They sent this out to us to do a little video on just to kind of see how we like it on our rcs but we’re, going to check it out on a few other applications as well, because i know i can use something like this around the House so we’ve got a floor, absorbent for spills on the garage floor, any kind of floor, and then you have your foaming agent and your spray and you have a sticker. You can apply this sticker to anything that you would like. So we love stickers around here. Music excited to see how super clean works, because you can get this almost pretty much anywhere. I think, and then also we’ll put a link down below um for their website uh. If you guys want to pick this stuff up, we’ve been using sticky kicks uh for a while it’s rc, cleaner and degreaser. It works pretty good, but let’s see how the super clean compares so yeah let’s dive in all right. Here we got our rc it’s, not that dirty, but we’ll just use the spray here and see how it does Music all right, let’s, give it a rinse Music. All right that looks pretty good without even any scrubbing got all that dirt out pretty good. This doesn’t have a lot of grease on it, but still you cleaned it up well, i’ll, go ahead and dry, it off and then we’ll take a final look super clean all right, here’s, the crawler after applying super clean rinsing it and drying it, and this is Without any brushing at all, it’s come pretty clean and this was with the spray, not the foaming agent, but you could use that as well, but yeah, not bad.

All right, let’s, try it on the chainsaw here see how it works. You can see the build up here. Pretty nasty Music let’s give that a good soaking see here got a bunch of grease and grime all right, let’s give it a rinse yeah, definitely better. I need to get in here a little bit more with a brush but yeah, just by applying it it’s eaten away a lot of that dirt and grease cleaned it up same thing. Here got all that off yeah. I took all that off on the bottom. Real nice all right, let’s see what it can do in here. We’Ve got some grime spray a little bit. Let that work in for a second, if you know anything about bmws, you know they leak oil here’s. Some dried up oil spots here that i’ve already cleaned up a while ago, so let’s add a little bit more all right, there’s our oil we’re, going to try out the super clean floor, absorbent Music sprinkle that on and then it says, give it a few minutes To work, and then all we’re going to do is sweep it up all right now, let’s see how it did Music, oh yeah soaked it up.