhandle area, but could you tell the people watch it what’s your name? Oh my real. Will my real name? Yes, Josh. You know what we do yeah. I really gosh the last thing: that’s the PD it’s impossible to say it’s, no one! No one ever gets that right, but you know that’s. I grew up in Nebraska, actually just a little town north of Omaha, a tiny little town called Fort Calhoun, hey ‘ people in my graduating class and then after school. I moved to Kansas City, and I was there for 10 years and that’s, where I met Nicole, that kind of feels like home still yeah but yeah. Then we moved out here so much time, yeah exactly and just those years. You know that ought to be the mid late Tokyo mid 20s early 30s. There mm hmm but yeah that’s, that’s kind of what you know where I came from and now we’re out here now we’re in Sacramento, so that’s where vanquishes happened. So let me ask you another question um. As far as your work date and vanquish, what what do you actually do on a day to day basis at vanquish? I get that question a lot, even people I work with, so you know for me it’s it can vary depending on any day.

I can be doing something completely unrelated, like dealing with EPA permits, and you know crazy. You know like business side permitting process stuff like that, or I can be making sure that we’re getting a new product you know lists, are finished through production. Make sure that it’s going through anodizing that the packaging is gon na go smoothly. How many we’re gon na try and have packaged before we put them up for sale? What colors we’re gon na offer right at the beginning and then once you know and while that’s all going, I got to make sure that we have the listing done on the website and SKU numbers, and you know UPC codes. Everything on the back end of the website, ready to hit the button to go and then getting that information to dealers and distributors so that when we hit go, everybody can get it or has it it. You know if it’s a new truck release, then you know, of course, that’s a other things: we’re testing months in advance, we’re, boxart and trying to go and shooting videos getting all that stuff done so the whole product side of it that that’s a fun side. You know, and even before that and the you know will sit there and we try and decide what is going to be a good product. You know we only have so many machines in house, so we can only make so many parts. We have to prioritize things like what’s, going to be a good part to take advantage of our capacity and the debates that we have with that.

You know that and then once we decide it going back and forth with, I like this aspect of a design, I don’t care for this part. You know we’ll just say why I like it, why he might like it what he doesn’t like it. You know that’s a that’s, a really fun part of everything right and that’s. What that was gon na be that was gon na be. My next question was going to be: how much influence do you have on vanquish like when they’re putting out a new product? How much percentage of what you want when the car actually goes in the car, so I mean, as far as like vanquish was where first small company, you know there’s really only three of us that have any you know like your, have much input on the design. Okay, so you know it’s, just us us three, that kind of talk back and forth about what we like what we don’t like and how we want something to look or drive or what features we think we should have, or you know is this going to be Worth it is it gon na add too much cost? Do we have to kind of like temporary expectations, just so that it’s, something that is in a price range? That is even reasonable, because you know a lot of people it’s a lot of people. Our price doesn’t get reasonable, no matter what but it’s not for everybody.

So you know it’s. We know that and we have to try and but we want to try and get things is we want to hit that that sweet spot as best we can, even with what we know is going to be more expensive than some options so with with with vanquish And language doesn’t have some awesome, awesome, crawlers and carts as well outside of the Vanquish brand what’s your next go to brawler, I mean it’s, probably still an axial yeah, I mean it’s, probably still an axial it’s they’ve obviously been around for so long. I feel comfortable with those trucks I’ve built, so many things out of them, and I just you know there’s so much of it there that I I’m comfortable with so it’s just it’s, one of those ones that it’s probably might the next one I’m gon na grab. You know or the next truck I have it’s based off it, something like that. So now, when you’re doing these builds and then I can, I watch them, I catch them. Where does the inspiration come from when you come up with like we’re working on the bomber mm? Hmm already know once you get the vehicle, what you’re wanting to do with that vehicle, or is it something that you just sit back and take like a thought process and kind of like okay? Let me game playing now. This is what I want to do or that the imagination is it yeah, so that it depends a little bit a bomber.

So like the new bomber, I got a been working on recently that one well for what I didn’t even know. You know it’s it’s, awesome. You know I everyone smile, I get to get a vehicle early and for review when it showed up. I didn’t know what was showing up. I just they’d sent me: hey, you’re gon na get something here’s your track like, and I had no idea so I showed up like Oh a new bomber like okay, I you know I’m except it’s, no matter what no matter, how many RC cars I it’s always Excited to get a new RC car in the mail like right that doesn’t wear off, because I go to work and work on our C cars it’s still a new RC car do not expect anything right like I’m, always excited so, but that one came and it’s Just like okay, well, what am I gon na do and so from then I just like. Well what do i? What do I really want you know so that one was like. Oh, I wanted to be just. I want to go crazy with it and kind of do my for that one. I want something that I’m gon na be able to kind of ledge jump and he’ll. You know he’ll climb things like that over the top, so that was one I had to have it here and then decide. But sometimes you know like currently: I’ve got a couple of trucks going that or you know, chassis is being built that I i know ahead of time like i watch a lot of full size content.

You know the follow a lot of Instagram accounts of people who have really nice full size offering buggies and I’m. Like I really like this design aspect, I want to make a version like that, so I need wrote a tiny truck version of what you and I see full sized and even if it’s, not a replica it’s. Just like I, like this aspect of style of design, and I want to – I want to kind of use that right so and you know from there I’ll, you know making parts lists and even if I do CAD drawings of a cage or things like like I’ll Break it all the way down it before I ever start. Turning a wrench, all you know, it’s, it can get kind of go either way. Where’D you get the idea or where did you get it from the turntable for your our seeds? Oh you mean in the video yeah yeah. Could I show it right, quick, yeah sure? Oh you got it, you got it, you got it yeah, I think so I would love eat so there’s. This is the. This. Is the turntable thing it’s just it’s a. I think it’s like for jewelry and stuff like that, but then I’ve got this big old wood it’s, just a wood disc. You know then it’s spray painted on the top now. The the reason that I I have this here is when we were releasing the B s410 with the VFD transmission I’m.

I wanted to. I want, I wanted to have this thing and then this this 3d printed thing here in the in the center is it’s. Just this little plate, I’ll show it attaches to the other so and it’s like that, because I took and made another 3d printed part MIT Bolton to the bottom of the skid plate for the the VFD and then I could take it off, modify something put it Back on and it was always in the same spot so then the whole point was is that this was a. It was all. I could take things off and put things on and while I was videoing and then I could overlay those video clips and make certain areas of the transmission, transparent or solid just by playing with your Anadyr yeah you’re right in estimated editing tricks well, y’all don’t know Right, that’s why this thing exists, this thing’s like 40 or 50 bucks on Amazon nice. Thank you so, but it you know that was it’s. Just one of those I like watching a lot of like videography guys on YouTube. We do you know the Peter McKinnon yeah. Yes, sir it’s, just I for me, you know it. Rc can be work a lot of times, but right the YouTube side of it is like it almost feels like the Hobby, then yeah. You know it feels like the the part that I get to have more fun with yet alright, especially the videoing and things like that.

I’Ve, just the documentary yeah yeah, the documenting is fun mm. Hmm, so do you require all your videos by yourself? I yeah pretty much yet like no, the exceptions would be like the vs for ten videos mm. Hmm, those will actually, you know, will go on and I’ll make sure. I’Ve got two guys for at least two guys to drive, and so I don’t have to drive and film cuz I’m that’s. What I do for most videos right, any other running video other than my the actual vs for 10. Like promo videos, I just might drive one handed and and film what the other yes, sir, and it ain’t easy, but it could be good yeah, especially on the rocks and I’m, not in graceful human anyway, I’m gon na say I watched. I watched the one video I forget. I forget which the name, but it was like a big quarry that you were at and some of the spots look real sketchy and I was like there’s no way. My big ass would walk and do none of it. Sorry, it’s not there’s, more there’s been some interesting ones. You know it’s like it was like it’s like you started up top and then you realize okay, wait a second! Oh we can’t go this way. Then you had to go back and go around the opposite side and then go down yeah, and then we ended up climbing back. We climbed all right yeah.

It was a it’s, a natural lake, up in the mountains here, and I was the whole reason I wanted to go. There was all like being that I love you know the amazing terrain out here, especially coming from the Midwest like I’m, not used to Hills, let alone mountains and so I’ll. You know I’ll, look around on Google Earth and try and find what I think are cool spots, and I wanted to shoot the vs for ten video and I wanted to start at the bottom of something to kind of have it. You know that I wanted the video to appear. You know, show this whole progression of starting at the bottom and climbing to the top of something. So I found that place on Google Earth um I’m gon na. I want to go there me and my buddy Tony went, and it was much steeper than I had anticipated. We ended up crawling up the side of a really really steep hill bit with our trucks. On her back like on like using our hands crawling on almost all fours try and get up this thing, and it was extra sketchy – is not something I would return to for that. I guess my nigga. What what? How did you come up with and what made you come up with a flip bed truck man, I don’t there’s, the there’s. I remember if it’s a book or whatever cuz a red paperclip, you know, guy starts the red paperclip and he trades and trades it all.

The way up to something – and it was just I was like yeah – it would just always be fun to try and start with something and and just keep working and trading up and it’s a it’s, a tricky thing, because you, you know the whole RC YouTube things Like people do want to buy certain things because which is a weird thing to say or whatever, but you know it is that the NIE you guys have to acknowledge it and act well. I still want to do this because I still think it’s fun. You know it’s just something I want to do, though it’s not I mean it’s, not reality, show stage, but it’s not it’s, not 100 organic at the same time, either right, but it’s all it’s got to be fun for me to hear so happy. I think I do like that: that’s a fun that’s, a fun series, it’s just yeah yeah. I think I like coming up with the ideas of the series more than I got something like a father you’d like to come over. The idea of water, following through I wan na, do that in the streaming stuff, though, is so much fun to me just because it is it’s a so interactive immediately and yeah. I feel like it’s a lot of fun to to do to do these right, especially you know. I’Ve spent spent some time trying to get things organized in here, so that I I can do these so much easier than I did before, and so that’s made everything even more just I really enjoy that part of it.

Okay, if you had that you got behind you, what is the one that you think you couldn’t live without, if I could only have one and be my vs pork Pro, which is my it’s dark in here right now, but it’s the orange one over there it’s. Basically, the the very first, the very first vs 410 Pro that I that I had it was the one that was in the video to start with and it’s just my favorite truck to drive it. It just does everything: it’s got it’s got a little bit of speed. Still I run a like a 30 100 kV motor on 4s in it, and you know so, for a for a rock crawler it’s it’s got speed I’ll, you know it. It never. Lets me down, I can just on it in the rocks and it just keeps going so I put a new body on it this year and that’s that’s about it mm. Hmm I did hear last night, you said your wife enjoys the side of the the bashing side of the Hobby. Rather see anything go fast. She has. No education can actually be another controller. Like I mean, maybe interesting at all it’s gon na, be, I mean to say you speaking their language gap. She goes all the events with me as it has fun. You know hanging out and talking to people, but I don’t know this. I don’t know that she knows how to hold a transmitter, so I get in there yeah she doesn’t have that interest.

She’S been traveling with me, for I mean almost since 2011, and but just just there for the fuck, you know for the good times are see, people are usually good. People hang out with we’re all kind of oh yeah yeah. We got a great hobby man. I love the people in this hobby. You run across think that it brings it out of us, you don’t, say even even to people who not real jittery and not real talkative. I think when they do get into hobby and they get around people who know about the cars, even if they’re not even really having casual conversation, you’re still talking about RC cars, you know yeah it’s, a side effect of thread yeah. You know the one thing I’ve never done is I’ve never done any racing, so I know that side of things can get a little political. You know people can even get a little a little more feisty but it’s just like if it’s money and pride involved, then you know you’re gon na have a lot of conflict right. But you know if it’s just fun, you get a nice set of guys, because on my channel I do something called the neighborhood races and his furious is about 10 guys we get together on and we just running. What are you doing? Are you huh? You track racing yeah, we call it bootleg track racing. We just set up some cones uh huh go for it, you nose in it.

It always goes smooth. You know we have a lot of carnage but it’s all in fun and so it’d be pretty cool. In that you know, I am trying right working on a no prep car so that I guess that’ll be the little bit of racing experience. Out of all. I will have been into but yeah it’s, you know the whole track racing side and you know crashing someone out and then getting back it can be. It can be that to turn Marshall didn’t turn your car over fast enough, and you heard, and I have on it. Drivers fan because it’s a lot yeah he’s like that’s, just that’s, not the side of things, I’ve ever really I’ve, never got anything. I deal with years. I understand I did it for four years, so I know so with the crawling. Would you rather, would you rather have like competitions probably, or do you rather just go out with you and the guys just go for it, so I will say that I we used to travel all over for the comp crawling and I honestly I really miss that That everything about that you know it was it was some competition but there’s. Nobody else on the course it’s you and that’s just it’s your score and your time, and I really miss that, and I wish that that was that was as big as it was, not that it’s completely gone now, but it’s, just not it’s, not the same, but So I almost do wish that that I kind of almost would say that I do prefer that, but at the same side I love the scale aspect more than anything and the scale competition side.

I don’t love as much because I think it takes too much out of it. You know that they’re there trucks that are just like minimally built to the rules and they just they don’t, look good they’re, not that so, even though this inside that I do the most now and I really enjoy because I get I go to amazing places, and I have so much fun driving them there. I don’t like this side of it with the competition as much so I understand that understand that you know when did you and met actually when to do it wouldn’t even that meet let’s, see we would have met in first time, probably 2014, maybe would have been. I think the first time we had traveled to Pennsylvania for a an event and I he had he had also been there. I think I met him there for the first time and then my wife and I drove to Canada for an event one summer and hung out there for a bit and yeah. I mean just just the the circuit of traveling events, you know and running into people, but I think that was the that was actually the first, when you initially, when you guys initially met, did you did you hit it off right away or whether they’re like not? What I mean yeah, I mean I yeah, I think, if there’s not too many people, I run into it. These events, where I like I’m, not like you know, let’s, have a conversation, so I I think we, you know, we didn’t really start having like the conversations and working together, obviously like we do now at the time it just wasn’t.

You know obviously run in just like you, but so yeah we didn’t really like start becoming. You know, talking and being as good of friends as we are now until 2016, actually, okay, so yeah, and that was just that was one of those things. It was just like hey, but let’s do some sort of YouTube series together, and I think he had actually proposed that – and I was like yeah sure, and I was like any. We had both just got the honcho, because that was coming out for the a6m2 and he’s like hey let’s, do some sort of series together with this thing and I’m like well, I plan to do another one of the budget build series that I do and I Was going to plan on doing it with that? You want to do. That too, is like sure, and then from there, with a veneer that’s a fine series of walk between you me yeah. You know it’s uh, because that was my first crawl. It was a C attend to and uh I think, I believe, was the the free, the free upgrade that you did hearing what I did to mine yeah. You know just and that’s the thing trying to you know I’m. Remember, as I you know, the those are the popular ones that hey this is some little things you can do that I’m gon na cost. You anything right or you know, it’s like if you do get some cash together.

50 bucks it’s, like one of those things like okay I’ll, spend something on a rig. Like 50 bucks is usually like it’s it’s comfortable to do you know when you’re ready. You know we do it as 50 a week which is like I know most people are not spending 200 a month on RC cars, but it’s just like to try and keep a youtube series going. It’S got a really interesting. I want to say the most expensive thing: I’ve spent on the scx10 were the Vanquish links, so yeah yeah, you know yeah expensive thing. I’Ve spent on it doesn’t everything we like under 20 books, yeah and you can, you can do it, especially than se, extend and that series is just fun cuz. I don’t try and do everything the cheapest, just like I think I’m trying to build a good rig, but on a schedule you know budget, so yeah make sure y’all. Those are the video guys awesome and I think what really I was. I was really ready to see you to get ready for when you guys are building the three rigs I now and then of course, Cogan 19 habitat which sucked yeah that that was uh I I’m, not gon na lie that one like. I really bummed me out. Pretty pretty good, it was just you know. I work you know during the day and then we don’t have kids, so I can be pretty like if I I’ve got something going on like that.

She allows me to be pretty selfish and just I come home and I until I go to sleep and get up work, then I can work home. Oh – and I was doing that for a good length of time on those builds trying to get everything ready right up until the wire, and then you know it got canceled a week before, and it was just like it just felt like the wind getting knocked out Of your sails so hard, it was an you guys, go to the horizon, fest and those other festivals right yep. I was at Horizon Fest last year that you know they had a. I was back in the Midwest for the there was an event at Horizon where they bring in some manufacturers and then all of like the hobby shops. So we have like a couple of days of like a Expo. You know so it’s, just all of us manufacturers in there and the whole of hobby shops come through it’s kind of a cool little deal. Then the next day is horizon. Fest. Where you know they’ve got all the you know: they’ve got the full size monster truck guys like Bari and Juan Pablos they’re. You know they bring in a bunch of cool stuff than they do all that that’s when they debuted the infraction and the what was the other one. They what’s up the speed, the other speed one infraction. Oh, you know they were made debuted at that, oh I’m.

So rad and the infraction I’m, like I was obsessed with at the time stuff and they had I put Noah. They had four failed at horizon fest and i i i had we’d flown into st. louis. Was it the day before god got off the plane, got a rental car and was driving to the event with my partners he’s that he said: hey let’s stop at a summer buffet at the the casino right there on the river alright, so we swung in and I’M, i’m big on a slot machines. Oh but I’m, a I’m, a kid so walking around with a pocket full of too much cash and a new artsy car that I really want being sale. So I bought it and but then you know, besides you know, limitless or sorry an infraction is a little bit bigger than the size of a suitcase that you normally carry with you. I realize I made a terrible mistake. I remember having to reorganize that suitcase and like take so many clothes out, and they were in my backpack and then it’s all packed, but I still have it good. I don’t know how to like making a basher video so so foreign. To me easy. You put the camera and you go forward. I feel like if I made like a basher video on the channel people who, what are you doing, I just think they’d be like. Why are you telling me how to go fast? Like complain, the rocks go.

Do what you’re supposed to be doing aren’t you supposed to be 3d printing, something least you got it. Okay say you don’t have any bashes over there, I’ve got a I’ve got an Outkast success. I’Ve got a a infraction I’ve got the proline profusion that you know. Convert it over and it’s, but you know it’s on big 8 scale, stuff and I’ve got a Kyosho inferno. It’S scaled mm! Hmm, if you don’t, take those arms out on that terrain and just go crazy. You record it let’s do a ramp. That Outkast is a lot of fun to drive. Yes, yes, the I haven’t, driven it in a i’ma driven in a year, probably because the last time I grabbed is go. Take it out, like three of us, have these outcasts and grab and I threw it on the beach and we started. I started hitting it just sounded net, and then I realized that the last time I throw it I broke the pinion. I needed to go well right, that’s a little bit weird that’s a that. Outcast is a lot of fun. I bought it for a proline has a like I’m, what they call it monster truck a Palooza out here and they can’t her last year. It went they combined it with like an AMA event, but I bought it for that of engineer before and went down and just had a blast. They had this huge ramp and they had it was called monster guards they had.

They had a flag in the in the ground. Basically, and they said you ever, they blind people up as many shots as you want at the ramp closest one to the flag, wins Huck it over and over, and we just kept go and I got lucky. I think, and I won that event and whoa that was it was so much fun though cuz it was just the ramp was probably I don’t know six feet tall at the tip and it was just expanded metal. You know so it after the event. I looked. My chassis was just the nubs underneath the discs were just completely ground smooth, but it that was, you know I don’t have a lot of basher experience beyond that. Did you uh get your Kazu buddy, yet man? I would. I want them to make a clear one of those I think I’m Alex. I don’t know I’ve seen they’d make replacement body, but I’ve only seen it in the blue know. There is a there is a clear one and there’s one of our people in the chat who he had one, and I saw it on his YouTube channel. Really a couple screws loose: okay had a clear body but I’m, not sure where he got it from, but he does a clear one. Yes, that’s uh. I check that out, for you yeah. Definitely that cuz. I think I do man. I think I think it’s all that thing just looks good and that truck came out of there that’s a good price was nothing like right under for a monster truck.

Is it that magic broadcast? Is it again? Is it about the same size as the outcast close real close I’ve been outcast, maybe a little bit wider, okay, yeah yeah, okay, more good! I’M! Sorry I mean it. Could you know no, not at all just it’s. I don’t know that truck was actually just one of those ones. I think that that could be such and, of course, I think of it like for us for something like this it’s. Well, I pray right so uh I’m glad you came home because next year, when they hosted the horizon fest and all those fast me and gap in I’m – quite sure coach D might come. We were planning on coming this year, but COBIT nineteen master. So so we would have met you out there, I’m glad that you came all here so now we know each other yeah at my next year. You know we’ll be able to see you out there he’ll be so fully, and so I think I’m, a crime, a crime, a super rag. Have you ever attended the you Ste Josh? No, I didn’t all right. I haven’t that always it always falls earlier in the year. I believe I got January February something like that and for us being that we’re out here and away from family and all that we usually try and go spend time with family end of the year December. So I you know I’m usually gone for a week two weeks, almost at the end of December, and then I I feel bad trying to take off anytime.

You know early in the year, especially for the hobby, for, like you know, for us the busy time is absolutely and everyone’s bought the the gifts for the kids. Now they’re ready to buy some things about. You know getting tax return, money back, yeah it’s like it’s time to it’s time to buy something for me. So right we get a. We get a lot of time in there it’s, not that I you know, I probably not, that I couldn’t take off the time or do it but it’s uh. I always just I feel a little bad yeah I’d appeal. They have and then yeah so, but it is an event I would like to go to, and I know every year it’s getting bigger and bigger, so it’s, one of those ones that’ll have to I’ll have to make it to so. If a person, if a person was just getting into crawling and they were on a decent sized budget, but not a crazy budget right, what what? What what crawler would you recommend so at Eric’s for sport is such a good value? It’S, you know it’s, not the most scale truck it’s, not the most capable truck out of the box, but it’s so it’s built so sturdy you’re, just not gon na break stuff. You know getting a new truck and then a breaking on you right away such a such a bummer like such a buzzkill on that so get one of those for 300 bucks.

This is a great deal. You know you can get. You know one of the the my probably my preference would be more along the lines of like an scx10 to honcho or deadbolt, even just because I think that that’s more along the way of the things that I would want to build. In the end, the elements – a good truck for a pretty low cost it’s got some features in it that that others don’t, you know it’s got its downfalls as well, but just like, if you want something that you can give to it to your son, you know, Or daughter running around with you and not have to worry about it, t rex fours probably the way to go. You know if it’s for you and you have a vision of a scale truck you want to build, and maybe you know kind of go towards the axial. You want just a little bit more performance than anything more than the style, then maybe the elements, a good choice, but you know if you have 300 bucks, you know three and fifty bucks, I think that’s a healthy budget to get into get into it. For your first truck and if you guys want to go for the good, so just get you right, you know if you’re, if you want to go, you know some people do some people don’t want to. You know they don’t want to have to figure out all the other good right.

Union 299.00. Carla box. You can go up with crawlers man, you won five thousand milliamp 3s lipo in it and you can go, have fun on a trail for four hours on one battery, like absolutely that’s a good time. You know, I see gap that one Vick, which is just like. Look over your right, shoulder it’s, cheaper than was over your right shoulder good one it’s, a great just it’s, like I said, it’s, not my favorite truck on how its performance is, but for just being a beast out of the box. It’S, you know, and and introducing someone to the hobby of crawling yeah like they’re, not gon na get a sour taste in their mouth from from something breaking every time they take it out or anything like that. You’Re gon na you know if you want to tweak with performance and try and make it better over time. It’S gon na be a good base. You’Re gon na see a noticeable improvement between a stock t rex, four and one that’s, maybe well tuned in the end. So it gives you a good path to go button right. You know you don’t there’s, so much fun.