Retail has all the best deals and a sweet discount for bps customs viewers just head over to the site, link below and enter code ban35 for 35 off your order, total meaning. You could snag windows 10 home for under 10 bucks, fill out your email and place your order and then click the extract code button at the top of the page from there it’s as easy as heading to your windows, activation settings and inputting your shiny new key For more information head to or check out the links below, if you guys are anything like me, you enjoy tinkering with stuff it’s, one of the things that makes the pc building hobby so awesome. Not only do you have an end result that you have built, but the process of building is actually really fun too. One of the things that i really enjoy tinkering with is rc cars, and i recently got a product in from china that is pretty basic, but we’re going to make it from a basic toy into a 100 mile, an hour rocket at least that’s the end goal. I very much doubt we’re actually going to get there today. I think this is kind of the first step in uh. What could end up being a long and uh, hopefully pretty fun process, and if you guys, are interested in any of the stuff that i’m using here in this video i’ll try to leave a link to it down below in the video description, also keep in mind, I did film a lot of this on a gopro because, as i’m trying to drive this car around, i can’t be holding a camera, so it was strapped to my hat.

So some of the video footage might seem a little bit off from what you might normally see, but i’ve been watching it back. It still looks pretty good and i hope you guys enjoy this. Video here is the very first day that i got the car taking it outside and running it around and seeing how fast it was. This is the wl toys one two, four zero one: nine it’s becoming extremely popular with speedrunners it’s, not a car that’s made by any of the big or popular rc brands arma traxxas, low c associated this car comes from china. Wltoys is a vendor that sells mainly through banggood aliexpress, and now you can actually find some of their products on amazon as well. But this whole ready to run kit includes the controller, the car, all the electronics, basically everything, except for the double a batteries. For the controller, uh is like 130 bucks and the car is pretty well constructed. It’S got um, metal, shock, towers, metal shocks and an aluminum chassis. Much more expensive cars come with a lot more plastic parts than this has, and the aftermarket for this car is actually developing really nicely. So this platform is cheap, it’s available. You can modify it pretty heavily and uh. We are going to be doing that on the channel, so this is a very informal video that we’re doing with our initial speed run. We’Ve got our speedometer up here. That needs to be changed into peak speed mode, but we are 100 stock.

This is the brushed setup so it’s the stock speed, controller stock motor stock radio stock everything stock battery that comes with it right now, we’ll be switching. This is a 2s battery we’ll be switching to 3s, for this speed run also, but right now, just the baseline. Exactly as it comes out of the box with the wltoys one, two four zero one, nine i’m gon na do a couple – runs right up and down the street just right in front of my house. This car isn’t particularly fast out of the box, so oh doing donuts here we go and the brakes kind of suck doesn’t take that long to get up to full speed here, all right: hey, 32 right off the bat 32 it’s pretty good. Now what i did after that initial test and speed run was order up new electronics, so that’s a new speed controller, a new radio and a new motor. I soldered everything up wired it together did all the cable management, and this is where we are right now. In case this car comes back in a million pieces, i just want to quickly document what i am bringing to see how fast this car is in its current configuration uh this. These are the changes that i made from stock, so we have a castle mamba x, esc. This is good for up to 6s lipo. I have a 4.5 turn modified rocket motor stock, gearing, although i did swap out the spur gear to metal so we’re doing all metal gears here.

So that should definitely help got a couple of different, very small uh batteries here. So this is they’re they’re going to be really light, they’re not going to hold a whole lot of charge, but the reason i wanted them to be small is that they fit properly in this space, which i had to make smaller because of the larger speed controller. So we got foam tires on here as well, and the reason for that is that the stock tires that come on here are these, and these are made for off road. They are very soft and rubber and when you spin them at thousands of rpm with a very powerful motor, this happens. So the foam tires. Don’T distend, like the rubber, tires, do, but they are significantly harder, so just in case we’re, getting some poor surface contact and and grip. I have some like low profile road rubber tires. Although these, i have a feeling we’ll do something similar to those at high speeds, but just in case i’m going to bring these we’re going to start with the foams and hopefully that’s all. We need i’ve also cut some ventilation holes in the body here and here, because when it sits on top of the car, these two holes will actually help ventilate directly the motor and the speed controller, which get quite hot when they are running this fast i’m. Also going to bring along a like an rc tool kit that i bought off of amazon pretty cheap but honestly has like basically everything you need to work on these kinds of cars with all different drivers and sockets and stuff like that uh and then a gopro To document everything and my speedometer, so this is going to mount right here right on top of this velcro piece and that’s it.

We should be good to go now. Hopefully this comes back and we get some good speeds out of it with an idea of where to go next. I’M, not really counting on like breaking 100 today, especially on stock gearing, but we are gon na be able to adjust some settings in the speed controller with this. Well, this cable that’s in here uh lets you connect to a laptop and make changes like timing and power and curve and stuff like that. So um lots to play with and let’s hoping for some good results got my meter it’s a it’s currently reading four, because i was moving it around. I guess um, but we’re gon na just stick it right to the top and then we’ll record our max speed. Fingers crossed oh boy: oh boy, i hit a bump and almost went airborne. Huh all right, let’s get this back here and see what we got 71. 71 miles an hour. I’Ll show this to this camera 71. So that was pretty good we’re going to pop in uh we’re, going to let it cool down or pop in a different battery and also try bumping the timing. So one of the cool things about modern electronic speed controls is that you can hook them up via a usb and um, make some changes so we’re going to go to advanced um. Oh sorry, we’re going to motor and then bump this timing up from normal to highest now, it’ll, give you a little explainer and you know lowest is best for bashing like taking jumps and ripping around and stuff.

Normal is good for bashing or racing and then highest is as use with extreme caution with any motor be sure to check motor temps. Often so we’ll do that, but we’re gon na update and we should be good now. We should be on a different timing. We’Ll see if that makes a difference all right. Well that got us to 72. 72. Okay, oh boy, oh my god, i lost a tire holy. I blew a tie right off the rim. That is a thing Laughter, a sign, maybe i’m, going a little too fast. Yeah still at 72., so we didn’t go any faster, but we uh wow, okay. This happened. Okay, still at 72 mile an hour for peak speed, we’ve got a uh, our last fresh battery, uh we’re, going to try the rubber tires since clearly the foams can’t handle the speed um there’s a lot that i might want to change moving forward here, and i Have a lot of ideas, but to let you see how these rubber tires do uh and see if it gives me maybe a little more grip honestly, i’m, not anticipating that we’re gon na beat 72. I think we’re going to need to step up step up to a bigger battery, for that, but let’s just see what this does holy holy, that is squirrely that is hard to control and those tires get all kinds of crazy, crazy inflated and, like a look at Those tires whoa don’t hit a wall yeah.

I don’t think we improved on our 72.. I think the foam tires are still the way to go. Music hit a wall anyway, yeah see 72 still peak so and uh. I bet if we, if we hit this. Oh, my god, i am so happy. I got that on film holy. I blew both of the front tires up that’s, not that’s, not what you want. Oh my god. Look at this car i blew up both of the front tires they’re, just completely shredded with the foam sticking out popped off this uh this joint here. So we have the tie, rod and then the tire shredding hit the body and just wrecked the body we’re gon na have to look at this when we get home. This is too much fun. Good job dude – and i guess just for posterity’s sake here is i don’t know if the gopro was capturing it accurately or what but 72 was my top speed all right back in the studio from that crazy and fun. Speedrunning experience really my first time doing that with any level of seriousness with an rc car i’ve been playing around with rc cars off and on. I guess, since i was like eight years old and back, then they were a lot simpler than they are now so getting back into the hobby. I’Ve really had to relearn a lot about what these cars can do and how to build them, and so that is a process, and i have a lot that i could try with this car on my way to hopefully get to 100 miles an hour now i Didn’T anticipate hitting 100 today uh, i think between 70 and 80 was kind of the expectation and we we did get there so i’m happy with the results for those of you familiar with rc cars we’re going up to a 4s battery from a 3s for those You unfamiliar with rc cars, basically just getting a bigger battery in there and then from there we’re, going to try different gearing and then potentially different motor as well, and the speed control that i have in there and the radio should be good.

The speed control is good for up to 6s, so up to a pretty decent size battery and the radio has a lot of range to it, so not looking to really change either those things but the motor, the gearing the battery that’s all stuff that uh. Those are all variables that we can potentially use to our advantage to try to crack a hundred. If we get there awesome if we don’t it doesn’t matter. This is fun and i really do enjoy doing this kind of stuff kind of taking a break from the normal grind every once in a while, i think, is pretty important. You know for your own sanity and i hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know down below in the comments if you did or if you didn’t or if you have any suggestions for what i might want to try next i’m up for that as well. We will certainly be doing more pc build content. You know very very soon. Next week, or whatever uh but like i said, this is just a fun kind of a side video. Thank you so much for watching. If you got this far, i really do appreciate it hit that like button or subscribe button and whatnot, if you want to see more of this rc content or if you want to see pc stuff because that’s really what we do here, all right, i’ll stop! Rambling.